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Heather Hughes Ostermaier

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Hi there, I'm Heather! And after 8 years as a newspaper staff photographer & editor, I moved into weddings & portraits full-time in 2008 and continue to run my business full-time. My husband Rob (a newspaper photographer for 20 years) is often a second shooter and photographs a few on his own each year. We have called Virginia home since 2002 and tend to spend most of our time near Richmond, Williamsburg, DC, and the Outer Banks. I only shoot about 20 weddings a year (and Rob does less) so I can provide flexibility and personal attention to every couple. My style is a mix of artistically captured moments, portraits, and candid portraits. True photojournalists at heart, we work unobtrusively so you can be free to enjoy the day instead of spending hours "smiling for the camera." Heather Hughes Ostermaier (formally Heather S. Hughes) has been published in USA Today, People, The Knot, and the "America 24/7" & "Virginia 24/7" books to name a few. She was also named Virginia's Small Newspaper Photographer of the Year and has won numerous awards for her lifestyle, sports, and wedding photography over the years. Both are graduates of Ohio University's prestigious Visual Communications program (where they met), taught at Truth with a Camera and were accepted to attend the Eddie Adams Workshop in consecutive years.

13 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

7 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

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Married: 7 years ago

Laura & Bryan

Hi Heather! Thank you!! We are so excited to see the pictures. Thanks you so much for being a part of our day and capturing all our special moments. We will treasure these forever. Feel free to share any photos you'd like. Thank you again so much! I hope that one day our paths might cross again. Until then, I wish you and your family all the best!

Married: 7 years ago

Elyssa & Austin

"OMG HEATHER THEY LOOK AMAZING!!! Thank you soo soo soo much!! Seriously, I am so happy!! Thanks so much again! We had the most amazing time and love the pics!"

Married: 7 years ago

Dallas & Justin

Our photos are stunning!! We love them, I can't stop looking at them!! Thank you X 1000000000

Married: 7 years ago

Sam & Mike

You are a goddess!! Anyone who gets married in VA we will be recommending you. Thank you so much for all that you've done. You're amazing.

Married: 13 years ago

Tasha & Herman

The photos are sooo wonderful! I would have emailed you back but I was busy looking @ them over and over and over. Herman didn't see them until this morning (he was sleeping so emailed them to his work account) and by 730 am had shown them to all of his co-workers. I can't even imagine a room full of male Marines huddled around a computer looking @ wedding pictures, LOL. I have to say the wedding photos are my new "claim to fame". You did a great job!!

Married: 13 years ago

Lee & Brett

I hope this email finds you well.... I know you are busy this time of summer. I first wanted to say how much I enjoyed working with you. Everyone commented on how on top of things you were and how inconspicuous you were... AND I appreciate your flexibility with everything (i.e., family members changing their minds and not showing up and wanting a certain picture (or not wanting a certain picture), etc.) All that being said, it was a true pleasure. I hope you got to at least enjoy some of the good food and get a kick out of my friends! I know there was a lot going on and that you took a lot of photos. Just wanted to let you know that everyone LOVES the pictures, especially Brett and I.

Married: 14 years ago

Jill & Mike

The slideshow is wonderful!! I'm feeling all sentimental and happy after just watching it. There were a lot of "aww's" and "that's a great one" as Mike and I watched it. It really was like reliving the day, and especially great to see those moments that we missed. Thank you so much, Heather, for being so wonderful the day of the wedding, and for your amazing photos. It really felt like you were our friend and guest, rather than our photographer. I hope you and Rob have been doing great, and will talk to you soon. Thanks for everything!!

Married: 14 years ago

Amanda & Jon

You did it! You definitely captured the day exactly as I remembered it. I can't thank you enough!! I would of wrote back sooner, but I've gone through the photos about 8 times now (all 702!) and watched the slide show about 15 times. ha!

Married: 14 years ago

Aidan and Jeff

Hey, Heather... thanks so much for everything! We are both ecstatic about the amazing pictures you took and truly blown away by all of them! We are just SO happy with your work and definitely want to make that clear. Thank you for all of your amazing advice and guidance, you were much, much more than a photographer to us and made us feel really confident that our wedding would flow smoothly. Your super positive, friendly, calm personality allowed us to feel relaxed and like we could be ourselves and we were amazed by how much fun we had posing for our wedding pictures! Thank you for capturing our special day!!

Married: 14 years ago

Lauren & Andy

The pictures---OH MY GOSH--THEY'RE AMAZING!!!!!!! I seriously couldn't tell you exactly how many times I've looked at them. They are really incredible, and I can't thank you enough!! I can't tell you how happy we are with the pictures and just how many compliments you keep getting as our families and friends look at them. The slideshow was also incredible and made everyone cry. Thank you again for capturing the day so perfectly!!!!