Florence Wedding Photographers

Photo by: Antonio Trigo

Wedding Photojournalists of Florence

For the best photography on your big day, you’ll want a wedding photojournalist to take artful, beautiful pictures reflecting real emotions and moments, not contrived situations or posed performances. You also need a professional who can make your family and guests feel at ease. Meet the accredited member photographers of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

9 Featured Photographers available for your wedding...

 Damiano Salvadori is a pro photographer, specializing in weddings

Yesterday... Whilst growing up I was fascinated by photography and occasionally I shot with my father Minolta and having fun to capture things around me, but that was an hobby. Then, when I met my wife Donatella, who is also...

Damiano Salvadori

Certaldo, IT
Starting Price:
2000 (EUR)
Tuscany and Florence are home to Donatella Barbera when she is photographing weddings

Even as I child I was fascinated by photography but it was not until 2011 that I decided to let it fully enter my life. That year, as well as making my passion a profession, I married Damiano, companion in life and in...

Donatella Barbera

Certaldo in Firenze, IT
Starting Price:
2800 (EUR)
 Italy, Tuscany and Florence are home to photographer of weddings Enrico Belli

I’m Enrico Belli and I am an Italian professional wedding photographer, but it has not always been the case. I remember that as all children I used to rummage among the things of adults , especially among those of my father and...

Enrico Belli

Barberino val d'Elsa in Firenze, IT
Starting Price:
1400 (EUR)
Tuscany and Florence is where you will find wedding photojournalist Emiliano Cribari

The more time goes by, the more easier it gets for me to recount and tell the tale of who I am. In the beginning of my professional history, I felt the need to make lists and tell every single thing about me: every production I...

Emiliano Cribari

Pontassieve, IT
Starting Price:
950 (EUR)
Michele Monasta lives in Florence, Italy. He works in Stage Photography - theatre and cinema, set

I have been a Photographer since I was ten years old... professional since 20 years ago. I am 43 years old, I am married and I have two children Arturo and Matilde. I live in Florence (Italy) and I work by my self as a...

Michele Monasta

Firenze in Firenze, IT
Starting Price:
1500 (EUR)
Edoardo Agresti has a photography style that is reportage in Italy, Tuscany and mostly Florence

Born in Florence, Edoardo inherited his father’s passion for travel and for photography so much so it became his profession. Edoardo’s travels began at the age of 9 (he has travelled on more than 130 expeditions all over the...

Edoardo Agresti

Studio Crea

Fiesole, IT
Starting Price:
1900 (EUR)
Alessandro  Avenali Masters of Italian Wedding Photography

***2016*** - Top 10 WPJA - Awarded Photographer of the Year by the industry awards “Masters of Italian Wedding Photography” - Awarded Category Winner (Details) in Nikon Awards, (among 49,000 competitors) - Awarded Best of...

Alessandro Avenali

Roma in Roma, IT
Starting Price:
3000 (EUR)
Joshua D'hondt is a self-taught professional photographer

Photography and people are Joshua’s two greatest passions. Utterly curious – a nice legacy she got from her grandmother – she loves to meet new people, observe them and capture what they are all about. She is both outgoing and...

Joshua Dhondt

Antwerpen in Antwerpen, BE
Starting Price:
2050 (EUR)
professor of photographic techniques and technologies - Andrea  Sampoli

Andrea Sampoli was born in Siena in the year 1977. He has been committing with wedding photography for several years now. After living important experiences in the Art world (he has indeed published for the magazines “Play Boy...

Andrea Sampoli

Siena in Siena, IT
Starting Price:
1700 (EUR)

Client Letters

David & Tanja

Photographed by Alessandro Avenali

You are an absolute rock star Alessandro!!!!! I'm simply overwhelmed!...