Villa Cora - Boboli Gardens, Florence, Italy Elopement Photo Story Award

Civil Destination Wedding Ceremony Pic of bride walking down the aisle at the indoor marriage venue

Civil Destination Wedding Ceremony Pic | The bride walking down the aisle at the civil marriage venue

The entrance of the bride. This is the first moment the groom sees his love in the wedding dress. There is soft music being played live by a harpist, which begins with the entry of the bride and continues throughout the ceremony.

This is a wonderful story of a Canadian couple that decided to have their wedding elopement in Florence as this is the bride's beloved city, where she studied and which is associated with her many beautiful experiences and friends. Just a part of her life.

The wedding venue was at Villa Cora, which is placed on a hill, quite near to the Florence old town center. This is a very old building, with a characteristic Tuscan design and wonderful interiors. From its roof, there is a beautiful view of the city.

The wedding ceremony was supposed to take place outside, in the adjacent garden. The weather forecast for this day was worrisome, however, as a big storm, with rain and weather change to come exactly at midday, right when the ceremony was to begin. And it really did come. Fortunately, there was a plan B prepared, and finally, the ceremony was moved to the Villa Cora interiors. As they say, every cloud has a silver lining - the Cora's interiors are so gorgeous, that I couldn't imagine better 'backdrops' for my shooting and were very conducive to the atmosphere of the ceremony. The beautiful eyes of the bride were showing openly her emotions when the groom was reading his love letter. The groom was moved so much when she was reading her letter. Then the wedding rings, first kiss, family and friends' best wishes, hugs and clapping hands. 

Villa Cora Wedding Photography from Tuscany of White rose petals scattered on floor at Italian venue

Villa Cora Wedding Photographer - Tuscany | White rose petals scattered on the floor at the Italian venue

White rose petals scattered on the floor and a beautiful scent of flowers wafting through the air. Everything is ready for the ceremony to begin.

Italian Wedding Photography at Villa Cora of groom and parents waiting at venue for bride

Italian Wedding Photographer at Villa Cora | The groom and his parents are waiting at the venue for the bride

The groom and his parents await the appearance of the bride.

Florence Destination Wedding Venue Image at Villa Cora of moment at indoor marriage vows

Florence, Villa Cora Destination Wedding Image | The moment of the indoor marriage vows

This is the moment of the marriage vows when the spouses look deep into each other's eyes as they utter the words of the oath.

Wedding Photography at Florence, IT of guests making their wishes with hugs for the bride

Wedding Photographer of Florence, IT | the guests make their wishes

The moment when the guests make their wishes. The bride hugs her father-in-law tightly, everyone is so happy, laughs and smiles, best energy and joy.

Photo from Florence, Italy at a Wedding of father amusing the participants outside venue

Photographer in Florence, Italy for Weddings | The father amused the participants of the photo very much

For the moment I was preparing my position for the group photo. In the moment that I was away the groom's father took my place. It was a funny situation when I was taking this shot.  The groom's father did not see me, which amused the participants of the photography very much.

Professional Wedding Portrait in Florence After ceremony of happy couple over Boboli Gardens

Professional Wedding photographer of Florence | After the ceremony, the happy young couple pose for portraits over Boboli Gardens

After the ceremony, the happy young couple, full of fun and laughter, pose for a portrait with the city of Florence near Boboli Gardens as their backdrop. The emotions of the main celebration had subsided a bit, which gave them this opportunity.