Lombardy Wedding Photographers

If you choose one of our WPJA Lombardy wedding photojournalists as your wedding photographer, please let them know you found them through the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

The WPJA at a glance: The Wedding Photojournalist Association puts the best Lombardy wedding photographers at your fingertips, by granting membership only to the most talented professional wedding photographers in the world--photographers who focus solely on using their documentary photography skills to capture ‘the moments’ of your wedding day.

2000 Euro

Veronica Masserdotti

Brescia in Brescia, Italy

Veronica Masserdotti was born in Brescia (Lombardy - Italy) in 1972 She studied photography at "Accademia di Belle Arti di Brera" in Milan until 1995. Than she has exhibited artistic and conceptual photographs in some galleries of Milan...

1800 Euro

Ilario Scotti

S. Angelo Lodigiano in Lodi, Italy
1700 Euro

Roberto Ricca

Brescia, Italy

Roberto Ricca with his business partner and photographer Andrea Gilberti created Gilberti - Ricca studio. We are wedding photographers based in Brescia. We work throughout Italy, wherever there is a story to tell: your ... The style that...

Giuseppe  Giorgetti
1600 Euro

Moumou Photography: Giuseppe Giorgetti

Melzo in Milano, Italy

I was born in 1980. Since I went to school I had cultivated my passion for images, both as photographer and as graphic design. During my life photography has ever been my passion. Before being in lens, pictures are in our eyes, in our minds, in all...

Alessandro  Di Noia
1500 Euro

Alessandro Di Noia

Gussago in Brescia, Italy

I'm a wedding photographer since 2007 with my business Alessandro Di Noia Fotografo...

1400 Euro

Stefano Ferrier

Paderno Dugnano in Milano, Italy
Alessandro  Arena
1200 Euro

Alessandro Arena

Tradate in Varese, Italy
2000 Euro

Luigi Rota

Lake Como in Lecco, Italy

Born in Lecco, Italy in 1973, Luigi began when he was fifteen years old, so he has a 20 years experience in wedding photography. He works as a fashion and ADV photographer for well known brands and ADV agencies. Owner of "Fotorota"...

Rossella  Orizio
1500 Euro

Rossella Orizio

Brescia in Brescia, Italy

Rossella Orizio was born in Brescia in 1984. She graduated in 2008 in Photography at the Academy of Fine Arts. ...

Massimiliano  Beccati
1800 Euro

WeddingStudio: Massimiliano Beccati

Milano, Italy

I was born in 1970 in a lovely place close to Lake Como and Lake Maggiore, beautiful lakes of Northern Italy. Since I was a little boy I have been fascinated by “photography” and it is now twenty years that I have been working in this field. In the...

1500 Euro

Matteo Reni

Busto Arsizio in Varese, Italy

I was born in 1967. I started taking pictures at 8 yrs old when I got a Kodak Instamatic. My interest in wedding photography came (and has not run out yet) in 1992 shooting some friends' wedding. In the time I was graduating with a degree in...

1800 Euro

Federico Fasano

Milan, Italy

Federico Fasano is an Italian photographer who has been professionally active for over 10 years, based in Milan. Federico loves weddings and the emotions of that day. He prefers reportage, capturing moments as a movie sequences without any stop...

Franco  Milani
1700 Euro

Franco Milani

Bergamo, Italy

Franco Milani is specialized in the photojournalistic style, with more than 20 years of experience. His passion for photography began very soon, and since 1990 he has concentrated on wedding photography. He lives and works in Milan but he also loves...

Fabrizio  Demasi
1900 Euro

Fotoeventi: Fabrizio Demasi

Gonzaga, Italy

Demasi Fabrizio nasce a Parma nel 1960 e fotograficamente nel 1995 frequentando un corso di ritrattistica in studio e camera oscura, corso tenuto da un professionista di Parma e ne diventa l'assistente dopo 2 anni. Nel 2000 partecipa alla “...

Giuseppe  Arrighi
1300 Euro

Giuseppe Arrighi

Maleo in Lodi, Italy

Giuseppe Arrighi. Born in Maleo, Province of Lodi Italy, in 1965. After some local photography courses he has dedicated himself to wedding photography since 1995. In 1999 he began taking part in courses for specialization in editorial photography...

Cristiano  Ostinelli
2500 US Dollar

Cristiano Ostinelli

Erba, Italy

Cristiano is the WPJA 2013 Photographer of the Year. This is the highest honor possible within the organization. Cristiano was born in Como in 1968 and has grown in the field of photojournalism since 1995. He has photographed prestigious weddings...

Riccardo  Bestetti
2000 Euro

Riccardo Bestetti

Lake Como in Lecco, Italy

Riccardo Bestetti was born in Milano and after having attended a university-level master and got a diploma in advertising photography at the European Institute of Design in Milan, he takes his first steps in the studios in Milan where he starts...

Carlo Guido  Conti
1500 Euro

Carlo Guido Conti

Rozzano, Italy

Raccontare è sempre stata la mia passione e sono sempre stato, fin da bambino, un acuto osservatore. Sono laureato in Scienze e Politiche con specializzazione in studi storici. Ho contemporaneamente avuto una formazione come fotoreporter di sport e...

1950 Euro

Giorgio Baruffi

Brescia in Brescia, Italy

I was born in Brescia, a few years ago, too many to say the truth, but I’m not here to speak about me, I prefer to let my pictures tell you what you need to know, basically I’m a photographer, not a writer, so I try to recount with the camera not...

8000 US Dollar

Pino Mercurio

Milan, Italy

Pino Mercurio was born into a family of wedding photographers. He loves traveling and exploring different cultures. The different traditions fascinate me. He has taken photographs in many places including New York, Zurich, Dubai, Venice, Amman, Las...

Alessandra  Diamanti
1700 Euro

Alessandra Diamanti

Cremona, Italy

They say that when you're born you see the light, and that must be exactly what happend to me. Photography has been in my soul since I was born, for I have always been amazed by how things changed according to the light that lit them. In 1996 I...

2500 Euro

Massimo Simula

Meda, Italy

Massimo Simula has been a professional photographer since 1978, having participated in numerous workshops in Italy and abroad. He has received prestigious certificates of competency: the QIP (Qualified Italian Photographer of the Orvieto Fotografia...

1600 Euro

Nicola Nesi

Como in Como, Italy

Sono nato nel 1968 e fin da piccolo la passione della fotografia a scandito gli anni della mia vita. Da 12 anni svolgo la mia attività di fotografo specializzandomi nel fotogiornalismo del matrimonio, dove il mio obiettivo in ogni matrimonio è...

Giuseppe  Pons
1250 Euro

Marriagephoto: Giuseppe Pons

Milano, Italy

I thought a lot before I write something about me as a photographer for wedding and in the end I think my photographs should speak for me. The approach that I have of the wedding event is that of a narrator of an original story: your wedding,...

2000 Euro

DS Visuals: Alessandro Della Savia

Milan, Italy

I live in Milan with my lovely family, my wife and my two children. I printed my first pictures in the darkroom at school when I was 12, and since then I have always considered photography to be my personal magic. After passionate studies and a...

1250 Euro

Emanuele Capoferri

Ispra in Varese, Italy

Based in Ispra, Italy, on the bank of the stunning Lago Maggiore. Emanuele is 42 years old and is married, he have three children. He discovered a love of photography as a boy when he would borrow his grandmother’s bicycle and his father’s camera,...

Matteo  Cuzzola
1500 Euro

Matteo Cuzzola

Rho, Italy

I am an Italian wedding photojournalist. I am based in Milan but I have been providing professional wedding photographic services in Italy, and Europe. My goal is to create captivating wedding photographs that surprise and delight my clients.

Antonino  Geria
2800 Euro

Antonino Geria

Milan, Italy
1000 Euro

Gabriele Capelli

Cinisello Balsamo in Milano, Italy

Nato a Milano, classe 1973. Ho frequentato l'Istituto Statale d'Arte con l'idea di fare l'artista ed ho lavorato come grafico in alcune agenzie Milanesi. Mi sono avvicinato professionalmente alla fotografia nel 2000 frequentando...

1600 Euro

Antonio Rosata Photographer: Antonio Rosata

Caronno Pertusella in Varese, Italy
Alessandro  Avenali
3000 Euro

Alessandro Avenali

Rome, Italy

***2016*** - Top 10 WPJA - Awarded Photographer of the Year by the industry awards “Masters of Italian Wedding Photography” - Awarded Category Winner (Details) in Nikon Awards, (among 49,000 competitors) - Awarded Best of Destination Wedding,...

Greg  Burnett
3000 US Dollar

Greg Burnett

Cincinnati in Ohio, United States

I am a documentary wedding photographer and have been blessed to photograph in all 50 states along with Europe, South America and Central America. I’ve always been a huge admirer of the power of black and white photography, both in fine art and in...

Massimiliano  Magliacca
1900 Euro

Nabis Fotografia: Massimiliano Magliacca

Roma in Roma, Italy

Massimiliano Magliacca is a professional photographer. After extensive experience in the fields of weddings and reportage, Massimiliano opened Nabis Photography Studio in 1994. His passion for photography brought him into contact with some of the...

750 Euro

Michael Jenewein

Pflach in Tirol, Austria

I was fascinated by photography since I can remember. My education with photographic and architectural elements led to the work as a freelance photographer and architect. The work with the Leica M and Fuji X system brought me to wedding...

Boni  Bonev
1500 Euro

Boni Bonev

Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria

My name is Boni Bonev, I was born in Svilengrad (Bulgaria) in 1970 and I live in Sofia (Bulgaria) since 1985. I am married and have two children. For the first time I touched the magic of photography when I was 7 years old, watching images...

Luca  Rossini
1800 Euro

Rossini Photography: Luca Rossini

Rome in Roma, Italy

I am a professional wedding photographer and my studio, Rossini Photography, is based in Trastevere, right in the heart of Rome. I shoot weddings with my wife Claudia throughout the Italian territory, for both Italian couples and international ones...

Dragan  Zlatanovic
1700 Euro

Dragan Zlatanovic

Prata di Pordenone in Pordenone, Italy

I see beauty everywhere. I don't know whether this is a special gift or simply my vision of the planet and people I'm living with. I'm located on the northern part of the Adriatic Coast, from where I'm reaching all the major...

1200 Euro

Francesco Termine

Pomezia, Italy

Client Letters

Jennifer & Derrick

Photographed by Franco Milani

Dear Franco, Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! The pictures you took of our wedding were stunning! When planning our wedding we knew...

Maura & Mario

Photographed by Luca Rossini

Luca e Claudia, you have the key to revolutionize wedding photography! We put a lot of effort in giving you a hard time with our...

Sabrina & Alex

Photographed by Alessandro Di Noia

Dear Ale, We have received your pictures last week! They are absolutely amazing! We could not have imagined better pictures of our...