Giuseppe Pons is a photographer for weddings in Milano, Italy
1250+ (EUR)

Giuseppe Pons


I thought a lot before I write something about me as a photographer for wedding and in the end I think my photographs should speak for me.
The approach that I have of the wedding event is that of a narrator of an original story: your wedding, with the understanding that what you’ll receive will be kept with you throughout your life and will be revised again and again.

I made Wedding Reportage services especially in Milan and Lakes in North of Italy as well in Germany.

The cut of the photographic story of your wedding is journalistic and this is why I present my wedding service as a reportage on you, on those around you and the environment you have chosen.

Over the years my photographic work has been reported and reviewed on different newspaper and magazines and here I inform you about some of them. I have been indicated on the most important Italian Newspaper “Corriere della Sera” in January 2003 for my exhibition “One” relative to my manipulations on Polaroid film. In Sept. 2012 some of my images have been published in the journal of marriage “in Wedding” by Condé Nast and lately I have done photographs for IIR Italian Copper Institute in cooperation with Leica Italy Srl for the article “materials of the everyday” published in Issue Dec13/Jan14 on the national magazine of Design “Ottagono” written both in Italian and English language.