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Fabrizio Demasi

Fotoeventi | Mantua, Lombardy Wedding Photographer


Capturing Wedding Moments: Creative and Invisible Photography Style

Demasi Fabrizio was born in Parma in 1960 and began his photographic career in 1995 by attending a course in studio portrait photography and in a darkroom held by a professional photographer, of whom he became the assistant 2 years later. In 2000 he took part in “Biennale d’Arte Città di Roma” and was placed third in the section of photography. In 2001 he moved to Lombardy in order to work with a famous Italian photographer and took part to important reportages, to the realization of a photobook for charity and he worked as a second still photographer for a film made. From 2002 to 2010 he worked in hundreds of weddings all over Italy. In 2010 together with his wife Monica, he opened his personal studio “Fotoeventi”, continuing his wedding and elopement photos and his personal research in reportage, especially in the theatre. For about a year and a half he has been working all over Italy for an international brand of clothes and underwear.

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Municipio di Tagliacozzo L'Aquila Italy wedding image of the groom kissing

Married: 3 years ago

Christian e Ketty

Dear Fabrizio, This morning we looked at the album you did for us and we suddenly realized that every time we leaf through it we discover something new. In fact all the photos taken are not simply shots but moments that show an emotion, a feeling or a thought. You have been able to capture every single movement of our soul: our happiness, my fear a second before entering the City Hall, my children’s emotion, our laughters, or some melancholic thoughts of the guests and this is what makes the album unique to our eyes. It’s not a collection of pictures, but a story, the story of a day which will always remain in our mind. So we’d like to thank you because you have contributed to making that day special. XXX Ketty and Chris

Abbazia di San Benedetto wedding photo of the bride and groom kissing

Married: 4 years ago

Marco e Federica

Hi Fabrizio! How are you? I hope you’re fine! Thank you so much for the wonderful pictures you took at our wedding. Marco and I feel so grateful for your amazing job, you’re the best photographer we’ve ever met! You made us feel at ease the entire time and you truly captured unique and timeless shots. Your pictures are just perfect and we love them. You made our wedding so special and we still feel the happiness and the excitement of that day through your beautiful pictures. You didn’t miss anything and you captured unforgettable and priceless moments. You’re an artist and you didn’t disappoint our expectations. We can’t thank you enough! Our guests remarked how great you were. Unobtrusive, never in the way, always smiling, and with a good attitude. A heartfelt 'thank you’ once again! You did a great job! Marco e Federica

Wedding image of the bride and groom kissing at the Parrocchia di san Prospero Strinati - Reggio Emilia - Italia

Married: 4 years ago

Fabio e Milena

Hi Fabrizio! We are writing to the man and friend in the first place, not only to the photographer. Your photos have a communicative force that often transcends the moment of the shoot, but above all they convey what you are - they are kind, attentive and caring, strong and incisive, sweet. And exactly because of your unique way of perceiving the world we shared and have chosen, other than offering our compliments for your professionalism and technique, we want to talk about the journey you led us through. Sitting in your studio, imagining how it would be, you made us emotional, you literally conjured the scenes before our very eyes. You took us by the hand, you led us in the most beautiful day of our lives well before you we reached the established date. You gave us peace, you managed our embarrassment about being at the centre of the attention, you guided us, you allowed us to feel at ease and, as a result, to be spontaneous and serene. It was only then that you took your camera and you got down to work. You were an important point of reference throughout our day, for us and for our loved ones, a discreet presence, but also an attentive and helpful one. We fully enjoyed the day, energized and happy for what we were experiencing and we had a great time as I am sure you had too. The final outcome turned to be wonderful photos, where we recognize ourselves in and through them relive the emotions of that moment - with such an impact that we continue to remain breathless. Every shot has its own history, its own emotion and its very own beauty. 'Thank you' is what we are writing, but words are not enough to express everything. Fabio e Milena

Chiesa di S. Giovanni Battista - Roncoferraro - Mantova photography of the bride and groom

Married: 4 years ago

Michele e Jessica

Hi Fabrizio I met you as a photographer at three other weddings I have been in and by chance we were always on the table together so at the last wedding I went to I decided that you would be our photographer when we got married. Despite the very demanding job that the photographer has in a wedding, you have proved to be a person who seems to have known you forever, for us you have been our point of reference. You showed us security and sympathy, you were there from start to finish and we had a lot of fun. You took some great photos, 10 votes and praise for your professionalism and person, we recommend you. Jessica and Michele

Villa Angeli - Pegognaga - Mantova Wedding Pictures

Married: 4 years ago

Maria Letizia e Fabio

Hi Fabrizio, we had participated in your photography course and when we decided to get married we had no doubts about the choice of the photographer! We were sure that the passion you transmitted to us during the course would be the same that you would have used to capture our day. With these few lines we just wanted to say: THANK YOU! Thank you because you immediately got in tune with us. You proved very helpful, giving us valuable advice to make everything go for the best. Thank you because you started your work long before the day of the ceremony. Your inspections at the church, at the villa and where we would have prepared ourselves, were fundamental for not having surprises or unexpected events on the wedding day ... you had calculated everything! Thanks for your "stolen" shots: during the whole wedding you have been discreet, managing to “blend in” perfectly among our guests but at the same time always present to capture unforgettable moments. Thank you because you stayed until the end, not missing a moment of the whole day, indeed, by looking at your photos you made us relive moments that we didn't even remember. Thank you for your professionalism which has been truly priceless. Thanks because the result left us speechless, your shots captured the spirit of marriage. Your photos will always remind us of how fantastic our day was! Thank you! Maria Letizia and Fabio by looking at your photos you made us relive moments that we didn't even remember. Thank you for your professionalism which has been truly priceless. Thanks because the result left us speechless, your shots captured the spirit of marriage. Your photos will always remind us of how fantastic our day was! Thank you! Maria Letizia and Fabio by looking at your photos you made us relive moments that we didn't even remember. Thank you for your professionalism which has been truly priceless. Thanks because the result left us speechless, your shots captured the spirit of marriage. Your photos will always remind us of how fantastic our day was! Thank you!

Chiesa di Sant'Antonio Abate - Bevilacqua - Verona wedding photography of the bride and groom

Married: 5 years ago

Alessandro e Maria Chiara

Fabrizio, it was a pleasure to have you as the photographer of our wedding! We met you during the wedding of two of our best friends and we remained impressed by your passion and style. We immediately decided that you would become also "our" wedding photographer. In just few seconds you understood what kind of person we are and during the wedding you were able to enhance the beauty of every simple detail. You respected the wish we had to create a simple ceremony and party and many of the participants appreciated your discretion and kindness. Thanks to you we will have the fortune to see all special shots that you made that day in order to live again moments of pure joy and happyness. We will hope to see you soon! Many thanks and regards, Maria Chiara and Alessandro

Museum Polironiano San Benedetto PO wedding ceremony photography

Married: 5 years ago

Stefano and Valentina

Hi Fabry, we got to know your way of taking photography directly, right through your shots, during the months of your course and, subsequently, admiring the wedding albums of friends. We immediately understood that we would have wanted you as our photographer, we did not ask anyone else for information. In fact, through your extraordinary empathy, you understood us immediately, you framed our personality and you understood us as a couple. You told our day by cuddling us, yours are not just photographs, but threads of a beautiful story. Even now, months later, we look back at your photos and we get excited. Entrusting you with the task of immortalizing one of the most important events of our vision was one of our best decisions. Really thank you, Fabry! Valentina and Stefano

Married: 6 years ago

Vittorio e Alessandra

Dear Fabrizio hello, we are finalizing the choice of photos to be included in the wedding album and I will not deny that it is not a simple undertaking. In fact, every picture is full of unforgettable memories, emotions, sensations, fragrances and moods, every image speaks of us! When I entered your studio I could not imagine that in addition to finding an exceptional photographer, I would have found an extraordinary professional who would be able to make every moment of our day unforgettable. With your discreet but very nice presence you managed, from the first shots, to create the right harmony to transform each image into a beautiful memory able to transmit all the emotions of that day. We can only thank you. See you soon. Alessandra and Vittorio

Married: 8 years ago

Giovanni e Greta

Hi Fabri! Sometimes I think you will whistle your ears .. we happen to talk about you with great pleasure to friends, relatives and acquaintances! Just the other day a John's aunt came to visit us and there was an opportunity to show her our marvelous wedding album. Yes, she has had the spontaneous reaction they all have: a great emotion! She felt catapulted on that fantastic day, she seemed to be there again! This is solely your merit! To you that you have been able to seize the moment, the spontaneity and the detail; that you have been tireless, available, humble and creative; that you have been able to advise us to the best for the creation of our eternal album! You are a "teacher" as my father says, always present among the guests but never intrusive! Thank you!! We can not do anything but join all our friends and relatives to tell you that the photos of our wedding album thrill us every time, page after page make us relive that day as a story made of only images, from the first to the last moment. We will have a memory forever of all those happy, ridiculous, stolen moments; black and white photos that enhance details, tears and hugs. Greta & Giovanni

Married: 8 years ago

Michele & Laura

Hello Fabrizio, the first word that comes to mind is THANK YOU! Thank you for being our photographer! I understood that you would be the right person for our wedding since the first time we chatted at the Christmas Village of Gonzaga and you showed me your photos, explain them with passion and making me identify with the girls on the album! And to think that I had come to the newlyweds area for a chance! When I got home I remember telling Michele that for the "fateful" day the photographer was already chosen. Consider that we did not even have a date in mind ... Then the following of the story you know ... And thanks to your shots will remain in our hearts and in our memory forever! With love, Laura and Michele

Married: 9 years ago

Patrizio & Gloria

Hello Fabrizio, These few lines only partially express our satisfaction, happiness and honor in having you present on the most important day of our lives. When we met and met you, we both immediately understood that you were the right photographer for us: your spontaneity and your contagious smile won us over! We had the confirmation of our choice on April 25th 2015: with your fantastic shots, you have perfectly grasped our strong emotions, the happiness and the joy of the relatives, the celebrations of the friends, making them so alive forever. Covering the photographs, we realize your great professionalism and preparation, and your ability to capture precious moments without ever being intrusive. We thank you once again for making everything more special, unique, timeless. A big hug! Patrizio and Gloria

Married: 9 years ago

Massimo & Manuela

Dear Fabrizio. Even as you described Stefania of Villa Cavriani, to advise us various names that had worked in the villa, Massimo and I had understood that you were the right photographer for our wedding .... and we were absolutely wrong !!! In fact, from the first moments that we met you, you immediately created a feeling, which continued on the occasion of your visit to our families, some time before the event and which was decidedly consolidated on June 21 ... the day more nice of our life !!! Thank you for making everything natural, simple and spontaneous and for making really beautiful photos. You managed to capture our most exciting moments ... laughter, tears, dances, hugs ... Thank you for having documented everything, without ever being intrusive and indeed, moving between us with an infinite delicacy. Thank you from our friends and our families, whom you loved so much, for your professionalism and friendliness, but above all thanks to me and Massimo, for being a fundamental part of our marriage. A huge hug Manuela and Massimo

Married: 10 years ago

Attilio e Chiara

Hello Fabrizio, I've known you for several years because you've always done the photo shoot for the family company catalog, in a sense you can say that you helped to create what is now an annual "tradition"! When I decided to get married, in a hurry for another, I had no doubt about who to choose as a photographer of the event. When Attilio and I came to define the details of the day in your studio you told us not to worry, that you would follow us and that we would not even notice you. And so it was. You chased us all over Verona in the pouring rain of January, being always present in the most important moments and also in those apparently more insignificant but, with the intervention of time have become precious to reconstruct that important day, like a puzzle. The amazement of my friend Giovanni when he saw me in a wedding dress, the shoe that slips off just as I descend the stairs, caress the dog of our friend Dolores, when I look at those shots come back to mind together with visual memories also moods and sensations. As bride and groom we have not been very good organization but you have also been able to call us to order at the right time to make wonderful portraits of the two of us with natural light and I thank you again because now, one of those photos, stands on the My bedside table and follows me on every journey. Since the wedding is celebrated only once in life and you can not say "I would choose you as a photographer next time", we confirm you now for the fiftieth anniversary! Thanks to your professionalism and above all to your artistic sensibility, today we can relive the 4th of January 2014 every time we browse the album. Chiara

Married: 10 years ago

Enrico & Ilaria

As you know, Fabrizio, I decided I wanted you as a photographer of my wedding when I had not met my husband yet! From the shots you showed us in the photography course I realized that few photographers can capture the emotions and make them eternal over time and you're one of those. There are also few photographers who, despite reaching very high levels, maintain humility, sympathy and total availability, creating a true relationship of friendship and knowledge from before marriage, essential to get to the big day with the right understanding that makes everything more natural and spontaneous! Every time we browse through our wedding album, we relive the emotions of that day. The trepidation of the preparations, the emotion of Enrico waiting, our complicity, the tears of our friends and dear relatives, the joy of the party, the stolen kisses, the games of the children ... You accompanied us silently and discreetly throughout the day, from sunrise to sunset. Without ever looking at the clock, without showing any difficulty. Only with the passion that moves your eye in the lens of your car. We really wish so many spouses to meet you in order to live, and then relive in time, what we have experienced with and thanks to you! Ilaria & Enrico

