AG Wedding Photography Contests for 2019

Documentary wedding photographers are, first and foremost, photographers — artists, in other words, whose medium is the photographic image. In the Artistic Guild competitions, WPJA members show off their other creative talents for digitally enhanced staged portraiture, arranged still-lifes, and eye-catching details.

Four (4) Artistic Guild contests will be held in 2019, entered and judged separately from the 20 WPJA competitions held during the year.

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Categories: Portraits and Details

In a portrait (for these purposes), the photographer has staged the couple, the bridal party, or other participants or groups — such as family, friends, or children — on the day of the wedding. One distinguishing feature of portraits is that the subjects are aware of the camera and are maintaining their positions for the sake of the photograph.

"Details" photographs generally are tighter shots on some of the day's appurtenances, textures, and features, whether as arranged by the photographer or as found: clothes, rings, linens, flowers, cake, shoes, champagne glasses. A collection or close-up of faces would likely also be a "details" shot if surrounding context has been subdued in favor of the image's artistic impact.

A WPJA member may enter up to 20 images in each of the year's 4 Artistic Guild contests, separate from the entries they may submit for other WPJA competitions. To further the distinction between our primary craft — photojournalistic skills in the service of wedding photography — and the more photographer-driven categories of details and portraits, digital enhancement and post-production manipulation is not allowed in regular WPJA competitions, whereas these techniques are encouraged in the Artistic Guild competitions.

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2019 Artistic Guild Contest Schedule

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2019 v01 AG Wedding Photography Contest - View Results

2019 v02 AG Wedding Photography Contest - View Results

2019 v03 AG Wedding Photography Contest
Contest Open: August 19, 2019
Submission Deadline: October 30, 2019 (11:59pm EDT)

2019 v04 AG Wedding Photography Contest - Submission Deadline: January 15, 2020 @ 11:59pm EST

(The above contest schedule is tentative and subject to change without notice.)

Judges and Awards

From our deep roster of WPJA judges, four will be selected for each Artistic Guild contest. The WPJA staff will make a pre-pass of the entries to ensure that the judges are presented with strong work that will measure up to the elements that they are used to seeing, a list not limited to creativity, composition, lighting, technical qualities, cropping, and emotional appeal.

The Artistic Guild Awards will be presented as follows:

Gold Medallions = All Four Judges Selected the Image - 100 Points

Blue Medallions = Three Judges Selected the Image - 45 Points

Purple Medallions = Two Judges Selected the Image - 22 Points

Green Medallions (Honor Award) = One Judge + WPJA Staff Selected - 0 Points

Winning images are placed in the Photo Award Galleries on the WPJA site, as well as the individual Member Profile Galleries.