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Lukasz Popielarczyk

Poland Wedding Photography

I suppose none of us remembers how it all began. At the beginning it was just random encounters, which slowly turned into a regular dating. Many times we parted just to be able to throw again in each other's arms. When did I first realize that it would be the love of my life? At my sister's wedding – then for the first time invited her for such an important family event. Then I realized how much joy we can give to others. That was twelve years ago, since then not letting her arms, still trying to make it was a "happily ever after" - me and my lady Photography.

You already know our story, and now a few words about me.

Apart being a photographer, I am also:

a little Teo's and not so little anymore Franek's dad,

vegan and a runner,

passionate about the loud music and good food,

and above all, almost crazy in love!

3 Client Letters

The following letters are from the clients of Lukasz Popielarczyk.

Married: 9 years ago

Monika and Michael

Credentials, thank yous...well and all together:) Exactly a year ago, my husband Michael and I started looking for our wedding photographer. It's a hard task, so many out there and of course you want to get the best one. A friend recommended you, we saw your photos and liked them straight away - you were hired. We were of course hoping for some amazing pictures, and now, after seeing them we know we couldn't have asked for a better photographer. Not only were your pictures great, but you yurself are great. My husband and pictures... try to take one without him complaining, it's virtually impossible, you took hundreds, and all I heard from Michael was that you are a really nice chap, it's just amazing. During the wedding we didn't really notice you there but yet seeing all photos you didn't miss a thing. You are there for your clients, nothing seems to be a problem for you. Our wedding was on Saturday and our honeymoon began on Monday, so we had only Sunday to take some photos outdoors and you were there, ready at 11.30 on Sunday morning with a big smile, patiently waiting for my late husband to close the buttons on his shirt. Before the wedding when I mentioned to Michael that we have to do our photos on Sunday, well I thought we will nearly have to cancel the wedding;). Taking pictures after all night dancing and partying with family and friends, didn't sound like the best idea, but he had no choice. And yet looking at these photos from Sunday I can't believe we had about 4 hours sleep, they look amazing. Walking around for 3 hours, listening to you advising us 'maybe do this, maybe do that' and not a single complaint fom Michael, I do not know how you do it and what magical power you have, but my tired and a bit hangover husband was following all orders with a big smile, chatting away and repeating how good an idea it was to do it. Now looking at our photos from Saturday and Sunday we know we wouldn't like to have anyone else there, it felt like you knew us and knew exactly how to catch that in our pictures. We got our first photo on Sunday evening (the same day we had our session) which was great. You teased us, the picture was beautiful and it was good to have it so we could show it to our anxious friends; we also used it in our thank you cards. Lukasz, a big thank you for being with us on our day, for capturing our moments, for making us look pretty;) I have to mention that on our honeymoon nearly every time my husband took the camera your name came up. We would like to say it is not a goodbye, it is a 'see you later' note, because we hope to meet you again and maybe take some more photos. Monika & Michael Thornton

Married: 9 years ago

Katie & Graham

Dear Lukasz, When it came to choosing a photographer for our wedding, we thought we would have a long search on our hands. With the bride herself being a professional photographer, things could have proved difficult! However, one look at your website and we looked no further. When our original plan to marry in Poland fell through, we were delighted that you agreed to travel to England – we were already so impressed with all the help you had offered in our wedding planning. From the very beginning, we felt in very capable hands; you were extremely efficient and confident in a country you did not know very well and we immediately felt comfortable with you. The few days we spent together, from our engagement session in Kidderminster, to our very long wedding day, and finally our gorgeous wedding session on the beach in Wales, were incredible. You worked so hard and you are evidently extremely passionate about your work. Your way of building relationships with clients and making photo sessions productive but very fun at the same time is fantastic. We were very sad to say goodbye to you; in the short space of time that we had got to know you we both certainly built a good relationship with you, as you were always very friendly and funny. You were even good–humoured when our wedding car broke down on the way home from Wales and we had to endure a 6-hour rescue mission back home! After the wedding we couldn’t wait to see our photographs and we have certainly not been disappointed! Lukasz, you have a wonderful ability to capture the tiniest moments that are almost forgotten after the wedding, but the images really brought those little memories flooding back. It was wonderful to see all of our images online first without having to wait for the final copies and we always got very excited when you told us we had a new gallery to view. You really did go above and beyond your duties as a wedding photographer right from the moment I sent you the first email. A very special photographer for a very special weekend, and certainly an inspiration. Best Wishes, Kate & Graham

Married: 10 years ago

Caroline & Adrian

Now that things have quietened down a bit, and having just received our amazing wedding album, Adrian and I did just want to write and express our sincere thanks for all your hard work. You far exceeded all our expectations for a wedding photographer and have presented us with an exceptional range of photos that truly capture the happiness and emotions of our wedding day. You captured each moment so beautifully - from the arrival of our guests at the church to the formal family shots and our first portraits as husband and wife. You worked so quickly and inconspicuously, blending formal and informal shots brilliantly and interacting so well with both our English speaking and Polish speaking families. My Mum already has so many of your photos framed and on display around their house! The hardest part of the whole process has been selecting the 60 shots for inclusion in our wedding album when there are so many images that we loved. The album itself is stunning and was completed so quickly despite us living half way around the world! We couldn't have imagined a more wonderful record of our day. Thank you for being such an important part of our celebrations and for working so incredibly hard on our wedding - we are delighted that you agreed to travel to the UK to work with us. Planning our UK wedding from Singapore certainly presented some logistical challenges, and we really appreciate the time you spent with us on Skype and over email preparing for our big day, and for the time you spent with us in the UK during the week leading up to the wedding when we had chance to enjoy an informal engagement shoot and get to know one another. We are so pleased to have had the opportunity to work with you and certainly wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to friends getting married in the UK or overseas. With all our thanks and very best wishes.