Married: 10 years ago

Ronnie e Tiziana

Hello Fabrizio, organizing a wedding is not a simple task especially if you have to rely on the internet to look for some names. I begin to scroll through the pages .. the usual photos .. the skyline of the city of Mantua, the castle of St. George .. uhm .. do not convince me, I do not like this kind of setting. I try again and again until my attention stimulates a photo of a field of sunflowers taken by you and something ... snaps into me: there is a different eye behind that device. I visit your site and each image is a story to itself, every nuance is cultured and valued, I appreciate and notice every single little detail of that field because I love the "significant" photos and yours are, and how! And the rest is history ... I entrusted the responsibility, because for me this was to immortalize that day without hesitation, the agreement was perfect right away because you have a different sensitivity that manifests itself through the lens and that allows you to emphasize the true essence of the subject: natural, spontaneous and unique whatever it is. Thanks to your way of being you managed to get excited and that was what I was looking for, I never felt embarrassed, in fact, you have exalted my shyness. Even my husband felt comfortable and let himself be involved, and I still smile today thinking of the fantastic moment we were living together and you were there, having fun with us. Do you remember the photos taken at the roundabout of the castle of S.Giorgio? We have taken it at least three times! I must admit, despite my initial perplexities, they are among my favorites and it is exclusively your merit. Our families were enthusiastic about your discreet and professional work so much so that during the ceremony no one noticed you while instead you, without being noticed, paid attention to everyone. Your photos are special, I relive that day perfectly through them; every time I look at them I discover some details that I had not considered and amaze me, today as then, of how much that sunflower has, then, for me meaning. We will never know thank you enough. Tiziana and Ronnie

Married: 12 years ago

Matteo e Eleonora

Hello Fabri, how are you? It 'a bit that you do not feel ... but I "follow" always through facebook and the internet. I do not want to, peek here and between your photos of various weddings: even if I do not know the couple, it is always an emotion that shines through even a few shots! Last night, as happens every now and then, we felt like looking through our wedding album ... and every time the thought is the same. If I think that we almost did not want a wedding album, if I think about how casual and fortunate our meeting was and if I think that the first thing I told you was "... I was struck by that photo exposed, one snap simple, but particular, a small moment stolen but full of feelings ... ". Well, after only a few seconds from being introduced to us, perhaps unconsciously, we had already chosen our photographer for the wedding !! A lightning strike I would say, a first and excellent impression never denied! And 'yes because when a photographer can give emotions through an image apparently "any", then obviously you can really define that! We did not want "posing" photos, we did not want "static" photos, nor the usual wedding pictures, but in our album nothing is missing, the important moments, but above all the smiles, the looks, the laughter, the moments of "performance" panic and agitation, the emotion and happiness in looks and especially in the gestures of the couple but also of the guests ... because in your shots everything is important: would you ever say that the picture where in total panic my mother looks for the lost earring or one in which my sister tries in vain to close all those buttons of my dress, or even that image of my father who barely holds back the tears with a face not exactly "to be photographed", rather than the one where the groom and the witness clumsily try to tie the tie , would then have been the favorites of a dream album!?!? Even that black and white photo of umbrellas ready for guests (because of course the weather forecast was not the most favorable) on the porch, is one of my favorites! (to name only one among a thousand and a thousand). This is why it is always difficult to make a choice of just a thousand shots ... For this I call you Super-Fabri ... in addition to the fact that you are super nice (and in a tense moment like the wedding day, there is already the bride who is the unpleasant! Ahahah !!), strong and good in what you do ... you managed to capture everything and even more, to capture moments that otherwise now we could not remember and relive; because if a photograph, even and especially after some time, does not bring with it the emotion of that moment, maybe it makes little sense! Because if the wedding is to be the most beautiful day, this must be able to see in a photograph, must be able to "feel", not only by those who have experienced it in first person, but also by those who are only spectators. Otherwise it would only be a matter of leafing through, perhaps even boring, a series of images that are all the same. Instead, when we look at our photos, I do not exaggerate in saying, we still feel the strong emotions of that April 14th. And when someone wants to browse our album I always press "... is not an album like the others, you will not see photos posing or" classic ", you will see shots that most might seem" strange ", detail photos, photos of real smiles not imposed by a photographer, exciting photos ...! " Also for this reason maybe the album is not covered with dust, because you do not get tired of looking at it and looking at it. I valued you a lot right now and thank you very much for your work, for your friendship and above all for giving us the opportunity to make you merit through these few words !! I hope that our life will soon give us many other events to photograph ... obviously always by Fabrizio Demasi !!! Kisses Ele and Matteo

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