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Photo by: Rahul Khona

Wedding Photojournalists Serving Taiwan

For the best photography on your big day, you’ll want a wedding photojournalist to take artful, beautiful pictures reflecting real emotions and moments, not contrived situations or posed performances. You also need a professional who can make your family and guests feel at ease. Meet the accredited member photographers of the Wedding Photojournalist Association.

11 Featured Photographers available for your wedding...

Minifeel Lu

Minifeel Photography

Taipei, TW
Starting Price:
34000 (TWD)
Shun cheng  Huang

Shun cheng Huang

Snoopy Wedding Image Studio

Yilan County, TW
Starting Price:
1500 (USD)

ChiangYuan Hung


Taipei, TW
Starting Price:
400 (USD)

George Lin

George's Wedding Photography Studio

Taichung City in T'ai-chung, TW
Starting Price:
1000 (USD)
Ke-Wan  Li

婚禮紀錄 | 自主婚紗 | 活動紀錄 | 人像寫真 | 親子寫真 | 寵物寫真 | 商業攝影 ​ 一場好的婚禮紀錄能為一個新家庭的建立寫下歷史性的一頁。 婚禮攝影是屬於新人及攝影師的個人風格攝影,但它又不專屬於某一派別或類別,因為拍照的同時攝影師要了解各種攝影的特性、熟悉各種攝影器材的應用進而展現出屬於婚禮當天新人的專屬回憶照片。一個專業的婚禮攝影師當他面對決定性的瞬間畫面時,腦海中要快速決定構圖當中的人、事、時、地、物以及顏色、...

Ke-Wan Li

TaiChung City, TW
Starting Price:
13000 (TWD)
Lan  Fom

Lan Fom

Taichung, TW
Starting Price:
2000 (USD)
Mi-Chien  Lin

Hello, there. I am Jason Lin, I have been a wedding photographer in Taiwan for more than 4 years. I have the studio and the great team of nice people working together. Now, we work around the world, so please let us know your...

Mi-Chien Lin

Jason Lin

New Taipei, TW
Starting Price:
1000 (USD)
Ze Wei  Huang

Ze Wei Huang


Tainan, TW
Starting Price:
18000 (TWD)

Bert Chou

Taipei, TW
Starting Price:
20000 (TWD)
Chunwei  Lee

Chunwei Lee

J&E Image Studio

Xindian Dist., TW
Starting Price:
20000 (TWD)

我是Jason,來自台灣,也是兩個孩子的爸爸了 當初為了小孩而學攝影,看過不少婚禮照片而感動,然而開始投入婚禮紀錄工作,成為婚禮紀錄者已有六年的時間 在攝影這條路上遇到了不少老師提攜,也希望能把每場婚禮的感動帶給你 讓您婚禮當天的感動可以保存到永遠 人生一輩子一次的終身大事請您放心的交付給我...

Jason Chou

Tainan City Shanhua District, TW
Starting Price:
500 (USD)

Wedding Photojournalists from Taiwan

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2 more photographers available for your wedding...

700 US Dollar
500 US Dollar

Kuo-Chuan Fang

Taipei City, Taiwan