PACA Wedding Photographers

PACA Wedding Photographers

Our PACA photographers also provide documentary-style coverage in: Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Hautes-Alpes, Vaucluse, Luberon, Manosque

PACA Wedding Photography, Engagement Photo Sessions + Elopements

Intimate Wedding Photography in PACA - Capturing the Joy of Small Celebrations - Discover the best PACA photographers specializing in intimate marriages. Couples are embracing the trend of smaller, more meaningful celebrations. Let our talented photographers capture the joy and intimacy of your wedding day.

By planning a simple PACA elopement, couples are able to stay present in the moment and fully absorb the impact of their wedding day. Given the fact that many couples feel more natural and at ease in intimate settings, it's no surprise that some of the most breathtaking wedding images come from elopements.

The WPJA has an abundance of top-ranked, PACA documentary wedding photographers available right now who understand that some weddings and elopements can’t wait. Find yours today!

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PACA Photographers for Large or Small Weddings

Shooting an elopement or small PACA wedding event is a wedding photojournalist’s dream: a fairly open schedule with lots of breathing space for creativity – it’s just the photographer, the couple, the officiant, and perhaps a few select companions.

France WPJA members are ready to document any justice of the peace, courthouse, secret, or elopement wedding, even if it is a Monday-Thursday ceremony. Search for the “Can Shoot Weddings on Short Notice!” message on the listings below.

View Award-Winning Pictures from PACA Wedding Venues

32 PACA Wedding Photographers...

Portrait of Ophelie Koinonia, a Marseille wedding photographer from Bouches-du-Rhone, PACA, France

Ophelie Koinonia is a skilled wedding photographer from Aix-en-Provence with a background in international relations. She specializes in natural light photography, building strong relationships with her subjects and creating a comfortable atmosphere during shoots. Ophelie...

1800 (EUR)
Var wedding photography by Marion Deletraz of PACA France

Taking on the role of a wedding photojournalist, Marion Deletraz expertly blends her background in image reporting, speech therapy, and animal mediation to create timeless memories.

Marion Deletraz

Cuers in Var (83) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
1300 (EUR)
Alpes-Maritimes wedding photography by Myriam Ohayon of the PACA, France WPJA

With a background in cinema and over 10 years of experience in media, Myriam Ohayon is a talented documentary wedding photographer. Specializing in capturing real moments, she skillfully documents the essence of weddings and families in France since 2019.

Myriam Ohayon

Tourrettes in Var (83) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
1300 (EUR)
Self portrait of Var marriage photographer Cynthia Arena, of the PACA WPJA

With a lifelong passion for capturing the beauty of nature through her lens, Cynthia Arena, a skilled wedding photojournalist from Var, expertly documents the intimate moments that make each wedding unique.

Cynthia Arena

Barjols in Var (83) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
1980 (EUR)
French Wedding Photographer, Claire Wise

Wedding photographer Claire Wise, from Nice, France, studied at “LCC- University of the Art London” to refine her skills. Inspired by her family's artistic roots and living in a diverse environment in Brazil with her husband, her work reflects a blend of cultures.

Claire Wise

Nice in Alpes-Maritimes (06) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
1400 (EUR)
Vaucluse wedding reportage photography by Frederic Sicard of PACA France

Passionate photographer since 2014, born in Avignon, Vaucluse. Specializing in portraits and capturing life's moments. 15 years of IT experience before making photography my sole profession for over 7 years. Ongoing education in new techniques. Married since 2010,...

1600 (EUR)
Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes wedding photography by Coralie Garavel of the France WPJA

Coralie Garavel, a wedding photographer with a documentary-style, fell in love with photography while capturing moments at a friend's wedding, and has since photographed around 80 weddings in France and Europe since 2015.

Coralie Garavel

Charentay in Rhone (69) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
2400 (EUR)
Poitiers wedding photography by Corentin Azamoun of the Vienne, Nouvelle-Aquitaine, France WPJA

Corentin Azamoun is a passionate documentary wedding photographer based in France. With a love for creativity, travel, and capturing emotions through photography, he is dedicated to creating stunning wedding memories.

Corentin Azamoun

Poitiers in Vienne (86) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
1600 (EUR)
France wedding photography by Angelique Blaise

Based in France, Angelique Blaise is a wedding photographer specializing in capturing love stories. Raised in the beautiful Ardèche region, Angelique draws inspiration from its breathtaking landscapes. With a background in engineering, she discovered her passion for...

1300 (EUR)
Portrait of wedding and elopement photographer Alessandro Vargiu

With a documentary approach to storytelling, Alessandro Vargiu showcases his expertise as a professional wedding photographer based in Turin, Italy. His visually stunning work has garnered attention and acclaim and has been featured in numerous websites, magazines, and...

Alessandro Vargiu

in Torino, IT *Now booking PACA weddings.
2000 (EUR)
France wedding and elopement photography by Charly Fromentin

Charly Fromentin is a France wedding photojournalist who has a passion for capturing the genuine emotions and intimate moments of couples on their special day. With his unique lifestyle approach, he has been photographing weddings for many years.

Charly Fromentin

Labossse in Oise (60) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
1500 (EUR)
Samantha Pastoor wedding photography

Samantha Pastoor is a passionate wedding photographer, having developed an interest in the field at a young age. Fascinated by her father's photos, she borrowed his camera and spent the next several years learning to develop her own negatives in the lab.

2000 (EUR)
Engagement Portraits by top Wedding and Elopement Photographer Sylvain Bouzat

Sylvain Bouzat is a well-traveled wedding photographer with a knack for capturing real moments. Since 2010, he has been using his artistic skills to create documentary wedding photos and reportages. Sylvain specializes in elopements and engagement portraits, bringing a...

Sylvain Bouzat

Lyon, FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
4200 (EUR)
Engagements + wedding and elopement photography by Jeremie Sangare

Jeremie Sangare is a talented documentary wedding photographer based in France, who is dedicated to capturing the authentic and real moments of a wedding, showcasing the true essence of the day.

3000 (EUR)
Lifestyle portrait of Grenoble, Isere wedding photographer Florian Fauvarque

Grenoble wedding photographer Florian Fauvarque has been a photographer since childhood, looking for ways to capture family memories and preserve his scouting trips. Florian chose to specialize in reportage photography and was further affirmed in this career decision when...

Florian Fauvarque

Grenoble in Isere(38) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
990 (EUR)
Tours Wedding Photographer Hugo Desessard of the Indre-et-Loire, Centre-Val de Loire, France WPJA

Hugo Desessard is a documentary wedding photographer with a talent for capturing the essence of each couple's big day. Coming from a family of photographers, his passion for creating images turned into a profession.

1450 (EUR)
Isabelle Bazin Wedding and Elopement Photographer - isasouri photo

Isabelle Bazin, an internationally renowned wedding photographer with 25 years of experience, brings her creative vision and journalistic style to capture beautiful moments.

250/hour (EUR)
Lyon Wedding Photography by Elise Julliard of Rhone, Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes, France

Elise Julliard, an accomplished documentary wedding photographer hailing from France, has an insatiable curiosity for nature and discovery. With 8 years of experience, she skillfully documents the genuine connections between individuals and the captivating interplay of...

Elise Julliard

Anse in Rhone (69) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
2200 (EUR)
Lifestyle portrait of French wedding photographer Elodie Micciche

Elodie Micciche, a wedding photographer in Grenoble, France, fluent in English and Spanish with a Master's in Language Sciences, specializes in vibrant weddings. Starting with a CAP photographer diploma, Elodie's perfectionist approach captures authentic...

Elodie Micciche

Paladru in Isere(38) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
1600 (EUR)
France wedding photography in a documentary style by Florian Maguin

Florian Maguin is an experienced France-based wedding photographer who has been in business since 2013. In that time, he has captured over 100 weddings, giving each couple special, custom-crafted photos that are both documentary style and creatively styled.

Florian Maguin

Chavanoz in Isere(38) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
2000 (EUR)
Black and white studio portrait of France wedding photographer Guillaume Planat

Guillaume Planat, a wedding photographer from Aveyron, now based in Montpellier, Occitanie, trained in a Montreal photographic studio. He is skilled in freezing moments during weddings and studio sessions.

Guillaume Planat

Lattes in Herault (34) , FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
1890 (EUR)
France engagements + wedding photography by Jerome Villard

Jerome Villard is a France-based wedding photographer with a passion for capturing real moments in couples and families. With a focus on wedding reporting, Jerome also offers couple, pregnancy, newborn, and family sessions, as well as sessions with dogs.

Jerome Villard

Gras, FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
1500 (EUR)
France wedding photography by Patrick Moindjie of Paris
1400 (EUR)
BW wedding photography, elopement coverage and engagement portraits by Castille Alma

In a journalistic style, Castille Alma, a visual storyteller, captures the moments of weddings, elopements, and family gatherings, showcasing her passion for photography and communication.

Castille Alma

Lyon, FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
2300 (EUR)
Tim Fox - Wedding Photographer

Tim Fox is an experienced wedding photojournalist who expertly captures the beautiful and spontaneous moments of the wedding day. With a passion for storytelling through visual imagery, Tim's documentary approach ensures that each photo is honest and meaningful.

Tim Fox

Vertou, FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
2000 (EUR)
Occitanie wedding photography by Julie Verdier of the France WPJA

Hailing from France, Julie is an expert wedding photojournalist with a keen eye for capturing authentic and intimate moments, providing her clients with cherished memories for generations to come.

2200 (EUR)
Bucharest wedding and elopement photography by Petrica Tanase - Romania

With 14 years of experience as a photojournalist for national newspapers and agencies, Petrica Tanase brings a documentary style to wedding photography, capturing the adventure alongside his partner.

Petrica Tanase

Bucharest, RO *Now booking PACA weddings.
1800 (EUR)
Cristina Tanase is a Wedding and Engagement Photographer

Cristina Tanase, a wedding photographer, licensed in journalism and philosophy, began her photography career as a studio photographer in 1999. Embracing a documentary approach to storytelling, she specializes in capturing genuine emotions and depicting real people through...

Cristina Tanase

Bucharest in București, RO *Now booking PACA weddings.
1600 (EUR)
M&J Photographers - wedding elopement photography by Jean-Luc Legros

Jean Luc Legros is a Europe-based wedding photographer with a background in observing and photographing people. He fell in love with creative photojournalism in 2016 and has since worked and progressed to an international level.

1470 (EUR)
Engagement, wedding photography by Coralie Castillo

Coralie Castillo is a wedding photographer based in France with more than 10 years of experience. She has served nearly 200 wedding reports, ranging from intimate to grandiose. Coralie endeavors to capture the best shots of the wedding day for her clients.

Coralie Castillo

Vernaison, FR *Now booking PACA weddings.
2000 (EUR)
Italy Wedding and Elopement Photography

Andrea Bagnasco is an Italian wedding photographer with a keen eye and passion for capturing lasting memories. He first developed his interest in photography in the mid-80's when he purchased his first camera, and has since captured countless meaningful moments of joy...

Andrea Bagnasco

Varazze in Savona, IT *Now booking PACA weddings.
1800 (EUR)
Lifestyle Portrait of Camille Ravel, a French Wedding Photographer

Camille Ravel, based in Ardeche, France, is a wedding photographer with personal development coaching experience. A mother of two, she brings a unique perspective and sensitivity to emotional moments, capturing the beauty and love between couples on their special day.

3000 (EUR)

Map of Wedding Photojournalists Serving PACA Couples

PACA Wedding Elopement Photography - WedElope

View WedElope Image Galleries by PACA Wedding Photographers from Small Events and Intimate Elopements.

PACA Wedding, Elopement and Engagement Images by WPJA Photographers

Below are some PACA wedding photography samples from the world’s best wedding photographers of the WPJA. Some of these PACA marriage pictures might be artistic portraits, details, or documentary-style images that have come from getting ready sessions, wedding ceremonies, reception venues, or PACA engagement portrait sessions with couples.

Brother's twin sisters gleefully stand in front at the Church of La Tour d'Aigues, France, as they join in the celebration of their brother's wedding.
Bride embraces godchild at Church of la Tour d'Aigues - a charming stone church with graceful arches.
Image from a French countryside wedding at the magnificent Château de Vaucouleurs. The groomsmen are caught in a playful moment, showcasing the culinary delights of the region as they bring the cheese and pretend to bite the cheese.
Stunning evening view of château de Vaucouleurs in France, set as the backdrop for a romantic wedding celebration. Beautifully captured by a skilled photographer.
Brides happily exit Hyères City Hall as they are warmly welcomed by their loved ones in the picturesque town of Hyères, located in the stunning region of PACA in France.
Grandmother and bride embrace in front of city hall in Hyères, France. Minimalistic framing highlights the emotional connection between the two.
Bride and groom kissing on the "Prom" in Nice, France. A lone palm tree stands as a witness to their romantic exchange on the famous Promenade des Anglais.
 This stunning wedding photograph captures the romantic newlywed couple embracing at the beautiful Domaine de Franco, illuminated by the photographer's clever use of backlight and the soft glow of the tree canopy.
At Domaine du Petit Chambard in Villeneuve, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France, the bride prepares for her big day with a makeup session by the window showing the beauty and serenity of a French wedding setting.
At the reception held at Domaine du Petit Chambard in France, a heartfelt speech by a close friend left everyone emotionally touched. The bride was lovingly embraced, leaving lasting memories on this special day.
At the groom's home in St Laurent du Var, the anticipation builds as he stands on the porch, surrounded by friends and clasping celebratory drinks, cheering in excitement before the ceremony.
Together, on the breathtaking cliff at Mont Coudon in Var, PACA, France, the couple embraces, kisses, and is surrounded by lush foliage - a picturesque scene capturing their love before their wedding.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where can I find a photographer for a short-notice, small PACA wedding?
A: There are many WPJA photographers who are able to help you out at a moment's notice. We understand that sometimes love happens and there's simply no time to lose. We can ensure that you can get married as quickly as possible — and have incredible photographs to remember your PACA wedding day by.
Q: How can couples find top-ranked PACA wedding photographers?
A: The WPJA created the original wedding photographer ranking systems. Our innovative system is based on contest winning points, meaning that the PACA photographers you see at the top of your search results page have recently won the most — and the most recent — contest awards. Our contests judge photographers based on their creativity, style, composure, and ability to capture the heart of any couple's story on their wedding day.
Q: Can a wedding photojournalist create artistic portraits on my PACA wedding day?
A: While wedding photojournalists strive to capture candid moments on the wedding day, our photographers also are skilled artists who can compose powerful portraits. If you have a specific vision of what types of images you want from your wedding day, look at the top-ranked PACA wedding photographers who have earned Artistic Guild awards for portrait and detail images.
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