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Finding the best Asia wedding photographer for your event is easy – Compare rates, view portfolios, read letters from actual clients (reviews), read the details of their bios and contact photographers directly. Meet the Asian wedding photographers of the Wedding Photojournalist Association:

117 Documentary Wedding Photographers available for your wedding...

Bai Gang is a wedding photographer from the Shanxi province of China

My name is Bai Gang. I'm a wedding photographer based in Shanxi province of China since 2011. I worked for newspapers for 7 years and loved that work, but when i shot a wedding of my friend, I had found my calling. In fact, I like to find smiling...

Starting Price:
4000 (CNY)
Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh Wedding Photography by Khoi Le

I am a happy married man with a wonderful wife and a 3-year-old son who is really playful. Having been through two of the most remarkable milestones of life, I know how meaningful these events are to everybody and I always want to keep these beautiful...

Starting Price:
2000 (USD)
China and Liaoning Wedding Photographer, Wenxue Zhang

I'm a photographer from Dalian, China. I didn't study photography but communication in university. Because of my love for photography, I strive to be an excellent wedding photographer. I think a wedding should not only pursue beautiful photos,...

Starting Price:
200/hr (USD)
Xiaoshui Zhao is a wedding photographer for Yunnan and all of China

Zhao Xiaoshui is a wedding photographer who is determined to be a unique and warm one among all wedding photographers. More than 400 wedding shooting experiences. Mr. Zhao prefers to catching the true feelings and emotions in each wedding by his special...

Starting Price:
925 (USD)
Shanghai wedding photography by Moana Wu of the China WPJA
Starting Price:
185 (AUD)
Peng Zhang photographs weddings in China and Beijing

I'm Zhang Peng, a wedding photographer based in Beijing, China. I loved photography even when I was a young child. I love natural style and believe that a photographer should only capture the actual moments and emotion at a wedding, are not create...

Starting Price:
5000 (CNY)
Goa and India based wedding photographer - Sephi Bergerson

Sephi Bergerson is an award winning documentary and travel photographer with more than 25 years of experience. Working on his book 'Behind The Indian Veil - A Journey Through Weddings in India' (published in August 2015), Sephi has arguably...

Starting Price:
5500 (USD)
China and Fujian weddings by photographer Vinci Wang

作为一名婚礼摄影师,Vinci Wang坚持以纪实的理念来记录婚礼中的美好瞬间,崇尚使用光影和构图来表达不同的故事情感。他不断在每一次按下的快门中去找寻那些独属于新人自己的无法复刻的画面。对于婚礼影像质量的要求近乎于严苛,因此他对于婚礼当天的照片追求的是质量而非数量。他希望自己的作品能够对抗时间,抵挡岁月的痕迹,让新人在十几年甚至几十年之后欣赏时仍能感到这些美妙的瞬间仿佛就在昨日

Starting Price:
3000 (USD)
Minifeel Lu photographs weddings for brides in Taiwan and Taipei.

投入了攝影才發現喜歡用相機記錄著各式各樣的故事, 走過了許多國家,才發現人才是最美的事物, 曾迷著所謂的攝影師之眼、攝影師構圖法則, 才發現自己不是有這麼的墨守成規,我想拍更多不一樣的畫面, 喜歡拍攝用心準備的過程,做甚麼天馬行空的想像都可以, 當天的一切快樂和故事,是一輩子無法用價值去衡量的感動。

Starting Price:
34000 (TWD)
Mango Gu is a China based wedding photo taker from Hangzhou


Starting Price:
16000 (CNY)
Guangdong, China photographer of actual day weddings, Eric  Liao

Sky blue, has always been the city of Zhuhai to give people the impression that natural and pure. E-IMAGE photography studio is born in Zhuhai this blue sky, so we give the same color of the brand, the pursuit of the same natural picture, pure emotion...

Starting Price:
3000 (CNY)
China and Guangdong is home base for photographer of weddings  Edwind Poon
Starting Price:
1000 (USD)
India and Maharashtra is where Ankita Asthana photographs weddings

I grew up in the midst of different cities and cultures, absorbing different environments and always curious about life and its ways. I picked up a camera in an endeavour to document things happening around me quite early on. Photography to me is my...

Starting Price:
3000 (USD)
Geeshan Bandara is a Sri Lanka wedding photojournalist

I am a wedding photojournalist based in Sri Lanka and I shoot all over the world. My biggest reward is to discover a couple in love that trusts me to narrate their day. My goal is to capture the most powerful and compelling images to which you will...

Starting Price:
2500 (USD)
Wenbo Si, wedding photography for Asia brides - WPJA photographer in China and Henan

During over hundreds wedding capturing, my style is gradually formed, which is unobtrusive, natural, relaxed, and emotional. I established a studio for wedding photography only, which based in Zhengzhou, Henan, in the middle of China. I was beginning to...

Starting Price:
6000 (CNY)
Chin Whei Tay wedding photography in Malaysia and Malacca.

I love my job. I love being able to warp time at a click of my finger. I love how these captured moments encapsulate the intangibles like love and memories. Now looking back in retrospection, I’d still proudly say that I’ve never regretted this career...

Starting Price:
1200 (USD)
Ackapol Dhuamrearngrom is a wedding photographer based in Thailand and Nonthaburi

My life is a journey. I tried to be so many things after getting my engineering degree. But finally I decided to become a photographer. I just do what feels right, It was one of the easiest/hardest decisions I ever made. But it worth, Now photography...

Starting Price:
2000 (USD)
India wedding photographer Amarnath Rameshbabu

Amar quit his job an engineer to pursue his passion for photography. What began as a photo journey of the temples of India, by happenstance became wedding photography. Studio A, Amar's brainchild, is now a sought after wedding photography studio. He...

Starting Price:
4500 (USD)
MangKhris Santika loves the amazing world of wedding photography in Indonesia

My name is MangKhris. I was born in Bali. This beautiful island is known as the Island of Gods. I am deeply interested in carrying on the very vast and unique traditions of my community. The first time I came in contact with the world of photography was...

Starting Price:
1000 (USD)
Photography of Indian Weddings by Alpheus Danson

International award-winning wedding photographer with a flair for aesthetic detail and the skill to capture fleeting moments. I am available for multicultural WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY engagements anywhere in India. For tailored wedding packages, drop me a...

Starting Price:
1200 (USD)
Ray Poon, China wedding photojournalist.

We are wedding photography team from Chongqing China, engaged in this career for more than four years and served more than four hundred couples. We believe that good wedding photos are vivid and have souls, they recorded your happiest moment. We will not...

Starting Price:
4800 (CNY)
Guangdong Wedding Photography by Felix Chan of China
Starting Price:
8000 (CNY)
Hong Kong is home to British destination wedding photographer Jamie Ousby

Hi I’m Jamie! I’m a British Destination Wedding Photographer based in Hong Kong serving Asia and the world. I have been featured in publications such as Hong Kong Tatler and Time Out Hong Kong among others. To me wedding photography isn’t about hours of...

Starting Price:
12000 (HKD)
Daniel Beh is ranked 33rd wedding photographers worldwide by the prestigious WPJA

Daniel Beh is a Singapore-based wedding photographer, ranked 33rd wedding photographers worldwide by the prestigious WPJA (Wedding Photojournalist Association). He has also won 1st place in a photography competition during 2013! Daniel's style is...

Starting Price:
2200 (SGD)
David Teo has a motivation behind his journalistic style, which is really to capture wedding moments in Singapore

I believe in the power of stories: they invoke emotions and impact lives, not to mention last a lifetime. And that is the motivation behind my journalistic style, which is really to capture moments in order to present a compelling story, complete with a...

Starting Price:
2200 (SGD)
Ke-Wan Li - Wedding Photographer

婚禮紀錄 | 自主婚紗 | 活動紀錄 | 人像寫真 | 親子寫真 | 寵物寫真 | 商業攝影 ​ 一場好的婚禮紀錄能為一個新家庭的建立寫下歷史性的一頁。 婚禮攝影是屬於新人及攝影師的個人風格攝影,但它又不專屬於某一派別或類別,因為拍照的同時攝影師要了解各種攝影的特性、熟悉各種攝影器材的應用進而展現出屬於婚禮當天新人的專屬回憶照片。一個專業的婚禮攝影師當他面對決定性的瞬間畫面時,腦海中要快速決定構圖當中的人、事、時、地、物以及顏色、光線及畫面比例切割等的紀實攝影,目的就是要讓「照片說故事」。...

Starting Price:
13000 (TWD)
Rico Tsui, from Hong Kong, SAR, China, is an accomplished wedding photojournalist

International award winning photographer. The chief photographer and creative director of An Ant Capture, Rico’s passion is in arts, design and photography. He has been in advertising and graphics design industry for more than 20 years. Rico specializes...

Starting Price:
26000 (HKD)
Thailand and Bangkok wedding photographer Vutiporn Supanish

WOODYalens Photography originates from my passion as a photojournalist ever since working in a marketing magazine as a designer. The impression of integrating the photojournalist style with wedding photo leaves me with an excitement of creating a unique...

Starting Price:
2000 (USD)
Full time destination wedding photographer from Asia - Aht Yomyai

I am a full time wedding photographer with over 10 years experience making sure nothing gets missed on your big day. My style is documentary wedding photography or wedding photojournalist, I capturing the true story on your wedding day without too much...

Starting Price:
2500 (USD)
Taiwan and Taipei are home to wedding photographer ChiangYuan Hung
Starting Price:
500 (USD)
Bangkok, Thailand based wedding photographer - Surasart Areear

Every time I click the shutter, it's meaningful in every shot from my thinking and good feeling. To get my nice shot, I really care about attractive lighting, reflection, and fit composition. But sometimes with different composition gives me great...

Starting Price:
500 (USD)
Charles Sng believes in The Decisive Moment for his China wedding photography.

Charles believes in The Decisive Moment. His approach to wedding photography is to capture the events as they unfold, the spontaneous cheers, joyous celebrations and uninhibited love. His passion in documenting weddings is with the hope that these...

Starting Price:
2200 (SGD)
Nan Zhao from Beijing China photographs weddings for brides in Asia.

MXD映像社联合创始人,中国人民大学 数字影像艺术 硕士在读,2014年出版《婚礼纪实摄影宝典》书籍,2014年AGWPJA TOP47名,2014年WPJA Q4第三名,婚礼纪实摄影师、旅行摄影师,GettyImages华盖创意图片库 签约摄影师,CFP视觉中国图片库 签约摄影师

Starting Price:
1500 (USD)
Destination wedding photographer from Bangkok -  Pam Lauhachai

Pam Lauhachai is a destination wedding photographer based in Bangkok. She was ranked 11th in Top Wedding Photographers for 2010 by WPJA. Her works cover an intimate wedding on the beach to luxurious exclusive weddings.

Starting Price:
4000 (USD)
China is home to Shanghai and Zeng Hui based wedding photographer,  Zeng Hui.

我喜欢记录真实发生的事情,而不是去拍摄我预设可能将要发生的事。从讲述的角度理解,画面里的人物才是留在时间记忆里的主角,而我只是一个旁观者,更愿意让被摄者忘记我的身份和存在,用这样的方式去捕捉瞬间,记录生活,呈现光影的诗篇。 I like to record the real moment.people are the protagonist in the memory of time , and I was just a viewer,with this method,I force myself to...

Starting Price:
7000 (CNY)
Taiwan's  Jia-Ying Lin photographs weddings all over Changhua County.

