France Wedding Photographers

If you choose one of our WPJA France wedding photojournalists as your wedding photographer, please let them know you found them through the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

The WPJA at a glance: The Wedding Photojournalist Association puts the best France wedding photographers at your fingertips, by granting membership only to the most talented professional wedding photographers in the world--photographers who focus solely on using their documentary photography skills to capture ‘the moments’ of your wedding day.

William  Lambelet
2100 Euro

William Lambelet

Montpellier, France

William Lambelet is a French Wedding Photographer. He has been passionate about Photojournalism since the age of 15. He is married to Julia and is father of a little child, Numa. He attaches great value to human relationships. However he loves to...

David  Page
1700 Euro

David Page

Mezieres sur Issoire, France

I am a British born wedding photojournalist now living in the Limousin region of France with my wife and young family. A professional photographer since 2002. My original passion in photography was for black and white fine art images and I do...

2490 Euro

Lukas Guillaume

Toulouse, France

I discovered photography when I was living in Australia. I wanted to show my family and friends the beautiful landscapes of this very singular country and to share my new life and adventure with them. Later on I started taking portraits of people...

1590 Euro

Soulbliss: Louise Querin

Saint Germain Laxis, France

WHO AM I ? My name is Louise. I am 30. I was born in Cameroon but I live since my childhood in France, near Paris. After graduating, I began my professional life as a jurist in a great and big company. But after several years, I kept feeling like...

Sylvain  Garderes
2000 Euro

Sylvain Garderes

Beost, France

I love stories. Great stories and everyday stories. I started photography when I was 12. A friend gave me a camera because she thought I was "able". Then I shot stories, real or written. I started my professionnal activity while I was...

Jeremy  Fiori
1690 Euro

Jeremy Fiori

Angers, France
Philip  Stephenson
2200 Euro

Stephenson Imagery: Philip Stephenson

, France

My name is Philip Stephenson and I'm a wedding photographer! Originally from England, I now live in France with my wife and two baby boys. I photograph weddings throughout France and international destinations. If I was to describe my style...

Valerie  Teppe
1200 Euro

Valerie Teppe

Peyrat de Bellac, France

I've been a photographer for 20 years. I worked as a photojournalist during 15 years for a newspaper. Now I'm loving wedding photography. I love to tell a story, capture emotions and instants, joy and hapiness. ...

1290 Euro

BOGARTE: Xavier Bogarte

Talence, France
1299 Euro

Florence Dujarric

Paris, France

My godfather, who carried me in his arms on the day of my baptism, was a photographer. It was sorting through his effects many years later with my grandfather that I discovered the negatives of the pictures he’d taken of me when I was a child. The...

Simon  Cassanas
1900 Euro

ScPhoto: Simon Cassanas

Paris, France

* Photographe spécialisé dans le reportage de mariage, je suis basé à Paris et couvre tous vos évènements en France comme à l’International. Après une dizaine d'années de passion débordante, ScPhoto rejoint le monde professionnel de la...

3000 Euro

Franck Boutonnet

Lyon, France

Franck Boutonnet, WPJA's Photographer of the Year for 2008, is an international award-winning destination wedding photographer and a photojournalist specialized in documentary photography. Based in France, Franck discovered the photojournalism...

850 Euro

Luis Patarata

La chapelle saint mesmin, France

J'ai commencé la photo qu'assez tardivement à l'âge de 33 ans. J'étais déjà attiré par le monde visuel. J'ai commencé vers 25 ans à faire quelques visuels pour des amis. Puis avec la naissance de ma première fille est venu l...

Christophe  Viseux
4900 Euro

Christophe Viseux

Paris, France

As a well-traveled events photographer, I have a special interest in multicultural and destination weddings. Based in Paris and in the UAE, my work has taken me around the world to cover celebrations in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia. My...

David  Merat
1900 Euro

David Merat

Lille, France

David started within the fashion industry all around the world and worked with different model agencies. Then he switch to documentary wedding photography. Complicity, creativity, and fun is how he can summarize his job for wedding reportage.

Julien  Scussel
4000 Euro

Julien Scussel

Paris, France

Based in Paris, Julien is involved in the editorial world and does travel worldwide. He has already shot many editorial assignments in Europe, Miami, New York, Los Angeles, Ibiza & Cape Town. Junebug's Best of the Best 2013. WPS Top...

David  Pommier
1700 Euro

David Pommier

Moulins, France

David POMMIER is a photographer specializing in reportage wedding to France, Europe and the world. As a photojournalist , he works unobtrusively to make your photos the size they need to take the natural and spontaneity! His photographic work has...

Daniel  Pelcat
1800 Euro

Daniel Pelcat

Marseille, France

It was at the wedding of a family member that I was asked for the first time as a photographer. This experience was so rich in emotions I chose to make my profession. Marriage is a special day unforgettable, it is above all a day of love and sharing...

2000 Euro

Tim Fox

Vertou, France

I am an English photographer originally from London and have been based in Nantes, western France for the last 15 years. I have been shooting weddings for over a decade in my own personal style: a marriage of British humour and French romance!...

1999 Euro

Zephyr & Luna: Ambre Peyrotty

Les Sarraix, France

Ambre is an award-winning wedding photojournalist based in Auvergne. She's specialized in shooting intimate weddings and elopements around the world. Being a true introvert, Ambre is very discreet. She will move around a lot to capture every...

Seb  Geo
1400 Euro

Seb Geo

Cluny, France

I already was a pro since the nineties, travelling many countries, when a friend of mine asked me : "Hey Seb, as you are a photographer, would you like to come to our wedding with your Leica ?" So started my first wedding coverage.....

1600 Euro

Christophe Pasteur

Lorient, France

Christophe married to Sandrine (je t'aime !!!) and is father of four children. After traveling around the world, I finally moved to Paris, to live my passion for 30 years. Award winning Photographer WPJA ISPWP and Fearless Photographers; I...

Benjamin  Brette
1990 Euro

Benjamin Brette

St Ouen l'Aumone, France

Hello I'm Benjamin. I live in France, near Paris, but work everywhere. I'm married and father of 2 young teenagers. I love weddings, I love brides and grooms. More than photography maybe. One of my friend has invented a word for me :...

Sybil  Rondeau
2400 Euro

Sybil Rondeau

Bretignolles-sur-Mer, France

I am a photographer because I can put order into my world this way and give it a meaning. When everything comes in its right place in my viewfinder, nothing is more satisfying! I am passionate, perfectionist, independent, workaholic. As far as I...

Chrystel  Echavidre
1870 Euro

Chrystel Echavidre

Saubrigues, France

Chrystel is based in the South-West of France. She is working mostly in this region, but there are no boundaries, so feel free to contact her. As a professional photographer, being subtle, natural and spontaneous are the key elements in order to...

Karol  Robache
1600 Euro

KarolR Photographie: Karol Robache

Cucuron, France

Photographe autodidacte, vivant dans le sud de la France, dans un village du Luberon, près de Aix-en-Provence et Marseille, en région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA). Mon approche photographique privilégie le côté naturel. J’aborde le...

3000 Euro

Matthieu Muratet

Issoire, France

My first love was the photojournalism of war. I was in Lebanon, Afghanistan... I wanted to offer my vision of people's life. War documentaries were a school of life, a school of how to document moments and at the same time I had to be invisible...

Aurelien  Bretonniere
1400 Euro

Aurelien Bretonniere

Saint-Georges-d'Aunay, France

It was during my travels to the 4 corners of the globe I have contracted the virus of photography. Loving moments of life it is natural that I turned to wedding photography to not detach myself . What attracts me is being able to capture the...

2000 Euro

Ernestine et sa famille: Marine Poron

Paris, France

Hello, I am Marine, professional photographer since 2002, mother of 2 beautiful children, based in Paris, France. What moves me ? Love, of course! I'm addicted to emotions, I like the laughter, the tears of joy, and the impression they leave...

David  Zaoui
2000 Euro

David Zaoui

Saint Julien de Peyrolas, France

A self-learned photographer, David Zaoui was born in 1982 of Eurasian and Franco-Algerian parents. Growing up, his diverse background provided an ideal environment where artistic sense, open-mindedness and multiculturalism were omnipresent...

1000 Euro

Belairphotographie: Priscilla Reimund

Bédarieux, France

Je m appelle Priscilla, je suis une photographe indépendante passionnée d images et d amour. Je vous accompagnerai tout au long de votre mariage pour vous restituer des images qui vous suivront toute votre vie. C est avec discrétion que je m...

1600 Euro

Olga Litmanova

Paris, France
900 Euro

Histoires de Oui: Nicolas Bernard

Ammerschwihr, France

Journaliste et reporter-photographe professionnel depuis dix ans, touche à tout de la communication, du graphisme et du multimédia, je me définis aujourd’hui comme un capteur d’émotions, que ce soit par les clichés que je réalise ou par les mots qui...

670 Euro

EL photographe: Eric Lahurte

Levallois-Perret, France

Diplômé de l'École Estienne et très tôt attiré par les métiers de l’image et des médias. En agence photo pendant plus de 20 ans, en tant que photoreporter sur les sujets les plus divers (mariage, mode, sport, reportage, etc...). La photo est...

2500 Euro

Magic Flight Studio: Jacques Mateos

Vincennes, France

My goal is to keep those small moments, all the emotions that make a wedding and handing it to future generations. I work with a journalistic approach to document weddings with an unobtrusive way on which I add some dedicated moments for creative...

Henri  Deroche
1700 Euro

Henri Deroche

Orléans, France

Autodidacte, passionné par la photographie depuis de nombreuses années, je mets mon oeil et ma patte artistique à votre service en toute discrétion Chaque travail a pour unique objectif la valorisation de votre évènement. Il se doit de...

Sebastien  Clavel
1800 Euro

Sebastien Clavel

Lyon, France

Hello I'm from the region of Lyon in France. I work both in France and abroad. I'm married and the proud father of two little girls, Louise and Lilou. A photograph as the expression of more than a moment, but of an emotion, be it...

David  Bascunana
1500 Euro

David Bascunana

Beaucaire, France

C’est en apprenant à vous connaître que je vais pouvoir catalyser vos émotions, saisir votre personnalité, tous ces petits gestes et expressions qui font que vous êtes uniques. Vos photos doivent célébrer votre histoire, votre couple, votre bonheur...

1500 Euro

Laurent Koch Le Breton

Villiers Le Mahieu, France

Après avoir étudié la photographie à Paris et travaillé pour différents studios de reportages pendant une dizaine d'années, je deviens en 1998 photographe indépendant. Attentif depuis plus d'une vingtaine d'années à vos souhaits,...

1900 Euro

David Bacher

Paris, France

Based in Paris and in southern France I enjoy shooting weddings because they enable me to tell stories with pictures. As in my assignments for magazines and newspapers, I try to capture those special moments and details that make the viewer feel as...

1000 Euro

Didier Ropers

Guer, France
Johan  Faure
1000 Euro

Johan Faure

Lyon, France
Jeremy  Boyer
1750 Euro

Jeremy Boyer

Pessac, France
Maxime  Desessard
1900 Euro

Maxime Desessard

Paris, France

As a fashion photographer in Paris and wedding photojournalist in France and abroad, I approach photography as a versatile artist. As a picture professional, I choose my projects out of passion: "on the spot" wedding snapshots,...

1590 Euro

Laurent Andre

Conde Ste Libiaire, France
Yann  Raout
200 Euro

Yann Raout

Nice, France

To me wedding photography is really an artistic sport ! Version française: I am french but i also speak good english, so yes you are going to understand why i say that...

940 Euro

Laurent Toudic

Lannion, France
1350 Euro
Marta  Szczesniak
1450 Euro

Riviera Wedding Photography: Marta Szczesniak

Beaulieu Sur Mer, France

I’m a polish wedding, press and portrait photographer living on the French Riviera. I got into photography firstly due to my father's hobby, he used to photograph our family and had a little home-made darkroom. I used to work as a model in the...

Audrey  Bardou
1150 Euro

Audrey Bardou

Beziers, France

Audrey Bardou was born in 1975. She lives and works in the south of France. Audrey’s passion for photography started in her adolescence when her parents gave her a compact camera. At the time, her cats were her first subject. She went on to study...

Pierre  Bidart
1300 Euro

En Vue: Pierre Bidart

La Sauve, France

Pierre a abordé bon nombre de disciplines photographiques, du photo-reportage au documentaire en passant par les commandes publiques. Il a commencé la photographie en tant qu’assistant photographe, ce qui lui a donné l’occasion de réaliser ses...

1500 Euro

Studiomorgan: Morgan Pogiony

Paris, France

Elégant & Naturel Voilà comment je pourrai définir mon style, photographe depuis mon plus jeune âge, j'ai décidé de me spécialiser dans le reportage mariage et le portrait, j'ai photographier plus de 200 mariages et à chaque fois, je...

1500 Euro

Franck Petit

Serignac sur Garonne, France
1000 Euro

Julie Biancardini

Nice, France

I'm a wedding photographer from the French Riviera and I was born in this lovely city of Nice. My experience in photography has begun with portraits for musicians and writers in Paris, I worked for the Museum of Eroticism of Paris, and for...

1800 Euro

Ronan Jégaden

Athis-Mons in Essonne (91) , France
2000 Euro

Kenan Ozan Photography: Kenan Ozan Tokmakoglu

Bagnolet, France

After I had graduated with journalism, photography and cinema in Istanbul and in Paris, I specialized in reportage in social photography, especially in wedding photography. In my opinion every event is unique and that's what the photos have...

1500 Euro

Sebastien Chauchot

Blacy in Marne (51) , France

Photographe de famille et mariage depuis 2005, passionné de noir et blanc dans la tradition des grands photographes humanistes, je m'attache à documenter votre mariage de la manière la plus esthétique, spontanée et discrète possible. Je...

1490 Euro

Un jour, une photo: Romuald Goudeau

Benet, France

42 years old Independant photographer based in West area of France, in the heart of the "Marais Poitevin" (also known as the "Green Venice", one hour away from La Rochelle, Nantes & Bordeaux) since 2010, I feel "...

950 Euro

Laure Boyer

Frejus, France
Greg  Burnett
3000 US Dollar

Greg Burnett

Cincinnati in Ohio, United States

I am a documentary wedding photographer and have been blessed to photograph in all 50 states along with Europe, South America and Central America. I’ve always been a huge admirer of the power of black and white photography, both in fine art and in...

2200 Euro

WhiteSmoke Studio: Dorota Kaszuba

Warsaw in Mazowieckie, Poland
Wayne  La
1500 British Pound

Wayne La

London in London, United Kingdom

The more life experience I get, the more I realise the importance of being in the moment. Playing with my children rather than observing them over my laptop; Watching a movie with my wife and just enjoying her company, the easy silence, the film...

2150 British Pound

Andy Le Gresley

Grouville in Jersey, United Kingdom
Samuel  Berthelot
2290 Euro

Jolie Histoire Photographie: Samuel Berthelot

Alzingen in Luxembourg, Luxembourg

A few years back, I was already an established landscape photographer when my cousin asked me to photograph her wedding. When I do things, I'm 100% committed. My first move was to read tons of articles about wedding photography and to go...

3000 US Dollar

Joseph Gidjunis

Philadelphia in Pennsylvania, United States
Massimiliano  Magliacca
1900 Euro

Nabis Fotografia: Massimiliano Magliacca

Roma in Roma, Italy

Massimiliano Magliacca is a professional photographer. After extensive experience in the fields of weddings and reportage, Massimiliano opened Nabis Photography Studio in 1994. His passion for photography brought him into contact with some of the...

750 Euro

Michael Jenewein

Pflach in Tirol, Austria

I was fascinated by photography since I can remember. My education with photographic and architectural elements led to the work as a freelance photographer and architect. The work with the Leica M and Fuji X system brought me to wedding...

Stepan  Vrzala
2000 Euro

Stepan Vrzala

Mala Skala, Czech Republic

Stepan has been photographing weddings and love affairs for more then ten years. His sleek and modern style, excellent work with natural light and ability to capture intimate moments makes him a perfect choice for brides looking for magazine-worthy...

1350 Euro

Anton Novotny

in Wien, Austria

Photography has been Anton’s passion ever since he was just a little boy. He always looked at the world through the lens of his camera. It was no surprise when he chose photography as his career 10 years ago. He gained a lot of experience by taking...

1800 British Pound

Steve Fuller

Tunbridge Wells in Kent, United Kingdom

My sole aim on your wedding day is to photograph it in a completely discreet and unobtrusive way. In other words the idea is that you don’t notice me. I don’t go around all day long getting you to do any silly posing or barking instructions, and I...

1000 British Pound

Niamh Baldock

Brighton and Hove in East Sussex, United Kingdom

I've been a wedding photographer for 8 years. I started out shooting weddings in Barcelona, Spain, where I lived and was inspired for almost ten years. Now I'm back on home turf in Brighton, UK and loving it. Aside from wedding...

3000 Euro
Supanit  Riansrivilai
1500 US Dollar

Supanit Riansrivilai

Jatujak in Bangkok, Thailand

Supanit’s passion for photography emerged since a young age and flourished during her years in Paris where she pursued her Master of Arts in Professional Photography. Supanit sees the world through her lens and speaks her words through her images...

999 British Pound

Danny Woodstock

London in London, United Kingdom

Hi there, I'm Danny Woodstock.  I love being creative and I have always had a real passion for photography. I have been a professional wedding photographer for 6 years now and my passion and enthusiasm grows with every wedding I shoot, your...

2200 British Pound

WhiteSmoke Studio: Michal Warda

Reading in Berkshire, United Kingdom
1800 Euro

Vimala Rubens

Munich, Germany

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Client Letters

Corentin & Stéphanie

Photographed by Florence Dujarric

A huge thanks to you Florence for the quality of your work and for your cheerfulness! People say that after a great event there is...

Katherine & Andy

Photographed by Philip Stephenson

Dear Philip, I hope you and your family are all doing very well! Andy and I flew back from Thailand yesterday, moving back to London...

Isabel & Josef

Photographed by Stepan Vrzala

Hi Stepan, It's hard to express in words how unbelievable your photos were! You really were fantastic :) Thank you so...