Photographer Angelina Bonin is documenting the moments and emotions at MA weddings
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Angelina Bonin


When I was young I spent most of my time at college. My mom would pack me up (along with all her art supplies) and tote me around to all her fine art classes. It was the only time I ever sat still. Watching an artist work was incredible. There is where I was introduced to light, composition and how the perception of the artist is where the vision lies.

My exposure to art set the wheels of creativity in motion and led me to become a photographer. Art in itself is a very broad term and is riddled with numerous perceptions. The simplest thing can have a new meaning in the right context. It really is just how you perceive it, the angles from which you view it and how, as an artist you can convey it. This is how I view weddings- each one is unique and should be approached and photographed in its own way.

That is where I begin with you- documenting the candid tender moments, real emotions. Its the unexpected seconds that tend to become the most stunning and exquisitely beautiful memories. When two people come together and promise to share all that they are with who they love- it is a truly amazing gift.

From our first meeting, I want my clients to feel relaxed and stress free. Kick up your feet, sip a little wine (or whiskey or beer or plain old water) and tell me your story. I observe my couples interacting and translate their passion and love frame by frame. In the end, your memories are preserved and works of art, ready to be gathered together in an album or hung on your walls.

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography