Lyon Wedding Photographer Sylvain Bouzat of Italy
2800+ (EUR)

Sylvain Bouzat

Wedding Reportages

I started shooting weddings in 2010, it was the beginning of my new documentary vision and wedding's reportages. It was for me as a revelation!
Indeed, we can shoot weddings and document what's really happening during the whole day from the preparation to the dance floor.

I love traveling and discovering different places. I shoot all around the world for my personal work with a medium format film camera (Bhutan, Oman, Nepal, Guatemala, Morocco, Myanmar, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, India, Indonesia and many other countries in Europe).
Creating, discovering and meeting new people is very important to me.

My approach is humanistic and passionate, that's why wedding documentary makes sense for me.

34 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

16 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

7 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

1 TOP Wedding Photographer Titles

The WPJA proudly recognizes Sylvain Bouzat as a TOP International Wedding Photographer. Members holding the most contest points at the end of each year are ranked as TOP Wedding Photographers or, in some cases POY - Photographer of the Year.