Oregon Wedding Photographers

Oregon Wedding Photographers

Our Oregon photographers also provide documentary-style coverage in: Portland, Salem, Eugene, Gresham, Hillsboro, Beaverton, Bend, Medford, Corvallis

Oregon Wedding Photography, Engagement Photo Sessions + Elopements

Intimate Wedding Photography in Oregon - Capturing the Joy of Small Celebrations - Discover the best Oregon photographers specializing in intimate marriages. Couples are embracing the trend of smaller, more meaningful celebrations. Let our talented photographers capture the joy and intimacy of your wedding day.

By planning a simple Oregon elopement, couples are able to stay present in the moment and fully absorb the impact of their wedding day. Given the fact that many couples feel more natural and at ease in intimate settings, it's no surprise that some of the most breathtaking wedding images come from elopements.

The WPJA has an abundance of top-ranked, Oregon documentary wedding photographers available right now who understand that some weddings and elopements can’t wait. Find yours today!

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Oregon Photographers for Large or Small Weddings

Shooting an elopement or small Oregon wedding event is a wedding photojournalist’s dream: a fairly open schedule with lots of breathing space for creativity – it’s just the photographer, the couple, the officiant, and perhaps a few select companions.

United States WPJA members are ready to document any civil ceremony, quick, courthouse, or elopement wedding, even if it is a Monday-Thursday ceremony. Search for the “Can Shoot Weddings on Short Notice!” message on the listings below.

View Award-Winning Pictures from Oregon Wedding Venues

24 Oregon Wedding Photographers...

Maria Newman, an authentic documentary photographer, developed her love for wedding storytelling when a friend requested her to photograph their wedding during her studies.

2500 (USD)
Robert Knapp, Pacific Northwest weddings by Modern Art Photography Studio

Robert Knapp is a PNW wedding photographer, experienced in family portraiture and snowboard photography. With over 700 weddings captured, Robert is passionate about creating beautiful and unique photography for couples.

2200 (USD)
Portrait of Amber Depangher of Sightglass Photography Studio

Amber Depangher is an experienced wedding photographer with over 20 years of capturing weddings. She started her photography journey in high school and decided to make it her career after college, taking the risk of starting her own business. Amber is fortunate to work with...

500/hour (USD)
Color wedding photography by Iris Hu

Iris Hu is a talented wedding photojournalist who travels all over the USA, capturing authentic and emotional moments with a journalistic and lifestyle style. She is inspired by light and creates artistic images that tell a story.

3500 (USD)
JD Land Wedding Photographer

JD Land is a photographer specializing in storytelling and wedding photojournalism. He has been capturing real wedding moments since 2012 and also enjoys wildlife photography, searching for the perfect picture to tell a story.

JD Land

Phoenix in Arizona, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
4000 (USD)
Studio portrait of wedding photographer Tanushree Vaidya

Tanushree Vaidya is a talented wedding photojournalist and artistic portrait photographer. With a background in commerce, hair artistry, portrait photography, and graphic design, she brings a unique perspective to her work. Having experienced shooting across 14 countries,...

Tanushree Vaidya

Hayward in California, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
4000 (USD)
Weddings by Chris Shum, Life Photographer

Chris Shum is a destination wedding photographer who has been passionate about art and photography since his youth. With a camera given to him by his father at age 15, Chris has captured beautiful and joyful moments for couples and their families. Through his artistic...

Chris Shum

Sunnyvale in California, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
4500 (USD)
USA hiking, rock climbing, Adventure Wedding Photographer Traci Edwards

With a background in the arts and a wealth of experience in wedding logistics, Traci Edwards is a documentary wedding photographer renowned for her ability to capture genuine and candid moments, creating a true-to-life narrative for couples embarking on their marital...

Traci Edwards

Maple Falls in Washington, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
6900 (USD)
Wedding photography of real moments by Leah Moyers

Traveling wedding & elopement photographer Leah Moyers; Fine Arts background; capturing clients authentically; unobtrusive, candid & inclusive style; beautiful, unique work.

Leah Moyers

Sevierville in Tennessee, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
450/hour (USD)
Jerome Pollos Self Portrait, a wedding and elopement photographer of the WPJA

Jerome is a destination wedding photographer who has a background as a photojournalist in the Navy. With his journalistic style, he captures beautiful moments in an unobtrusive manner, offering an authentic experience for his clients.

Jerome Pollos

Coeur d'Alene in Idaho, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
2500 (USD)
Pro documentary-style wedding photography by Bradley Hanson

With a background in documentary technique, Bradley Hanson brings a unique storytelling perspective to his photography. Through his keen eye for detail and artistic vision, he captures the essence of each wedding he documents. His work has been featured in magazines and has...

Bradley Hanson

St. Paul in Minnesota, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
5000 (USD)

Logan Westom is a documentary wedding photographer based in Seattle. With a career in professional photography spanning over a decade, Westom has shot for newspapers, couples’ special days, and Taylor Swift concerts...

Logan Westom

Bremerton in Washington, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
4000 (USD)
Portrait of Loren Haar, Engagement, Elopement and Wedding Photographer

Loren Haar is a skilled and well-traveled wedding photojournalist, engagement portrait photographer, and artistic wedding portrait photographer. With a background in documenting significant life events and a passion for photography that flourished through learning manual...

Loren Haar

Ventura in California, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
2200 (USD)
Engagement, elopement and wedding photography by Samantha Moore of So Many Moments LLC

Samantha Moore is a wedding photojournalist who has a passion for capturing love stories. With years of experience shooting weddings all over the world, she considers it an honor to be chosen as a photographer. Samantha's goal is to create images that will become...

Samantha Moore

Sarasota in Florida, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
2950 (USD)

In his photography career, Ron Storer has adopted a journalistic style, capturing and preserving wedding moments. Prior to this, he earned a Gold Medal in the Pan-Am Games and a Silver Medal in the Olympic Trials as a member of the US Cycling Team.

Ron Storer

Auburn in Washington, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
2400 (USD)
Wedding and Elopement Photographer Jared Lindsay

Taking a documentary approach, Jared Lindsay, a wedding storyteller, captures the heartfelt moments of love in an authentic and unique way through his photography.

Jared Lindsay

Fort Worth in Texas, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
2100 (USD)
Studio portrait wedding photographer Mike Greener

Mike Greener is a talented photographer who takes a documentary approach to his work. With a background in photojournalism and a keen eye for storytelling, he captures the essence of weddings through his visual narratives. His unobtrusive style allows him to authentically...

Mike Greener

Helena in Montana, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
4500 (USD)
Lifestyle Portrait of Wedding and Elopement Photographer James Juarez

James Juarez is a Mexican-American wedding photojournalist with a degree in Art History from UCLA. He has 8 years of experience documenting punk bands and in the fashion industry. Based in the Western USA.

James Juarez

Los Angeles in California, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
2450 (USD)
Lifestyle portrait of Brittany Bender, a San Diego wedding photographer - Southern California WPJA

Brittany Bender is a San Diego-based wedding photographer known for her talent in capturing candid and emotional moments. With a passion for storytelling, Brittany aims to truthfully and artistically portray the unique experiences of each person she photographs.

Brittany Bender

San Diego in California, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
3000 (USD)
Black and White Headshot of elopement, engagement and wedding photographer David Braun

David Braun is an artistic wedding photographer with a background in portrait art. With an artistic approach and extensive freelance experience, he excels in capturing the natural and unforgettable moments of wedding ceremonies. His expertise lies in anticipating and...

David Braun

South Lake Tahoe in California, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
1250 (USD)

Seattle-based Marla Manes, skilled in wedding photojournalism and portraiture, integrates values and sustainability. Creates comfort for exceptional photos.

Marla Manes

Seattle in Washington, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
5500 (USD)
Destination weddings and elopement photography by Dennis Mock

Dennis Mock, a skilled documentary wedding photographer, combines his expertise in sports and architectural photography to deliver stunning compositions. He has received recognition and awards from professional photography associations, as well as prestigious honors from...

Dennis Mock

San Diego in California, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
450/hour (USD)
Documentary wedding photography by Rebecca Aranda

Rebecca Aranda, a West Coast North America wedding photojournalist, merges storytelling skills from her background in theater, film, and publishing to capture the joy of each moment through her decades of experience.

