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Our Work Demonstrates True Love

As members of the Wedding Photojournalist Association, we take pleasure in documenting the joy of others. And we take pride in our dedication to the integrity of photojournalism in the business of wedding photography. In a cynical age, when even art can become a commodity, couples making a loving commitment to one another deserve our originality, our resourcefulness and our professionalism in telling the story of their day rather than dictating it and staging it for them.

Since 2002, the WPJA has provided accreditation and assurance for couples with the sophistication and taste to seek out talent for on-location photography to document their wedding. Our photography competitions — judged by recognized leaders, including Pulitzer Prize-winning photographers — reveal some of the most beautiful and emotionally honest “found” moments in wedding photography.

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By joining the WPJA, you make a public commitment to the ideals of photographic realism in capturing a couple’s commitment to marriage, delivering pictures worthy of a day worth remembering.

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