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Martin Hecht

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Martin Hecht - i am a German Wedding Photographer who starts my wedding career 2009. In recent years, I have been able to accompany a lot of bridal couples and keep the emotions. I am happy to be able to do this for many years...
I live for that what I do - and my motto - love that what you do - then you will be sucessful...

The art is not to photograph alone, but to show you the way you are

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Martin Hecht - ich bin deutscher Hochzeitsfotograf und begann meine Hochzeitskarierre 2009. In den vergangenen Jahren konnte ich viele Brautpaare begleiten und die Emotionen festhalten. Ich freue mich dies noch viele Jahre machen zu können...
Ich lebe für das was ich mache - und mein Motto lautet - Liebe das was Du tust - und Du wirst Erfolgreich sein...

Die Kunst ist nicht das fotografieren allein, sondern Euch so zu zeigen wie Ihr seid...

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3 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

2 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists

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The following letters are from the clients of Martin Hecht.

Married: 2 years ago

Christina & Thomas

Dear Martin You have enriched our wedding in so many ways. Back then, you introduced yourself to the words that on that day, you will not be "just" our wedding photographer, but also friend and guest at the same time. And you were so much more for us that day. Throughout the day, you helped us with advice, action and camera. Again and again we were asked by our guests how long we have known each other, and again and again we earned incredulous looks when we said we see each other the second time today. And so not only we, but also all our guests, both of you as a human being, as well as of your photographic skills were completely thrilled. You've captured this unforgettable day forever from start to finish in so many beautiful moments, and that's priceless. Christina and Thomas

Married: 2 years ago

Petra & Markus

Dear Martin, Now our wedding and baptism is exactly 3 weeks ago today and we did not want to miss the opportunity to thank you again for everything. It was an unforgettable and unique event for us, captured with many amazing and emotional pictures of you for us forever. We always like to look at the pictures and reminisce. Thank you also for your totally relaxed, calming and open nature and of course for your flexibility (with our little daughter Jana). We would love to book you anytime again! Best regards Petra & Markus with Jana

Married: 2 years ago

Nadine & Kara

Hello Martin, We were very glad that you did not only as a photographer at our "very short-term" wedding, but also as a guest with your family had found time. We asked you to take only a few pictures throughout the day, so we took some snapshots of our "big" day as a reminder for us. We gave you completely free rein and you could let your creativity run wild. I still remember when you said "I'll do that, let's surprise you ..." and in the true sense of the word ..... we were overwhelmed by the result. Every time we look at the pictures again, we are back in the middle of our great memories and can Feel the emotions of this day again. We can not think of anyone who would have been able to capture this day, these moments better, happier and more personally. By yours we had so much fun in a relaxed and funny way and our laugh muscles were well trained. You've been a big part of making sure that we never forget our day. We are very grateful for the great memories. Stay the way you are :-) Nadine & Kara

Married: 2 years ago

Sarah & Milo

Dear Martin, THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!! That's all there is to say. THANK YOU! THANK YOU, for the wonderful pictures. THANK YOU, that you managed to capture the special moments of our wedding. THANK YOU, for the incredibly beautiful film which lets us again and again tears in the eyes. THANK YOU, for a wonderful day with you. THANK YOU, for the unique photo book. Thank you for everything!!! You are just great and we are very glad that you have accompanied us on this and captured our great day with incredibly great pictures! THANK YOU!!! Greetings and all the best, Sarah and Milo