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Sarah Sta Ana

Santa Ana Photography | Washington Metro Area


Captured with Authenticity: A Photographer's Unique Style

As a documentary photographer, I wanted to tell stories that would make a difference. I wanted to create images that were raw, pure, and beautiful. Ones that would forever echo the story that they represented. I came to Washington, DC in order to continue developing my craft and to surround myself in the world of nonprofits where I felt my work would be best suited. I had plans to travel and document every corner of humanity; changing the world through the lens of my camera. Although I loved it, there were sacrifices to this lifestyle. And as I grew, so did my perspective. The appeal of globe-trotting and living out of a suitcase was fading. I fell in love, got married, and started a family. I no longer wanted to be everywhere; I wanted to be here. To be home. I had to reexamine who I was as a photographer and what I wanted. I started to witness the raw beauty that existed in my own life as well as in the lives of my friends and family. I started to bring what I had done on a large scale, down to a smaller and more intimate level. I knew my passion hadn't changed. I was still a story teller. I still wanted to change lives. I knew I could still make a difference; intimately, and one love story at a time. Whether it was through capturing authentic family moments or the moment when two families collide into one on a wedding day. Life and all it's perfect imperfections became my inspiration. And life is beautiful.

2 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

7 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

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Sarah Sta Ana chronicles small weddings and elopements from beginning to end. In this sense, it is no different from any other wedding day. The emphasis is on documenting key moments, capturing spontaneous displays of emotion, and telling the real story behind the elopement day. Below are wedding elopement story awards for Sarah Sta Ana.