Elopements: Traditional and Modern

March 15, 2020 |

The Definition of Elopement: Traditional and Modern

Dictionary lexicographers may have a problem with the evolving meaning of the word “elope” right now, but the Wedding Photojournalist Association is not wedded to old ways of thinking, especially when it comes to our livelihood.

The oldsters among the WPJA ranks no doubt remember when 'to elope' meant, in Merriam-Webster’s definition, “to run away secretly with the intention of getting married, usually without parental consent.” Many wedding photographers have gone on the lam with couples who did just that. However, even Merriam-Webster now acknowledges that “elope appears to have become shorthand for ‘small destination weddings,’ a ‘wedding that is not financially insane,’ or a ‘wedding that allows us to not invite all the people we would rather not invite.’”

Smaller Weddings are Trending in 2020

To better serve couples who might be rethinking their original large wedding plans, WPJA members are now taking on more small weddings. Be thinking: Monday-Thursday ceremonies!

The WPJA helps members book clients who appreciate wedding photojournalism, no matter how large or small the event is. Couples are not only planning for justice-of-the-peace small, but also doing their research and considering a quick, intimate, pop-up, secret, boutique, runaway, or civil ceremony of the mini variety and want a documentary elopement photographer to cover their event.