Wedding Photography Contests

The Wedding Photojournalist Association’s popular annual Wedding Photojournalism Contests afford our members an opportunity to be recognized by their peers for their outstanding work.

New Contest Details

The WPJA is pleased to announce some changes in our 2017 contests that should prove beneficial for all members. The association believes that these changes will open up the competition not only to more entries but to entries of a higher quality.

New for 2017: Fewer Contests, More Time to Prepare

We are reducing the number of annual contests from four (Q1, Q2, Q3, Q4) to three (TRI-1, TRI-2, TRI-3). This simple change will provide a four-month window for our members to compile their contest portfolios. In some instances, that additional month may be the difference between a winning entry and finishing out of the running. Because prime wedding seasons vary throughout the world, the change also should have the effect of leveling the playing field for some of our international membership.

New for 2017: More Opportunities to Participate

To spur participation, the WPJA will increase the number of FREE entries permitted to members annually from 60 to 90. That works out to an average of 30 entries per contest per member, double the previous average of 15. Obviously, this change will give our members more opportunities to gain recognition for their outstanding work and to compete for the coveted Photographer of the Year honor awarded at year-end.

      Tri-3 Contest

      Contest Opens: December 4, 2017. Contest Deadline: January 6, 2018, 11:59 pm EST.

      Please read the Contest Rules here.

      Only the Bold categories count toward Photographer of the Year (POY).


      1. Bride Getting Ready - These images spontaneously capture the prepping, grooming, arranging, outfitting, and nail-biting before the ceremony. This is not a portrait category.
      2. Groom Getting Ready - The images of this category spontaneously capture the behind the scenes activities of the groom, sometimes with his crew, before the ceremony. This is not a portrait category.
      3. Ceremony - These are authentic images of the actual marriage portion of the event, from the pre-ceremony to the vow-exchange to the receiving line. This is not a portrait category.
      4. Reception - This is the big party. The reception photographs catch all the post-ceremony festivities from the cocktail hour through to the last dance and the bride and groom's departure. This is not a portrait category.
      5. Details (Found) - These images include the tighter shots of the day's interesting moments. This includes clothes, shoes, rings, food, linens, flowers, hands, faces, etc. This is not a portrait category.
      6. Customs / Culture - These are images that were captured during pre-ceremony, ceremony or reception activities that depict cultural or religious customs. This is not a portrait category.
      7. Touch - Touch is the ultimate silent communicator. Touch can convey love, uncertainty or even heartbreak, all without the aid of a single word. These images show a pure and distinct emotion through nothing more than a display of touch.  This is not a portrait category.
      8. Musicians and DJ's - The following include images of musicians in action, playing strings, winds, keyboards, guitars, etc. at the ceremony or cocktail hour; as well as shots of bands/DJs doing their "thing"! This is not a portrait category.
      9. Emotion - These images unobtrusively freeze intriguing expressions ranging from joy to tears. This is not a portrait category.
      10. Kids (Being Kids) - These images showcase those real moments where children take the spotlight, from babies to teens and any age in between. This is not a portrait category.
      11. Reflections - These images include creative and unique wedding moments displayed in reflective surfaces (i.e. mirrors, glass, water, metals, etc.).  This is not a portrait category.
      12. Lens Flare / Refraction - Do you still Ooo and Aaah when you see the tiny dancing rainbow-colored lights coming off a crystal? This category covers prismatic glass Refraction to Lens Flares, showing us brilliant ways to illustrate this theme. This is not a portrait category.
      13. Food and Drinks - This is a collection of images that are food related; particularly, images showing the wedding party or guests enjoying the tastes of the wedding celebration. This is not a portrait category.
      14. Cake Cutting - These images  demonstrate the photographer's ability to anticipate a moment and/or look beyond the ordinary 'Cake Cutting' images that many would come to expect from a wedding. This is not a portrait category.
      15. Send off / Departure - These images record the action surrounding the departure of the bride and groom from the reception at the end of the wedding day. This is not a portrait category.
      16. Wildcard Portrait - Anything related to the wedding day goes into this category. It's all about the creative approach to portraiture during a pre-wedding engagement session, or capturing the bride, groom, bridal party, family, friends, children and/or any other posed wedding party member on the big day. 

      Contest Rules

      Contest rules can be viewed by members here.