Freezing every treasure moment is my only task. Beautiful dresses, nice wine with lovely people are the most precious part of a wedding. But once it become memories, even precious ones, may fade as time goes by. Pressing the shutter, the moment last...

Starting Price:
20000 (TWD)
Abi Zhu is a wedding photographer serving China and Zhejiang.
Starting Price:
1800 (USD)
New York City is the home of wedding photographer Tachpasit Kunaporn, a wedding expert

Tachpasit is a Thai photographer who is deeply passionate about photography. He has been shooting for more than 6 years back in Thailand and pursue his dream here in New York City and he has just graduated from the International Center of Photography in...

Starting Price:
1300 (USD)
China and Beijing photographer Todo Hu is available for hire for weddings
Starting Price:
6800 (CNY)
Wedding Photojournalism in Thailand by Aidan Dockery

South East Asia is where I call home, having lived Thailand & Vietnam for 15 years years. Currently based in Bangkok, destination weddings take me all over Southeast Asia. With a love for photography & traveling, meeting people & celebrations...

Starting Price:
2400 (USD)
 Venkata Rajesh Paruchuri - India based wedding photographer

Hi, I am Venkata Rajesh . A lot of people call me PVR. I am an IIM Grad turned Contemporary Wedding and LifeStyle Photographer. I have been rated as Top 10 Wedding Photographers in Hyderabad by FlatPebble and covered by New Indian Express in December...

Starting Price:
1000 (USD)
Wedding Photography by Chunwei Lee in Taiwan and Taipei.

婚禮的感動時刻是稍縱即逝無法重來的,一輩子就只有一次,我們盡力為每對新人保留下當天所有的回憶記錄,也許是新娘害羞的表情,新郎期盼的神情,父母不捨的淚水,賓客開心的笑顏,這些畫面是最美好的回憶。 我喜歡紀錄幸福時光,側寫當天新人沒有注意到的畫面,讓你多年後回味照片時還能深深感動, 婚禮攝影不單單只是紀錄,而是用相機留下當天的溫度,呈現你和妳當天的故事。 希望有機會能成為記錄你們故事的朋友,用心記錄感動時刻,替您捕捉一輩子一次的畫面^^ 我是婚攝Jimmy Lee

Starting Price:
20000 (TWD)
China and Guangdong Wedding Photos by GuangMing Kevin Qiu

我还是一枚摄影师,一枚从婚礼拍摄走过来的摄影师,还清晰记得当初拍摄第一场婚礼之前我的坚持:构图和后期可以不牛叉,但拍出来的画面必须走心,至少这些照片对于客人来说,是值得多年后被翻看的。如今2017,我们依然没变,希慕映像将继续走心! 我们喜欢在镜头之下,毫无保留释放感情的你们…婚礼中的每一个瞬间都值得被用心拍摄,真实记录…我们始终相信,几年后甚至十几年后,回放照片,再次触动你们的一定是这些最真实的瞬间… 这是一个不像摄影工作室的摄影工作室,我们诚意邀请,有空来坐坐

Starting Price:
1200/hr (CNY)
Bangkok, Thailand wedding ceremony photographer - Sarit Chaiwangsa

My Name is Sarit Chaiwangsa. You can call me Bale. I’m wedding photojournalist currently based in Bangkok and serve you all area of Thailand such as Koh Samui, Phuket, Krabi, Rayong, Hua Hin, Pattaya. And I do wedding overseas for Hong Kong, Singapore,...

Starting Price:
1100 (USD)
Osaka-City, Higashimikuni, Japan wedding photographer Megumu Kohagura


Starting Price:
600 (USD)
Singapore based wedding photographer Ryan Ng

Knottin' Visuals is a brainchild of Singapore-born and self-taught photographer, Ryan Ng whose melodiously crafted images speaks of two elements he believes is key to his works - emotions and light. With eight (8) years of local and international...

