Night Lifestyle Profile Portrait of Kang Jie Goh, a Singapore Wedding Photographer
Photo by: 
Han Hpone
150/hour (SGD)

Goh Kang Jie (Jori)

Our Momento

Singapore Photographer & Founder of Our Momento Captures Life's Journey

Kang Jie is a renowned wedding photographer based in Singapore and the talented founder of the brand, Our Momento. His love for photography began 5 years ago with film photography, but he soon transitioned into the digital realm. Initially focusing on model and nature photography, Kang Jie's passion for capturing beautiful moments expanded to include various genres such as couples, weddings, solemnization, family, maternity, graduation, birthdays, and events.

For Kang Jie, photography holds a special allure as it allows him to freeze a moment in time, regardless of the genre. Each photograph becomes a memento, a memory, and an integral part of the journey of life. Our Momento symbolizes this sentiment, representing the moments, mementos, and memories that shape our lives and the enduring journey we embark on. Kang Jie cherishes the opportunity to capture these precious moments, collect them, and share them with loved ones through his artful photographs.

While there is so much more that could be shared, Kang Jie limits his introduction to prevent it from becoming a journal. If his approach resonates with you, invite him to capture your special moments or follow along his journey as a wedding photographer.