Damian Adamiec, a Documentary Poland Wedding Photographer
2000+ (PLN)

Damian Adamiec


Ever since I can remember I have preferred to look at the world through the lens. For me, it's better than rose-coloured glasses. Even when not holding the camera in my hands in my mind I am changing lenses, aperture, time, matching filters and Cropping.

When I work I'm not a film director, I do not do doubles. I stand on the side so I am not noticed. Yes, you can not see me at all - that is the way I work.

I follow you trying to capture on your face what you have in your heart. ... feelings ... emotions, joy, sadness, thoughtfulness, grief, smiles and tears. Even what you want to hide.

The result is a report, document, a record of the day.

I do not retouch, do not improve face, body, environment. The result of my work is a document, not fashion photographs or glamour photography.

If what you expect from your photographer is exactly what I offer - feel free to contact me.

Wedding, outdoor session, birth, baptism, concert or something else important happening in your life? Throw me a challenge, and I am eager to rise to it.

3 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists