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Katie Kaizer

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Capturing Wedding Moments with Natural and Journalistic Style

Hello, I'm Katie! I was born and raised on the island of Nantucket, and for as long as I can remember I've been immersed in and inspired by the natural beauty of my home. I always had a camera in my hand when I was younger, chasing sunsets at the beach, out on my Dad's fishing boat and documenting my adventures with my friends in scrapbooks too numerous to count. I've had a passion for storytelling from an early age. A few years after college, I moved to Boston and enrolled in the New England School of Photography for their two-year professional program and studied photojournalism, wedding and portrait photography. After graduating I started my business on Nantucket. My goal and passion is to document the moments and experiences you’ll cherish forever. I am committed to capturing the human experience from the smallest elopement to the biggest wedding celebration, from everyday life to the family vacation celebrating 60 years of marriage for the grandparents. I also spend lots of time photographing stories and doing work for organizations that are near and dear to my heart; our local animal shelter and a recent project with an equine therapy center. I believe the best part of my job is that each wedding, project, portrait session or engagement is a new artistic endeavor with a story to be told. I live on Nantucket Island with my husband Evan, our daughter Millie and our rescue pup Ziggy. I would love to hear more about your upcoming wedding, event or story that needs to be told.

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11 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

31 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

2 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

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The WPJA proudly recognizes Katie Kaizer as a TOP International Wedding Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Wedding Photographers or, in some cases POY - Photographer of the Year.

6 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Katie Kaizer.

Massachusetts wedding photography at the Sconset Chapel

Married: 3 years ago

Alexandra and Dan Lentz

Dear Katie, Thank you so much for your incredible photos of our wedding that so perfectly capture the day and how happy we are. Wedding planning did not exactly go as we initially imagined and we are so grateful for your flexibility, understanding and guidance throughout the process. We feel so lucky that you were by our side that day. You put us both completely at ease and helped make it a truly magical day. 2020 has not been what anyone expected but our beautiful photos are certainly a bright spot for us. We cannot wait to see you on island next summer. We hope you and your family have an amazing and safe holiday season and a happy new year! Love, Alexandra + Dan

Madaket Beach, Nantucket wedding photography from a seaside, shore elopement

Married: 3 years ago

Heather and Mitch

Katie, We want to thank you for everything you did for us this past summer. Canceling our original wedding plans because of covid was difficult but we felt so lucky to get the chance to replan with you! Our photos were more than we could have dreamed of and they have brought us so much joy over the last several months. Thank you for the prints too! It's so nice enjoying them framed! Love, Heather, Mitch, and Kira

Wedding photography of the Ceremony at the Groom's home in Madaket on Nantucket Island

Married: 4 years ago

Rochelle and Ryan

Katie, First card for you! Many thanks for your professionalism. The formals are perfect...grasses made a great backdrop. Everyone loves the photo of Ry and Ro in the Madaket grasses and the release of the petals...even more special are the candids, me with my precious Chris and Nolan. "Scotty the body" dancing with everyone and the tender moments...the hugs, kisses and love. Thank you for memorializing these. Love, Carol Mother of the Groom

Wedding Ceremony Photography at the First Congregational Church - Nantucket, MA

Married: 4 years ago

Jenna and Brandon

Dear Katie, It is difficult to put down on paper how much gratitude we feel about the entire experience. This has been one truly amazing year! It is not lost son us how incredibly fortunate we are to have had our love story captured so beautifully by someone who started as a photographer and ended up being an amazing friend! Brandon and I are so grateful for your kindness, caring and genuine heart. You have truly made this entire experience magical. Your talent truly shines through the lens and each photo is more beautiful than the next. Your ability to capture feelings and emotions puts you above the rest. Everything from our weekend was perfect. Thank you for taking this journey with us. Thank you for your support and love. We are so honored to know you Katie. You're simply the best. Thank you for absolutely everything! All our love, Jenna and Brandon

Married: 4 years ago

Alice and Jacob

Katie, I can't thank you enough for the incredible work you did for our wedding. Not only did you take stunning photos that we will cherish forever, but you encouraged me to be authentic to my feelings and make my Dad a part of that day. You captured us, our pups, our families and our story with such authenticity and compassion. I am so grateful for the real moments you captured. We feel very lucky to have found you. I look forward to seeing you lots around the island. Best, Alicia and Jake

Madaket - Nantucket Island Wedding Ceremony - MA Photographer

Married: 4 years ago

Kaylan and Mike

Katie, No words can describe how talented you are. We love every picture and every moment you captured. I have gone through them with Michael over and over again and we still well with tears. Thank you from the bottom four hearts for everything and for our beautiful prints you gave us! We have wept joyfully recounting the most magical and important moment of our lives and every time I'm amazed. I will re-live the moments my entire life through your images. They are perfect. Thank you, Kaylan and Mike

Wedding Elopement Multiple Picture Galleries (4)

Katie Kaizer chronicles small weddings and elopements from beginning to end. In this sense, it is no different from any other wedding day. The emphasis is on documenting key moments, capturing spontaneous displays of emotion, and telling the real story behind the elopement day. Below are wedding elopement story awards for Katie Kaizer.