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Since 2002, the WPJA has been connecting Brides and Grooms with the best, most reknown wedding photographers from around the world.

Naples wedding photography by Serena Faraldo of Campania Italy
Kim Rooijackers is a wedding photographer from Noord Brabant and serves all of Netherlands.
Joe Payne is a Raleigh based wedding photographer specialising in documentary-style wedding photojournalism
Emma Rose began photographing weddings in 1999 in Vancouver, Canada
Damien Dohmen is a wedding photographer for Nouvelle-Aquitaine and Pyrénées-Atlantiques
Lifestyle Portrait of Boston Wedding Photographer Morgan O'Neil
Pittsburgh wedding photographer Erica Dietz for all of Pennsylvania
Vladimir Khaptinskiy is mostly at home while shooting wedding photos in Germany and North Rhine-Westphalia
France Wedding Photographer Hong-Phuc Bui, for Bretagne
Wedding Photographer Australia - Tasmania photography by Ed Jones
Minneapolis Wedding Photography by Laura Alpizar - Minnesota WPJA.
Mayenne wedding photography by Anne-Sophie Queuin - of Pays de la Loire France
Pierre-Yves Queignec is a Paris wedding photographer for France
Perugia wedding photography by Mirko Vegliò, Umbria Italy
Enrico Celotto is a Northern Italy photographer shooting weddings in  Veneto and Vicenza
Zhangzhou wedding photography by Junqian Wang, of Fujian China
Liguria and Savona Wedding Photography by Andrea Bagnasco, of Italy
Mantas Kubilinskas is a D.C.-based wedding photographer.

Genuine Photo Contests

The WPJA hosts multiple wedding photography contests each year, awarding only the most captivating and engaging photos.

View winners from past contests below:

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The Authenticity of
Wedding Photojournalism

Damien Dohmen, of , is a wedding photographer for
XiangJie Hao, of , is a wedding photographer for
Philippe Swiggers, of , is a wedding photographer for Fonteinhof