Rebecca Aranda

Los Angeles in California, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
5000 (USD)
PNW Wedding and Elopement Photography by Brianna Parks

Brianna Parks, an elopement photographer based in the Pacific Northwest, has a knack for capturing unique and personalized elopement experiences. Her love for secret places and breathtaking landscapes led her to specialize in documenting elopements in the stunning...

Brianna Parks

Redding in California, US *Now booking Oregon weddings.
6500 (USD)

Map of Wedding Photojournalists Serving Oregon Couples

Oregon Wedding Elopement Photography - WedElope

View WedElope Image Galleries by Oregon Wedding Photographers from Small Events and Intimate Elopements.

Oregon Wedding, Elopement and Engagement Images by WPJA Photographers

Below are some Oregon wedding photography samples from the world’s best wedding photographers of the WPJA. Some of these Oregon marriage pictures might be artistic portraits, details, or documentary-style images that have come from getting ready sessions, wedding ceremonies, reception venues, or Oregon engagement portrait sessions with couples.

The couple stood on a cliff beside their dog, taking in the breathtaking view of the ocean at Oswald West State Park
The engaged couple are walking along the beach of Oswald West State Park, looking into the water to see a reflected image of themselves
The couple enjoys a loving embrace while laughing in the beautiful outdoor scenery of Oswald West State Park
In their wedding portrait captured in Portland, Oregon, the groom is comfortably lounging on a low couch while the radiant bride stands gracefully by his side, creating a beautiful image
The engaged couple cozied up on their backyard hammock at their new home in Portland, Oregon for their save-the-date wedding announcement photo
The engaged couple posed for their save-the-date wedding announcement photo while laughing at the impromptu song he sang about her in Portland, Oregon
The engaged couple can be seen close up, enjoying each other's company in the grass of Sauvie Island, OR for their pre wedding portrait
Hoyt Arboretum, Portland, Oregon couple laughs together - you can see the joy on their faces during a pre-wed picture session
a Couple laughing on beach wrapped in a blanket during an engagement portrait shoot in Cape Kiwanda, Oregon
Couple share their loving engagement photo session with the background of Portland Oregon
Couple in love with the beautiful sunset in Portland Oregon - Engagement Photo Session at Dusk
A silhouette of a couple with background of Portland Oregon | engagement photography

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find a photographer for a short-notice, small Oregon wedding?
A: There are many WPJA photographers who are able to help you out at a moment's notice. We understand that sometimes love happens and there's simply no time to lose. We can ensure that you can get married as quickly as possible — and have incredible photographs to remember your Oregon wedding day by.
Q: How can couples find Oregon photographers for pre-wedding engagement portraits?
A: The WPJA issues Diamond Awards for Oregon wedding photographers to showcase their best engagement photography work. These awards are given to photographers who prove that they have an ability to be creative, artistic, and intuitive while working on-location with couples who are newly engaged.
Q: How can couples find top-ranked Oregon wedding photographers?
A: The WPJA created the original wedding photographer ranking systems. Our innovative system is based on contest winning points, meaning that the Oregon photographers you see at the top of your search results page have recently won the most — and the most recent — contest awards. Our contests judge photographers based on their creativity, style, composure, and ability to capture the heart of any couple's story on their wedding day.
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Couple kisses during first look portion of wedding day in Palm Springs, CA

Allie & Evan

Photo by James Juarez

Just want to say a big thank you. The photos are extraordinary and we are soooo happy with them. You captured the moments we remember so vividly in our minds. And all the little details. That's what we said from day 1 was how important those little details are, they shine in your photos! I really couldn't imagine anyone else shooting our day. They are so special.

Edgewood at Tahoe wedding ceremony photography


Photo by David Braun

Hi David, You were so great to work with and the pictures are really stunning. We will leave you a review ASAP, hoping to get to it this weekend! Thank you for everything!

Tim + Kristin

Photo by Jared Lindsay

“Holy cow Jared! I want to cry I love them so much! Our trust was very well founded. Thank you. You captured our moments and more. I’m so happy”. – Kristin.