Jared Lindsay covers Fort Worth Texas with his wedding photography skills
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Jared Lindsay


My approach is simple: be in the moment, support the couple, and help. One way we do that is by documenting your wedding in a very easygoing, and very unobtrusive way.
I began my career in 2002 working as a freelance photographer for 2 local news papers and 1 local magazine in my hometown. That start helped me learn how to watch and wait for moments to unfold. I approach each wedding as its own unique and original event. No preconceived plans. No cookie-cutter ideas for your wedding day. Just honest, simple moments being photographed.
My 3 children give me lots of practice for recording life in all of it's raw honesty and chaos. I believe it is in those moments that true beauty is found. That's why I don't believe that I need to try and control your wedding day; but photograph it in all its raw beauty.

My wife, Lauren, shoots with me almost 100% of the time. Along with being parents of 3 children, Lauren and I share a love of wedding photojournalism and a passion to record those moments that seem to pass by much too fast.

3 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Jared Lindsay.

Married: 1 year ago

Brandon + Maria

"WoW! Y'all are incredible! The moments you caught are priceless. Thank you doesn't say enough of how much we appreciate everything you and Lauren did for us. Brother again, amazing job." - Brandon

Robbie + Nicole

Married: 2 years ago

Robbie + Nicole

“Thank you so much!! The photos are perfect. The perfect photographer for the perfect wedding! Exactly what we wanted. Thank you Jared for every smile, every hug and every tear you captured! Thank you for the beautiful memories!” – Nicole “Wow man, no one could have done it better”. -Robbie

Married: 3 years ago

Tim + Kristin

“Holy cow Jared! I want to cry I love them so much! Our trust was very well founded. Thank you. You captured our moments and more. I’m so happy”. – Kristin.