Starting Price:
250/hr (SGD)
Danny Huang likes beach wedding photography in Asia and Singapore

Danny Huang is a wedding photographer based in Singapore. When he started his photography journey in 2009, his initial passion was in street photography, and gradually he found his way in wedding, family and portrait photography. He loves capturing the...

Starting Price:
1200 (SGD)
Natthawat Wongrat is specialized in wedding, family portrait and editorial pictures in Thailand and Bangkok

I'm Thailand professional photographer specializing in wedding, family portrait and editorial photography. I have photographed weddings all over Thailand. My wedding photography style is derived from a background in photojournalism. Photojournalism...

Starting Price:
500 (USD)
France and Occitanie wedding photographer William Lambelet

William is a French Wedding Photographer. He attaches great value to human relationships. Year by year he has developed is own style. 
His goal is to create strong and composed pictures in capturing small moments a lot of people doesn’t see. He likes to...

Starting Price:
2100 (EUR)
United Arab Emirates, Dubai wedding photographer Bernie Richardson

Hi my name is Bernie and I am a wedding photographer based in Dubai. Together with my lovely wife we are Bernie & Bindi Photography. I like to think of myself as a romantic storyteller. To me, this means that capturing all those priceless moments on...

Starting Price:
2200 (USD)
Wayne La likes photographing wedding reportage moments all around United Kingdom, England and London

The more life experience I get, the more I realise the importance of being in the moment. Playing with my children rather than observing them over my laptop; Watching a movie with my wife and just enjoying her company, the easy silence, the film and...

Starting Price:
1500 (GBP)

Jiake Yang, a father of two boys, a full time husband, a life time photographer. I founded my own photography studio in 2013 in Melbourne, we are proudly service the entire Australia and internationally. I've always loved photography, I've...

Starting Price:
2099 (AUD)
Miami, FL documentary wedding photographer David Zaoui has said that at his own wedding, he discovered the art of wedding photography

A self-learned photographer, David Zaoui was born in 1982 of Eurasian and Franco-Algerian parents. Growing up, his diverse background provided an ideal environment where artistic sense, open-mindedness and multiculturalism were omnipresent. Through both...

Starting Price:
5000 (USD)
San Francisco Photographer Chris Shum's most beautiful and joyful events in life are weddings

Chris has had a great love for art since he was a young boy. At age of 15, he earned his first second-hand camera from his father. Since then, he was always “the photographer” among his friends and family. He finally turned this passion into his...

Starting Price:
4500 (USD)
San Francisco wedding photojournalist Tanarak Visessonchoke

I'm Tanarak, a San Francisco, California wedding photographer. Originally from Thailand, Tanarak has lived and worked in Singapore, Paris, and Hong Kong and is inspired by different wedding cultures and traditions. He aims to make photos fresh and...

Starting Price:
5600 (USD)
Ireland wedding reportage photographer Shane O'Neill covers Munster with his documentary skills.

A graduate of the Dun Laoghaire College of Art and Design, Shane is now based in Waterford City covering both national and international photography commissions. A lifelong passion, Shane O’Neill’s photography is as much a pleasure as it is a business...

Starting Price:
2200 (EUR)
Dennis Berti is an Italian documentary wedding photographer in México

Hello! I'm Dennis; An Italian documentary wedding photographer living in México since 2005. I'm based in Cabo San Lucas, Baja California Sur. Always willing and ready to travel around the world. I truly love photography, and being able to...

Starting Price:
3500 (USD)
England and Derbyshire are the preferred wedding locations for reportage photographer Ashley Davenport

Hi I’m Ash Davenport from Miki Photography, an international award winning Wedding Photographer in Derbyshire but covering the whole of the UK. I specialise in a blend of relaxed and creative portraits and a documentary approach to capturing weddings. So...

Starting Price:
2000 (GBP)
Mark Toung mixes his passion for CA wedding photography with exciting activities.

An avid climber and a certified rescue diver, Mark has always mixed his passion for photography with his other activities. For the last decade, Mark has taken pictures in the oddest of places ranging from the side of an ice cliff to diving 100 feet in...

Starting Price:
4100 (USD)
Jacqueline Dersjant is an award winning wedding photojournalist. She is known for her reportage-style approach.

Jacqueline Dersjant (PHTGRPHR) is an international award winning photojournalist known for her candid, documentary approach. Jacqueline’s expressive photography is about capturing special moments and emotions between people. Her reportage style is up...

Starting Price:
1750 (EUR)
Stepan Vrzala - Fine Art Wedding Photographer based in Europe

Stepan has been photographing weddings and love affairs for more then ten years. His sleek and modern style, excellent work with natural light and ability to capture intimate moments makes him a perfect choice for brides looking for magazine-worthy...

Starting Price:
3000 (EUR)
England and London wedding reportage photographer, Takako Kaneshige.

I’m always fascinated by the power of photographs that can create a story and move our emotion. I seek authentic emotions and love finding the small excitement, the hidden strength, the incredible vulnerability and the countless joy in our subtle...

Starting Price:
1000 (GBP)


Wedding Photojournalists from Asia

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6 more photographers available for your wedding...

1800 Singapore Dollar

TOP Photography: Darren Poh

Singapore, Singapore

I am a professional photographer based in Singapore, specialising in wedding photography. My childhood was centered around the kampung our family lived in, playing “go li” (marbles) and orh ee orh-ing (tarzan) in the kampung. When I was a teen, we...

7000 Hong Kong Dollar

Percy Tong

Tseung Kwan O, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Hong Kong based wedding photojournalist offering specialized wedding, corporate and private photography services to our clients worldwide. Together with our crew members, we are unique, and we focus on capturing the important, special and natural...

12000 Hong Kong Dollar

JZ Vision: Chuan Zhang

Hong Kong, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

Johnson is an experienced photographer based in Hong Kong/Shenzhen. He is specialised in capturing your natural emotions and inner beauty when you are in a most relaxed status. Photojournalism is his way of work. Instead of the traditional “...

8000 Chinese Yuan Renminbi

Xiao Xu

Beijing, China

你好,很高兴你能看到这里! 计算机专业毕业后,我从事设计行业多年,然而从少年时的第一台胶片机,到一柜子的镜头,我发现最爱的一直是摄影。 因此专职做摄影,到现在已十年。 拍过无数美丽的婚礼,幸福的时刻,可爱的人。 摄影于我,一直再变,由曾经的纯粹到谋生工具,加入各种协会,参赛,获奖,上杂志,兵荒马乱。坦白讲,有过机械感的时刻,除了工作,简直连相机都不想碰。 所以停顿了两年,用以沉淀自己。 再做摄影伊始,决定从心出发,尊重每一下快门,每一个时刻,每一次彼此,...

18000 Hong Kong Dollar

Kevin Chiu

Kowloon, Hong Kong S.A.R., China

With an obsession in photography and a keen eye on nature’s beauties, Kevin has been taking up courses on design and photography since 2006. And with his growing interest and specific training on taking portrait photos, he soon was hired for wedding...

4000 Chinese Yuan Renminbi

Yuan Jun

Nanjing in Jiangsu, China

狮子羊|kirin. 独立摄影师/平面设计师. 用镜头记录生活,喜欢一切美好的人和物,摄影是生活的陪伴,也是通往过去唯一的时光机. WPJA[美国纪实婚礼摄影记者协会]认证摄影师 ...

Client Letters

Eugene & Juliana

Photographed by Charles Sng

We just wanted to say a big thank you. Even as you continue working on the photos, we thought we would like you to know that we are...

Alvin & Shirryn

Photographed by David Teo

Dear David! Thank you for photographing our wedding. The pictures are great! Alvin and I are very pleased with your service and...

Crystal & Bosco

Photographed by John Lee

We are so glad that we found you to be our wedding photographer because you are so friendly, professional, and responsible. You and...