LA wedding photographer Darren Hendry serves couples in CA via The Hendrys Photography.
Photo by: 
Sarah Hendry
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Darren Hendry

The Hendrys

Howdy, I'm Darren, one half of The Hendrys!

I am not a typical wedding photographer, that is for certain!

You could say my style is very non-traditional and pretty offbeat. My approach to shooting is simple; I’ll keep it mostly documentary (you can’t beat a good caught-off-guard expression), capture the action as it unfolds throughout the day, avoid cheesy clichés and let everyone have good old knees up without any interference from me.

I’m constantly pushing myself creatively and I am incredibly passionate about telling unique stories for each couple, so I aim to go into each wedding with a clear mind and eyes wide open.

If I could describe my work in four words they would be the following: Natural. Emotive. Creative. Honest.

I am also a sucker for some awesome light.

My journey into the world of wedding photography started back in 2011. Prior to that, I was shooting portraits, gigs and architectural stuff (I have a degree in Architecture) and was starting to get slightly bored, not to mention, my lack of creativity was failing me. I randomly put a wedding photography advert on Gumtree and secured my first booking after a few weeks! Since then I have never looked back and have been doing wedding photography full-time for almost 7 years. It sounds slightly clichéd but getting to travel the world and meet loads of new people along the way has been totally inspiring. I have also stepped out of my creative boundaries and change it up at every wedding I capture, which always helps in keeping things fresh. It’s been an awesome experience so far!

4 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

33 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

1 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists