Boston City Hall, MA Elopement Photo Story Award

Intimate Boston City Hall wedding photo with close families in Massachusetts - bride and groom kissing

Elopement picture from a small ceremony at the City Hall

Pareesa and Jamie had a small Boston City Hall wedding with close families in Boston, Massachusetts. Here the bride and groom seal it with a kiss as their small group of guests applauds them.


Elopement picture before ceremony at the Boston City Hall in Boston

Before their elopement wedding at Boston City Hall, the bride and groom enjoy each other’s company at a cafe. They smile and laugh happily over cups of coffee at a small, cozy table.


Boston City Hall Elopement Detail of Bride's Shoes

In this detail photo of the bride walking through the brick streets in Boston, MA, a small, yellow leaf has become stuck to the bottom of her shoe.


Boston City Hall, Elopement picture in Massachusetts

The bride and groom walk arm-in-arm up the brick stairs to Boston City Hall in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. They walk happily together towards their small, elopement ceremony.


Boston City Hall Vow Exchange

The groom looks at the bride with love in his eyes as they stand together at the altar and exchange vows during the ceremony in Boston City Hall.


Boston City Hall in Boston, Massachusetts - Wedding elopement image of bride wiping a tear

The bride gets emotional during the ceremony and can’t help but dab a tear away from her eyes as the officiant stands with the bride and groom, reading aloud from her book.


Boston City Hall in Boston, Massachusetts - Image of the Bride and her mother after her Wedding elopement

The bride cannot contain her happiness and excitement as she hugs her mom after the ceremony. Her mother is happy too, unable to hide her brimming smile as they walk outside.


Boston City Hall in Boston, Massachusetts | Photo of the Bride and her father in the lobby

The father of the bride gets a good look at the bride’s wedding ring. He holds her hand in his as the two of them stand in the lobby of Boston City Hall in Boston, Massachusetts.


Boston City Hall in Boston - Photo of a bride and groom walking through the brick streets

The bride and groom look at each other, smiling as they walk through the brick streets of Boston, MA. Their expressions say it all—they are thrilled to finally be married.