Daniel Pelcat photographs weddings all over PACA and Bouches-du-Rhone
1800+ (EUR)

Daniel Pelcat


It was at the wedding of a family member that I was asked for the first time as a photographer. This experience was so rich in emotions I chose to make my profession. Marriage is a special day unforgettable, it is above all a day of love and sharing with family, friends, relatives. I want to live and share moments of happiness with you and revive through my images. With generosity and passion, I shall return what you give me during the day with a look, a smile, an attitude. Attentive and discreet, will be a witness to these fragile and magical moments that weave this day. With careful attention and a shared complicity, I capterai the most intense moments, wildest, funniest, too, and even more secrets sometimes to tell your story. Because my photos are primarily your story, the story of your love. As author photographer, I try above all to bring a special touch to my images to go beyond traditional stereotypes of the wedding photo. The bashful look, full of tenderness and emotion that I ask your union, drives me to work in a very personal way to showcase the essence of this day. Every wedding is unique, and as a wedding photographer, I would bring you originality and authenticity in my pictures, so that they become and remain, a reflection of your love.

My wedding photo's approach is one of photojournalism. I try to capture every moment of emotion or intensity. Humor, tenderness and poetry are the essential elements of this day which will give a special resonance to my images. It is a personal and sensitive look what I propose, a look and a modern and elegant style. I like to meet the bride and groom before the day of the event to get acquainted and discuss their desires, their expectations. From that moment, the complicity is created. This preparation is important for me to anticipate the completion and already start my creative approach to suit your personality.
I usually work alone but on some occasions and to meet the demand, I may be accompanied by an assistant. I travel in the Provence region Cote d'Azur, in France and abroad.
Mon approche de la photo de mariage est celle du photojournalisme. Je cherche à capter chaque instant d’émotion ou d’intensité. Humour, tendresse et poésie sont les éléments essentiels de cette journée qui vont donner une résonnance spécifique à mes images. C’est un regard personnel et sensible que je vous propose, un regard et un style moderne et élégant.
J’aime rencontrer les futurs mariés avant le jour de l’événement pour faire connaissance et échanger sur leurs envies, leurs attentes. Dès cet instant, la complicité se crée. Cette préparation est importante pour moi pour anticiper la réalisation et déjà, lancer ma démarche créative en fonction de votre personnalité.
Je travaille en général seul mais à certaines occasions et pour répondre à la demande, je peux être accompagné d’un assistant. Je me déplace dans la région PACA, en France et à l’étranger.

3 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography