Attila Ancsin of FeherLovOn Wedding and Elopement Photography Studio
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Attila Ancsin

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Capturing Intimate Moments with Emotion and Adventure

We are interested in many things in life. Open to the world, we read a lot, reflect on the things in life so we enjoy many things besides photography. For example, travel has been a part of our life from the very beginning, and we have lived through several adventures. It was like a wonder to find each other, maybe an accident/destiny whatever it may be! Because that is what lets two people build up something new, and find themselves. We live in a happy marriage for several years now, we have a son, and we still keep thinking every day about how to surprise our friends and family members. We just can’t sit back, we love to take photos, to organise things, and to participate in adventures. Our own wedding gave us the last push to not just surprise only ourselves. We loved our wedding and every step we had taken to get there. From the planning until the “last dance” in the morning. Searching for the venues and service, the band rehearsals and wine tastings :), preparing the gifts and surprises; and then we were waiting for The Moment. We take pictures of emotional moments, cosiness and a tiny drop of adventure. When photographing a wedding, we can experience all these, and we cannot enjoy anything more than the moment we can present you with your photos. Giving is a joy, and we love to give! We perceive that emotions are essential for creativity! Every wedding is a unique experience for us. Don’t hesitate to contact us for engaging us at your wedding! We look for passionate people, like us!

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