Bangalore Wedding Photographer Vijay Anand | Karnataka, India
1500+ (USD)

Vijay Anand

Baamboo Studios

My journey started as a travel photographer framing the moments happening from sunrise to sundown. The concept of wedding photography gained thrilling attention for me in 2014. It was an ordinary beginning, something that I never anticipated on the outcome, but as I started to progress with shooting, I met those striking love and connection to the moments happening around me making rest of journey so easier.

With captivating thoughts and ideas of oceanic size, I trained myself as a candid photographer with more than 150+ projects completed in 3 years. The vehicle of accomplishment fueled with feedback of customers motivated me as an entrepreneur moving out from my career as a Software Engineer. My work is an internal reflection of my thoughts. I believe creativity and happiness starts at home.

Word Baamboo defines any men who cannot live without two words. M and it's reflection W. 'M' for Mother and 'W' for wife. Logo of Baamboo honors two ladies of my life.

I invest my time with editing, learning on new techniques and street photography.

4 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits