For Engaged Couples

Our Work Demonstrates True Love

For all the decisions you make in planning a wedding, the biggest decision is declared before family and friends: an honest commitment to your relationship and its future. The photographs of the day, the event and the celebration should reflect that kind of authenticity — they should reflect you. Since 2002, the Wedding Photojournalist Association has introduced engaged couples to photographers who have proved their talent as artists and skills as wedding photojournalists. We want to tell, not dictate, the beautiful story of your unique wedding.

You can see dedication to the craft of photojournalism in each WPJA photographer’s work. More important, you and your spouse will see your dedication to each other — as well as the true joy and honest emotions of your participants and guests — in the moments we can capture at your wedding.

Committed to the ideals of using photographic realism to document your joyous commitment to each other, the members of the WPJA seek to give brides and grooms pictures worthy of a day worth remembering.

Matt Adcock trash the dress mexico wedding photographer
Michele Monasta lives in Florence, Italy. He works in Stage Photography - theatre and cinema, set
 Elena Bazini works at weddings in Illinois and Chicago as a photographer
Saint Paul, MN, wedding photojournalist Mark Kegans.
 Mark Earthy photographs weddings across the UK and Europe with his wife.
Catanzaro Matrimonio photographer Beatrice Canino, Italy.
Rossella Orizio is an Italian wedding photographer with a reportage style.
 Danny Woodstock is a London based Wedding Photojournalist
Jenna Schoenefeld has a career as a photojournalist. Always drawn to document the true and candid.
New Territories, SAR wedding photographer - Steven Cheung - China
Daniel Frazier is a wedding photojournalist from San Clemente in Southern California.
Jorge Garcia has been capturing wedding day memories in NJ for years