Washington DC is where you will find Mari Harsan photographing weddings
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Mari Harsan

Washington DC Wedding Photographer

“Sought after in Washington DC. and abroad for their artistic, cinematic wedding photography, Mari Harsan and George Bucur capture the very essence of what’s beautiful and authentic about the couples and families they work with. Mixing fine-art techniques with photojournalism, their photographs speak a thousand words and their clients just can’t say enough good things about them.” Blair deLaubenfels – Co-Founder of Junebug Weddings

Mari has a flair for the dramatic, and her photography is clean, timeless and frequently rich with color. She’s been known to take friends and family members off guard with her warm personality and kind, caring attention, that often leaves them much more relaxed in front of the camera than they ever expected.

With years of experience working with couples in Washington D.C. and beyond, we want to offer you our talent, skill and support, so you can feel confident and relaxed as you focus on your wedding day, while we focus on bringing you an extraordinary collection of wedding imagery.

8 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

6 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits