Wedding and Elopement Photographer Jared Lindsay
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Dustin Baker
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Jared Lindsay

Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas Wedding Photographer


Photographer Captures Authentic Moments, Letting Clients Shine

Born and raised in Texas but addicted to travel and shooting small-ish, untraditional weddings all over. Husband. Father. Coffee snob. And I dig all things Seinfield related. I started working as a freelance photographer in 2002 for 2 local newspapers and 1 local magazine in my hometown. That time working for those publications helped me learn how to watch and wait for moments to unfold. I approach each wedding as its own unique and original event. No preconceived plans. No cookie-cutter ideas for your wedding day. Just honest moments being photographed undisturbed. My 3 children give me lots of practice photographing life as it unfolds before me in an unpredictable fashion. I believe it is in those moments that true beauty is found. That's why I don't believe that I need to try and control your wedding day, but rather let the day unfold without interruption. It's the honest moments you are going to reflect on with true emotion, not the staged and posed. Be real, because life is too short not to be.

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The Century Hall black and white wedding picture of the bride and groom

Married: 2 years ago

Caleb and Bayley

JARED, these are amazing, I’ve been laughing and crying as I scroll through them all. You killed it!!! -Bayley

Black and white image of groom kissing the head of his husband

Married: 5 years ago

Eliot and Riley

Jared and Lauren, These photos are stunning. We are so impressed by how thoroughly you captured the mood, the passion, the excitement and the many details of Eliot and Riley's big day. - Nancy (mother of groom)

Photo of couple kissing next to wedding officiant during their ceremony

Married: 6 years ago

Clint and Bethany

Jared, the images are incredible. You captured the best moments of the day. I get to relive all the parts I missed because of you. Thank you so much!. Is it normal to look at the pics non-stop for hours? Because that will be happening. - Bethany

Married: 6 years ago

Brandon + Maria

"WoW! Y'all are incredible! The moments you caught are priceless. Thank you doesn't say enough of how much we appreciate everything you and Lauren did for us. Brother again, amazing job." - Brandon

Married: 8 years ago

Tim + Kristin

“Holy cow Jared! I want to cry I love them so much! Our trust was very well founded. Thank you. You captured our moments and more. I’m so happy”. – Kristin.