WedElope Photo Story Awards

At the Wedding Photojournalist Association, recognizing our members and showcasing their creativity and talent in documentary/reportage-style wedding photography, as well as artistic portrait and detail images, is our top priority. We know that wedding photographers need a platform in which to present their best storytelling work and earn accolades for the incredible images that they capture at real events, which is why we have created WedElope Story Awards.

WedElope Awards are for picture stories that detail a couple's small and intimate wedding day from start until finish, and they should focus primarily on candid images that document the moments, emotions, and experience. 

WedElope Story Submissions: What You Need to Know

WPJA members are able to submit an unlimited number of WedElope stories. These submissions do not count against the regular annual WPJA contest entry limits. We encourage all member photographers who are focusing on elopements and small weddings to submit as many WedElope Stories as frequently as possible, as these awards provide you with an opportunity to show your future clients your skills as a visual storyteller. 

These are the submission requirements for WedElope Story Awards:

All submissions must be from small weddings that the member photographed. According to the WPJA, a small wedding is defined as an event with no more than 30 guests.

You must submit 12 images per submission. Submissions should include no more than two portraits and two detail shots. The focus should be on moments.

Please submit a summary paragraph (or more) describing the wedding, including the location of the event and information about the venue.  In some cases, details about the couple's love story may be relevant to the submission.

You should also include a brief caption for each image submitted.

It's worth noting that you can submit WedElope Stories from any previous wedding you have photographed. There is no requirement for the year the images were taken. 

Not a Writer? No Need to Worry

We know that all WPJA members are visual storytellers who know how to create compelling narratives from their images alone. While you are encouraged to submit your own written detailed account of the day, there is no need to be an expert writer in order to submit and receive a WedElope Story Award. The WPJA has writers who will use the details and images that you provide in order to chronicle the event in a compelling way. 

Why Wait? Submit Your WedElope Stories Today

Our WedElope Stories have become one of the most popular features on the WPJA website. Prospective clients enjoy browsing the images in these stories and immersing themselves in the events as they imagine their own upcoming wedding days. As a WPJA member, a WedElope Story Award is the perfect way to promote your documentary photography skills. All WedElope Story Awards are displayed in stand-alone Member Profile Galleries, featured on Directory Listing Pages, and the WedElope Gallery page with a drop-down search filter.

Your WedElope Story Awards will prove that your creativity knows no boundaries, regardless of the size of the space or the scope of the wedding. Submit your entries today.

Sample WedElope Categories:

At-Home / Backyard Elopements Beach Elopements
Church Elopements City / Town Hall Civil Elopements
Hotel / Resort Elopements Winter Elopements