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Für Hochzeitsphotographie ganz nach Ihrem Geschmack möchten Sie, dass ein Bavaria Hochzeitsfotojournalist schöne Bilder macht, die reale Momente widerspiegeln, nicht erfundene und nachgestellte Situationen. Sie brauchen auch einen Fachmann, der dafür sorgt, dass sich Ihre Familie und Gäste wohlfühlen. Lernen Sie die akkreditierten Mitglieder Fotografen der Bavaria, Germany Hochzeit Fotojournalist Association kennen.

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Wolfgang Burkart serves Germany, Bavaria and Munich with his top wedding photography

Wolfgang Burkart lives and works in Munich. Regarding the photography, it was never his intention just to document something. For him, the fascination was always to catch that special moment, the particular point of view or the extraordinary scene with...

Starting Price:
1900 (EUR)
Hochzeitsfotograf aus Nürnberg in Deutschland - Martin Hoffmann

ich bin Martin und Hochzeitsfotograf aus Nürnberg in Deutschland. Die Fotografie mit Menschen ist meine grosse Leidenschaft. Ich liebe es wenn ich den schönsten Tag im Leben von 2 Menschen teilen darf. Die Hochzeit vergeht, die Bilder bleiben für immer...

Starting Price:
1490 (EUR)
Marion Hogl Ich bin Mutter, Fotografin, Buchautorin and Fototrainerin.

Mein Name ist Marion Hogl. Ich bin Mutter von 2 Kindern, Fotografin, Buchautorin & Fototrainerin. Seit meiner Kindheit fotografiere ich mit ganzer Leidenschaft. Aus dieser Leidenschaft wurde dann vor 12 Jahren auch ein Beruf, der mich Tag für Tag mit...

Starting Price:
1490 (EUR)
Vimala Rubens photographs weddings in Germany, Bavaria and Munich

Hi, I'm Vimala. In love with weddings, real emotions and authentic people. Hobby chef and crazy about sweets and cakes. However, I will also never say no to cheese, potatoes and "proper German sourdough bread". I live in Munich with my...

Starting Price:
1800 (EUR)
Italy and Calabria are base to wedding reportage photographer Claudio Valerio

Claudio Valerio è socio dell'Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Professionisti – TAU Visual e dell'Associazione Nazionale Fotografi Matrimonio - ANFM. Ha partecipato a numerose mostre, fra cui il Festival Internazionale della Fotografia di Roma (...

Starting Price:
2000 (EUR)
Balearic Islands based wedding photographer - Aimee Helen Haak

I was a country girl who grew up surrounded by the green and tall nature of the Pacific Northwest of the USA. Longing to know the greater world and what it meant to live a 'city life' I began a modeling career at the age of 17 that took me...

Starting Price:
2000 (EUR)
Anton Novotny shoots weddings in Austria, Germany and around the world.

Photography has been Anton’s passion ever since he was just a little boy. He always looked at the world through the lens of his camera. It was no surprise when he chose photography as his career 10 years ago. He gained a lot of experience by taking...

Starting Price:
1350 (EUR)
Germany and Rheinland-Pfalz is where Lars May photographs most of his weddings.

I started photography mainly in 2013. My father gave me his old camera as a present for graduating high school. I really developed a passion about it. After one year I started to secondshoot weddings for many really good photographers to learn. I still...

Starting Price:
2190 (EUR)

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