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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, Hautes-Alpes, Vaucluse

Pour un photojournalisme de mariage extraordinaire lors de votre grand jour à PACA, vous attendez d'un photographe de mariage qu’il prenne des images documentaires reflétant vos vraies émotions et moments, et non des situations artificielles ou des performances posées. Vous avez également besoin d'un professionnel qui peut faire en sorte que votre famille et vos invités se sentent à l'aise. Rencontrez les photographes accrédités membres de la Wedding Photojournalist Association de PACA.

12 Documentary Wedding Photographers available for your wedding...

Karol Robache of France approche photographique privilégie naturel.

Photographe autodidacte, vivant dans le sud de la France, dans un village du Luberon, près de Aix-en-Provence et Marseille, en région Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur (PACA). Mon approche photographique privilégie le côté naturel. J’aborde le mariage sous...

Starting Price:
1700 (EUR)
Daniel Pelcat photographs weddings all over PACA and Bouches-du-Rhone

It was at the wedding of a family member that I was asked for the first time as a photographer. This experience was so rich in emotions I chose to make my profession. Marriage is a special day unforgettable, it is above all a day of love and sharing with...

Starting Price:
1800 (EUR)
Cédric Moulard is a France wedding photographer for PACA

Je suis attiré depuis toujours par l'image, qu'elle soit posée sur papier ou diffusée sur un écran. J'ai peut-être commencé la photo lorsque ma mère m'a offert un appareil Kodak quand j'avais moins de 10 ans. Ou alors lorsque mon...

Starting Price:
2450 (EUR)
PACA and Alpes-Maritimes weddings are favored by Nice photographer Julie Biancardini

I'm a wedding photographer from the French Riviera and I was born in this lovely city of Paris. My experience in photography has begun with portraits for musicians and writers in Paris, I worked for the Museum of Eroticism of Paris, and for an...

Starting Price:
1000 (EUR)
Christophe Viseux likes multicultural destination weddings to photograph in France.

As a well-traveled events photographer, I have a special interest in multicultural and destination weddings. My work has taken me around the world to cover celebrations in the Middle East, Africa, and South Asia as well as South of France. My promise, as...

Starting Price:
4500 (CAD)
Cristina Tanase is a wedding photographer from Romania and Bucharest.

I'm a wedding photographer, moment junkie and friendly person. i'm addicted to real smiles, happy tears and all the moments that makes a wedding day such a wonderful carousel. Wedding photography it's not my job, it's my choice, my...

Starting Price:
1600 (EUR)
Annie Gozard is a wedding photographer in Paris, France -  Île-de-France

I find my inspiration in both social documentary and fashion shoots. As a wedding photographer, my goal is to capture all decisive moments of the day (laughter and tears, hugs and glances, joy and fun) in a non-intrusive way. And I also love to make...

Starting Price:
2500 (EUR)
Laure Boyer is a wedding photographer, she lives and shoots weddings south of France and Paris.

Laure Boyer was born near Geneva in 1974. Freelance photographer, she lives and works between south of France and Paris. She's member of the Collectif X23, a group of photographers working independently and together, since 2014...

Starting Price:
950 (EUR)
Louise Querin photographs France multicultural weddings

My name is Louise. I am 30. I was born in Cameroon but I live since my childhood in France, near Paris. After graduating, I began my professional life as a jurist in a great and big company. But after several years, I kept feeling like I were missing...

Starting Price:
1890 (EUR)
Balearic Islands based wedding photographer - Aimee Helen Haak

I was a country girl who grew up surrounded by the green and tall nature of the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Longing to know the greater world and what it meant to live a 'city life' I began a modeling career at the age of 17 that took me...

Starting Price:
2000 (EUR)
Dominique Cabrelli is a wedding photographer from Paris, France.

Wedding photographer for 20 years and 2 year consultant in Japan to teach wedding photojournalistic style to local photographers, my pictures are often published in international press magazines. My two studio are based in Paris and in Provence...

Starting Price:
2900 (EUR)
France wedding photographer, Fred Bertrand - for Île-de-France and Paris /

First and foremost, I am a free wedding photographer who strives to keep it day-to-day. Free in the facts, gestures, thinking, fashions and by extension wedding photography. I like to appreciate a situation without prejudice and to bring the most...

Starting Price:
1800 (EUR)

Wedding Photojournalists from PACA

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1900 Euro

Client Letters

Kimberly et Karim

Photographed by Karol Robache

Chère Karol, Mille mercis!! Ces photos sont absolument splendides!!! On est si heureux! Nous tenions à te remercier Karim et moi...

Emilie et Morgan

Photographed by Karol Robache

Bonjour Karol, Les photos sont superbes ! Merci de tout cœur pour ta sensibilité qui se ressent vraiment dans chacune de tes...

Mallory et Fred

Photographed by Laure Boyer

Les photos sont stupéfiantes ! Quelle maîtrise. Bravo et merci de tout cœur !!! Fred et Mallory...