Documentary Wedding Photography by Gabriele Lopez
Photo by: 
Andrea Taurisano
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Gabriele Lopez

Wedding Photographer Milan, Italy


Authentic Wedding Photography with a Fine Art Touch

Born in Milan in 1974, living with Alessia and two cats. Father. Fallen in love with photography as a young boy. Photography has been a lifelong diary from the Skateboard days to the most strong life experiences. Inspired by the works of many masters like Machiel Botman, Pinkhassov, Moriyama my photography is still searching for a meaningful photocopy of daily life and existence itself. As a Wedding photographer, I search for personal moments, those that I feel can become a faithful memory that deserves to represent those invisible shades that are valuable and have to be preserved...

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15 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

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Picture of wedding couple on their way to the Ustaria ca dal rat restaurant in Orta San Giulio NO, Italy

Married: 8 years ago

Alison and Paul

Dearest Gabriele, Thank you for the slideshow!! We have been travelling since Friday (from Mykonos to London, and then we just returned to Sydney) and I've finally had the chance to view the slideshow properly on my lap top. It's AMAZING!! I'm so happy. The whole day was like a dream and just whizzed by without really being able to take everything its so lovely that you captured all the important moments. You are a true artist through and through. We will be in touch again once the jetlag ceases! Alison & Pauly

Married: 9 years ago

Sandra and Wolfgang

WOW !!!! 2 times tears in my eyes !!! First of all reading your nice words and having a look at the first amazing pictures and then the slideshow ….. JUST STUNNING !!!! I told everybody that day that we have the world best photographer … but this is just unbelievable… I would have never dreamed of a result like this ! Thank you so much!!! I will show it to wolfgang tonight with a nice glass of champagne… :-) He will cry !!! ;-) I really hope that we can meet again and have a relaxed glass of wine together ! Big hug and thanks again, Sandra

Italy wedding photography of the couple together alone on Isola Comacina of Lake Como

Married: 10 years ago

Julie and Adrian

I'm glad I had a tissue box close to hand... I went straight to the video link, amazing a true work of art. I'm still crying as I write this!!! It's so nice for me to see aspects that I wouldn't have seen on the day. You've captured the mood, the humour, the love... Incredible and its my very own story!! Oh there I go crying again!! What truly wonderfully gifted people you are. Thank you sooo sooo much for being available to shoot the wedding !! I can't wait to share this link with my friends.. The DVD has arrived this week so I shall be viewing that later with a bicchiere di vino. Grazie mille Julie and Adrian xx

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