Reportage wedding photography in Lombardy and Brescia by Roberto Ricca
1700+ (EUR)

Roberto Ricca

Gilberti - Ricca Studio

Roberto Ricca with his business partner and photographer Andrea Gilberti created Gilberti - Ricca studio. We are wedding photographers based in Brescia. We work throughout Italy, wherever there is a story to tell: your ...
The style that characterizes us is Fine Art Wedding Reportage: natural and spontaneous moments, without poses.

Looking for Roberto Ricca on Google, you will find various ones: he is neither the former Juventus full-back, nor the chess referee.
He is the other, the photographer.

The fatal attraction for the camera has developed over the years: after graduating in International Relations, Roberto attended a Masters in marketing and communication in Milan, a sector that characterized his first professional experience, first at the Mediaset group and then for himself as a partner of a media and communications agency. Managing millions of € advertising budget on behalf of big clients in the italian market taught him to manage the trust and responsibility of situations where you can not go wrong.

In time, the passion and love for photography has become a profession, alternating photojournalistic experience with other more business experiences. In 2013 the meeting with Andrea Gilberti and the discovery of a new way of photographing weddings.
An increasingly important professional commitment which led to the decision to set up the Gilberti-Ricca studio.
When he is not photographing or watching '50s film noir, Roberto loves playing with his two children who made him discover an imaginary world populated with dragons and mermaids.

Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography