Occitanie Wedding Photographers

Occitanie Wedding Photographers

Our Occitanie photographers also provide documentary-style coverage in: Ariège, Aude, Aveyron, Gard, Gers, Haute-Garonne, Hautes-Pyrénées, Hérault, Lot, Lozère, Pyrénées-Orientales, Tarn, Tarn-et-Garonne, Languedoc-Roussillon, Pomerols

Occitanie Wedding Photography, Engagement Photo Sessions + Elopements

Intimate Wedding Photography in Occitanie - Capturing the Joy of Small Celebrations - Discover the best Occitanie photographers specializing in intimate marriages. Couples are embracing the trend of smaller, more meaningful celebrations. Let our talented photographers capture the joy and intimacy of your wedding day.

By planning a simple Occitanie elopement, couples are able to stay present in the moment and fully absorb the impact of their wedding day. Given the fact that many couples feel more natural and at ease in intimate settings, it's no surprise that some of the most breathtaking wedding images come from elopements.

The WPJA has an abundance of top-ranked, Occitanie documentary wedding photographers available right now who understand that some weddings and elopements can’t wait. Find yours today!

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Occitanie Photographers for Large or Small Weddings

Shooting an elopement or small Occitanie wedding event is a wedding photojournalist’s dream: a fairly open schedule with lots of breathing space for creativity – it’s just the photographer, the couple, the officiant, and perhaps a few select companions.

France WPJA members are ready to document any secret, themed, mini, or elopement wedding, even if it is a Monday-Thursday ceremony. Search for the “Can Shoot Weddings on Short Notice!” message on the listings below.

21 Occitanie Wedding Photographers...

Toulouse documentary wedding photography by Nicolas Issaly of Haute-Garonne Occitanie France

Drawing from his extensive experience as a documentary wedding photographer, Nicolas Issaly seamlessly combines his passion for travel and zest for life to create extraordinary and captivating wedding photographs.

Nicolas Issaly

Toulouse in Haute-Garonne (31) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1500 (EUR)
WPJA POY Trophy-Winner William Lambelet - Wedding and Elopement Photographer

In 2009, William Lambelet started as a freelance wedding photographer. His documentary approach quickly emerged, allowing him to capture weddings with a photojournalist style. This gave him the chance to develop a unique way of seeing and documenting all elements, both...

William Lambelet

Montpellier in Herault (34) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
2100 (EUR)
Wedding photography and engagement portraits by Loic Bourniquel of France

Loic Bourniquel, a France documentary wedding photographer, brings a unique perspective to the wedding day, blending his passion for photography with his years as a manager in an Irish pub.

1900 (EUR)
Isabelle Bazin Wedding and Elopement Photographer - isasouri photo

Isabelle Bazin, an internationally renowned wedding photographer with 25 years of experience, brings her creative vision and journalistic style to capture beautiful moments.

Isabelle Bazin

Goutz in Haute-Garonne (31) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
250/hour (EUR)
Montpellier engagement, wedding and elopement photography by Johanna Marjoux Hérault Occitanie France

Johanna Marjoux

Montpellier in Herault (34) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1900 (EUR)
Occitanie wedding photography by Julie Verdier of the France WPJA

With a proven background in documentary wedding photography, Julie, based in France, excels in her craft by skillfully preserving genuine moments that form the timeless heritage of her clients.

Julie Verdier

Montpellier in Herault (34) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
2200 (EUR)
M&J Photographers - wedding elopement photography by Jean-Luc Legros

Jean Luc Legros is a Europe-based wedding photographer with a background in observing and photographing people. He fell in love with creative photojournalism in 2016 and has since worked and progressed to an international level.

Jean Luc Legros

Toulouse in Haute-Garonne (31) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1470 (EUR)
Wedding Photography by Yohan Bettencourt of Europe

Armed with a camera and a knack for documenting love stories, Yohan Bettencourt has mastered the art of being a documentary wedding photographer, skillfully freezing genuine moments of beauty and emotion.

Yohan Bettencourt

Mauguio in Herault (34) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1500 (EUR)
Hautes-Pyrenees wedding photography by Marion Traversie of Occitanie France

Marion Traversie, a documentary wedding photographer in France, started her studio in 2014 and has since captured the special moments of over 300 couples, always seeking to improve with acclaimed colleagues.

Marion Traversie

Tarbes in Hautes-Pyrenees (65) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1980 (EUR)
Wedding and Elopement photography by Sophie Stacino of the WPJA

Sophie Stacino, a seasoned wedding photojournalist hailing from Bordeaux, skillfully captures the genuine emotions and intimate moments that unfold on the wedding day.

Sophie Stacino

Toulouse in Haute-Garonne (31) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1200 (EUR)
Wedding Event Photographer David Bascunana

Highly skilled wedding photographer, David Bascunana, based in Occitanie, France. Connects with people through photography, capturing radiant souls on their happiest days. Also loves music, playing multiple instruments, and finds inspiration from diverse musicians, such as...

David Bascunana

Beaucaire in Gard (30) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1700 (EUR)
Lifestyle portrait of Catherine Roujean, a Toulouse wedding photographer from Haute-Garonne

Toulouse-based wedding photographer Catherine Roujean is a creative artist who has trained in many photo techniques, including darkroom and studio photography, as well as reportage. After interning with an advertising photographer for 6 months, she began professionally...

1290 (EUR)
Artistic Wedding Photography by Frederick Lejeune of Toulouse Haute-Garonne Occitanie

Frederick Lejeune, a talented wedding photographer from Toulouse, specializes in creative engagement portraits. With a love for shooting in natural settings, he excels at capturing playful couples in unique and memorable pictures that reflect their passion.

1490 (EUR)
Black and white studio portrait of France wedding photographer Guillaume Planat

Wedding photographer Guillaume Planat, based in Montpellier, Occitanie. Trained in photography in Montreal, values capturing moments of love worldwide. Specializes in freezing unique family connections with creative ideas and mutual trust.

Guillaume Planat

Lattes in Herault (34) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1890 (EUR)
France engagements + wedding photography by Jerome Villard

Jerome Villard is a talented France wedding photojournalist who expertly captures genuine moments for couples and families. He specializes in wedding reporting and also offers sessions for couples, families, and even dogs.

Jerome Villard

Gras, FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1500 (EUR)
France wedding photography by Angelique Blaise

A documentary wedding photographer based in France, Angelique Blaise combines her engineering background with a passion for photography to create authentic and timeless memories for couples.

Angelique Blaise

Saint Montan in Ardeche(07) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1300 (EUR)
wedding photography by Franck Petit

Franck Petit is a passionate French wedding photographer with experience since 2012. He is inspired by moments of joy and love, which he has dedicated himself to capture since personal experience.

Franck Petit

Serignac sur Garonne, FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1900 (EUR)
Tim Fox - Wedding Photographer

Tim Fox has been a destination wedding photographer for over a decade, which uniquely combines the influences of British humor and French romance. He has a strong focus on reportage-style photography and capturing the emotions of the day.

Tim Fox

Vertou, FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
2000 (EUR)
BW portrait of Mark Wallis, Europe wedding reportage photographer

In a journalistic style, Mark Wallis, a wedding photographer, expertly captures the heartfelt moments and authentic emotions of the wedding day, from the behind-the-scene preparations to the lively dancefloor.

Mark Wallis

Long Eaton in Derbyshire, GB *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1450 (GBP)
A studio portrait of Nouvelle-Aquitaine, a wedding photographer Amael Dubiez from France

Amaël, a 35-year-old wedding photographer from Marcheprime, Gironde, specializes in capturing memorable moments for couples and families since 2015. With a passion for beautiful photos and a dedication to being a true professional, Amaël understands the importance of...

Amael Dubiez

Marcheprime in Gironde (33) , FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1300 (EUR)
Damien Lorek is a wedding and elopement WPJA photographer

As a documentary wedding photographer, Damien Lorek's unique perspective transcends traditional imagery, immortalizing cherished memories through raw and unposed shots.

Damien Lorek

Champey, FR *Now booking Occitanie weddings.
1500 (EUR)

1 more photographers available for your wedding...

1800 Euro

Julie Schimel

Sarrecave in Haute-Garonne (31) , France

Photographer with Dual Culture Blends Elegance and Emotion

Part of a dual culture (France - Spain) and as a great traveler, I had the chance to live and develop my photographic work in Paris, Madrid, Amsterdam and London since 2010....

Map of Wedding Photojournalists Serving Occitanie Couples

Occitanie Wedding, Elopement and Engagement Images by WPJA Photographers

Below are some Occitanie wedding photography samples from the world’s best wedding photographers of the WPJA. Some of these Occitanie marriage pictures might be artistic portraits, details, or documentary-style images that have come from getting ready sessions, wedding ceremonies, reception venues, or Occitanie engagement portrait sessions with couples.

At Le sentier des Ocres à Roussillon in Luberon, France, life feels even more beautiful as he lifts her off her feet in a romantic embrace against a backdrop of tall trees and the sky.
At Domaine de Ribaute in Lieuran-lès-Béziers, France, the bride is captured playing with a LED tube during the evening party, with a dark scene illuminated by blue, purple, and pink lights.
Captured at Domaine des Moures, this wedding photo features the bride and groom's silhouettes against a soft pastel sunset sky, sharing a tender kiss.
Beautiful French chateau wedding scene with bride cutting bouquet ribbons under a canopy of trees for a charming and natural moment at Château de la Mogère venue.
A minimalist wedding couple portrait in front of the orange wall of Mairie de Nîmes, showcasing a simple and elegant composition against a soft pastel backdrop.
In this award-winning wedding day detail picture, an artistic photographer captures a close-up image of the bride's delicate white train flowing behind her as she gracefully descends the stairs in Montpellier, France.
At Le Grand Echerat, the bride and groom are captivated by heartfelt speeches at the head table, radiating joy and excitement during their reception party
A scene at Cahors where a priest is under attack from young girls wielding bubble guns outside the church, captured by a wedding photographer
A pro documentary wedding photographer captured this WPJA Honor Award-winning image at Domaine de Birbes in Occitanie, France. The groom, surrounded by his best men, bursts into laughter after spotting a second bottle of alcohol during their preparations.
The brides veil is being brought into the church at The Castelnau in Lectoure, France, with many hands offering assistance
A black and white bridal portrait taken in Orlu, Ariège, France, featuring the bride with her veil against a pure white background.
A wedding day picture taken at Domaine du Castelet in Castres, France. The image shows an adult hand reaching out to a little girl's hand against a dark background in black and white.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find a photographer for a short-notice, small Occitanie wedding?
A: There are many WPJA photographers who are able to help you out at a moment's notice. We understand that sometimes love happens and there's simply no time to lose. We can ensure that you can get married as quickly as possible — and have incredible photographs to remember your Occitanie wedding day by.
Q: How can couples find reviews of Occitanie wedding photographers?
A: We call them Client Letters. At the WPJA, we decided more than 20 years ago to avoid incorporating those third-person testimonials and endorsements that are found all too often in advertisements. Instead, we elevated our listings with the use of Client Letters, which represent the actual words and feelings of the clients who booked those Occitanie wedding photographers for their own wedding.
Q: Who are the best Occitanie wedding photographers for small elopements?
A: The WPJA is proud to have some of the top Occitanie documentary wedding photographers for elopements. Our members are able to submit WedElope Stories that take you step-by-step, via a 9 image picture story, through the unique and moving elopements that take place around the world.
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Toulouse wedding couple dancing at reception party

Pauline & Mathieu

Photo by Frederick Lejeune

The emotion of the moment is tangible in each shot, which we approach differently with each viewing. Frédérick, we are delighted to have crossed paths with you. A huge thank you for your kindness, your coaching, and especially of course your photos that we never tire of contemplating.