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Page Last Updated June 22nd, 2022

Stradora Ristro Cocktail Venue, Reggiolo | Italy Elopement Photos by Fabrizio Demasi
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Fabrizio Demasi, Mantua, Italy

Gonzaga, Mantua / Stradora - Ristro and Cocktail, Reggiolo, Italy

At the end of the ceremony, before leaving the ceremony location, they wish to toast with those who have passed by to assist or to bring a simple greeting. 

The evening closing of the studio is imminent when a young couple comes in and asks me if I could provide some information on a small wedding service.

We started like this, instead of twenty minutes for some info, we found ourselves spending two hours without realizing it.

The feeling and empathy were immediately...

Borgonato Wedding Photo of Bride and Groom Arriving to Reception Venue
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Alessandro Di Noia, Brescia, Italy

Borgo Antico San Vitale, Borgonato

Looking both regal and relaxed, the newlyweds are toasted by their guests on the idyllic grounds of the venue at Borgo Antico San Vitale in Borgonato, Italy.

A pair of doves have been the longstanding symbol of love and peace, so it only made sense that Ombretta and Alberto celebrated their marriage at Le 2 Colombe a restaurant located in Borgo Antico San Vitale. The restaurant's name translates to...

Outdoor celebration wedding photo from a Castegnato, Brescia, Italy Civil Ceremony - Elopement Image by Alessandro Di Noia
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Alessandro Di Noia, Brescia, Italy

Castegnato, Brescia, Italy Civil Ceremony / Backyard Reception

Ambra and Gianclaudio seal their new marriage with a celebratory kiss after leaving the Castegnato City Hall. Their wedding guests cheer in excitement as they capture the moment on camera.

The COVID-19 pandemic imposed limits and restrictions on nearly every aspect of life, but Ambra and Gianclaudio decided that their love was limitless. Instead of postponing or canceling their wedding, they opted to move forward with a civil ceremony at the city hall and an intimate outdoor reception...

Wedding portrait from a small civil Elopement ceremony in Italy - Photography by Fabrizio Demasi
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Fabrizio Demasi, Mantua, Italy

Teatro Nuovo di Marmirolo / Agriturismo Corte Barco, Mantova, Italy

In this magnificent place, I have taken many portraits, but I want to insert an image born spontaneously, a hand in hand running barefoot towards the point of light at the end of a long corridor formed by trees. A beautiful message of life together in full contact with nature.

I think that sometimes the term "unique" is used inappropriately. I must say that for this wedding it is the more correct word.

After hundreds of weddings behind me, it had not yet happened to me...

Wedding day couple portrait from a Vidigulfo, Pavia, Italy Elopement - Image by Massimiliano Beccati
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Massimiliano Beccati, Milan, Italy

Vidigulfo, Pavia, Italy

Marica and Federico had originally organized a wonderful wedding in the spring of 2020 to take place in a splendid farmhouse with a civil ceremony, followed by a celebration with friends and relatives. However, the arrival of the COVID forced them to change their plans by adapting them to the changing restrictions imposed by the state 4 different times. In the end, they did not give up and decided that they would not go through 2020 without getting married, so they chose to have an intimate...

Villa Litta Modignani wedding image of the ceremony entrance - Photo by Michela Bocciarelli
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Michela Bocciarelli, Milan, Italy

Villa Litta Modignani, Milan, Italy

The bride and groom walk into a luxurious room in the Villa Litta Modignani, where their ceremony was about to take place.

Ready to make their own mark on the world, Katia and Raffale planned a wedding that defied all conventions. From the bride's colorful dress to their civil ceremony inside the Villa Litta Modignani in Milano, Italy, this couple was determined to start their life...

A Varese Wedding Photo Story at Villa Bossi by photographer Francesca Zambrini
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Francesca Zambrini, Varese, Italy

Villa Bossi - Varese

Before the wedding, guests and close family members wait with the bride, helping one another don corsages in a small room of the Villa Bossi.

After a very short ceremony at the town hall in Switzerland, the couple reunites with their family and close friends for a very special and symbolic celebration in one of the romantic rooms of Villa Bossi in Varese. The couple’s children even got...

Restaurant Dal Pescatore - Mantua, Italy Elopement Photographer - Fabrizio Demasi
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Fabrizio Demasi, Mantua, Italy

Church of Santa Maria, Gradaro / Restaurant Dal Pescatore - Mantua, Italy

I met the bride and groom in their home, contacted by the bride only 20 days before the wedding date, and for this reason, I immediately realized that it was a special wedding.

The spouses, two professionals very busy in their work, had made known to me the organization of the day and their requests; document and enhance the wedding, without poses, a pure wedding reportage.

A nice challenge for my work, where the particularity of the places and that of having carte blanche...

Lake Varese, Italy Wedding Photography in a boat by Alessandro Arena
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Alessandro Arena, Varese, Italy

Villa Baroni Restaurant and Hotel, Lake Varese, Italy

They say it’s never too late to get married, and this couple who met a little later in life are the proof. The two of them got ready at home and travelled by boat with their witnesses to Villa Baroni, a beautiful and elegant hotel on Lake Varese. Their Buddhist ceremony was performed by a Tibetan monk, and after the ceremony they held a dinner in the same location. The couple got to spend their day in the beautiful outdoors...

Town Hall of Salò, Brescia, Italy Wedding Photographer - Alessandro Di Noia
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Alessandro Di Noia, Brescia, Italy

Town Hall of Salò, Brescia, Italy

Here, the bride and groom hug for the first time on their wedding day as they meet at the altar surrounded by close family and friends.

Michelle and Chris are an English couple who chose to be married in Italy by the beautiful Lake Garda. The couple and their guests stayed at the Bagnolo Eco Lodge, a rustic stone building situated near the sea in the beautiful countryside, where the reception was also held. 

The ceremony...

Varese, Italy Elopement Photography
Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Francesca Zambrini, Varese, Italy

Villa Alceo in Viggiu, Varese, Italy

The vows are being exchanged between the couple during this intimate, small ceremony at the Villa Alceo in Viggiu, Italy.

In my memory of such intimate weddings, there is always great gratitude for being able to be a witness together with the few "chosen" once and a sense of great respect for this intimacy. This couple and their friends traveled from far away to be in Italy in a very small village to celebrate and...

Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Alessandro Di Noia, Brescia, Italy

L’Albereta Relais and Chateaux, Erbusco

An affectionate kiss between the newlyweds inside the town hall.

Claudia and Andrea from Milan organized a very intimate wedding in the province of Brescia, with close friends present only at the ceremony in the town hall, and only family for dinner. As the location for their wedding, they chose L'Albereta Relais & Châteaux in Erbusco, a beautiful hotel with an excellent restaurant inside and a very high level of service.

Elopement and Wedding Photographer: Federico Fasano, Milan, Italy

Villa Botta Adorno, Torre d Isola, Italy

A humorous portrait of the bride and groom to defuse the hard situation in Italy.

This wedding was celebrated on the 29th of February in Lombardy, Italy. The situation was quite hard for Covid-19. It was prohibited to gather with more than 15 people. This wedding was divided into two parts, the first was on the 29th of February and the party will take place hopefully in one to two months...to be defined.  No despair for the couple but some smiles and naturally a security mask for...