Albi, Tarn, Southern France, Backyard Elopement Photo Story Award

bride and groom posing during portrait session after a backyard wedding

The bride and groom shared a romantic portrait session together after their backyard wedding

The newlyweds shared a romantic minute together in their backyard in Albi, France as the sun set behind them, silhouetting the couple against the dramatic sky.

It was a lovely and intimate wedding day for Faustine and Benjamin. They made the day extra special by incorporating their kids and having all their family and friends around them. The day was filled with meaningful ceremonies, laughter and love.

Faustine and Benjamin wanted to keep the wedding simple and intimate, so they chose to exchange their vows in the comfort and familiarity of their own home. They made sure to capture the beauty of the day with a first-look portrait session, and some group photos in their backyard where they also planted a tree to symbolize the growth of their family.

They incorporated rituals such as the ribbon ceremony and the hand-in-jar ceremony to symbolize the unity of their love and friendship. After the ceremony, they celebrated with cocktails and dancing in the garden and ended the day with a beautiful cake. Faustine and Benjamin’s intimate wedding day was a beautiful representation of their love and commitment to each other.

France wedding portrait photo of bride and groom in hitchhiking natural light

The bride was hitchhiking while the groom drove his convertible during their picture session before the ceremony at Albi, a commune in southern France and the prefecture of the Tarn department on the river Tarn

During the couple picture session before the ceremony, Faustine was hitchhiking while Benjamin was driving his convertible.

At home, France wedding ceremony photography by an Albi wedding photographer

The bride and groom had an intimate wedding ceremony outdoors in the sunshine of Albi, Tarn, France, at their house

The newlyweds celebrated their intimate wedding day surrounded by close family and friends at their home.

Emotional wedding picture from Albi, South of France, the prefecture of the Tarn department

At the wedding ceremony in Tarn France, the bride's heartfelt speech stirred emotions among those present

During the ceremony, Faustine and Benjamin shared an emotional and intimate moment as she read her heartfelt speech, causing Benjamin to shed tears of joy.

Tree planting ceremony at a wedding in the capital of Tarn département, Occitanie région

The bride's white shoes were captured in a photo as she ceremoniously planted a tree to symbolize the new family

One of the ceremonials was to plant a tree to symbolize the family.

In Albi, the capital of the Tarn department, bride and groom joined hands in a jar full of water at a ceremony

The couple joined hands in a jar full of water at a ceremony in Tarn, France, while children and friends threw flowers

Another ceremonial was to join their hands in a jar full of water while their children and friends were throwing flowers inside to symbolize friendship.

At home wedding ribbon ceremony in Albi, a commune in Southern France

They finished their wedding ribbon ceremony in Tarn, France, to symbolize their love

They finished with the ribbon ceremony to symbolize their love, with lots of colorful ribbon.

In Albi, a town on the Tarn River in Southern France, bride dancing with her dad after wedding ceremony

The bride at a home in Tarn France initiated a dance on the grass with her father

Faustine started a dance with her father to celebrate the star of the cocktail time.

The Tarn, France bride and children dancing around the house after wedding

The bride and children in Tarn, France were joyfully dancing around the house

Faustine finished by dancing around in her house with the children.