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Wedding Photographers of Berlin, Germany

Für einen außergewöhnlichen Hochzeitsfotojournalismus an Ihrem großen Tag in Berlin wünschen Sie sich, dass ein Hochzeitsfotograf dokumentarische Bilder aufnimmt, die Ihre wirklichen Emotionen und Momente widerspiegeln, nicht erfundene oder nachgestellte Situationen. Sie brauchen auch einen Fachmann, der dafür sorgt, dass sich Ihre Familie und Gäste wohlfühlen. Lernen Sie die akkreditierten Mitglieder Fotografen der Berlin, Germany Hochzeit Fotojournalist Association kennen.

4 Documentary Wedding Photographers available for your wedding...

'I love photographing people' says Daniel Kuhlmann, a wedding photographer from Germany.

Hey. I am Daniel. Male, 30 something, German passport, restless soul. I love photographing people, watching movies and having meaningful conversations. And I love telling stories about the day of your life through pictures. Because all those genuine and...

Starting Price:
1400 (EUR)
Cameramirage, German Wedding Photographer Darek Gontarski

The photographer Darek Gontarski studied for several years at the Academy of Arts - his profound Knowledge can be seen today in the images of Cameramirage Wedding Photography. Darek Gontarski photographed next to weddings also actor and staged fabulous...

Starting Price:
2000 (EUR)
Israel and Tel Aviv are home to wedding reportage photographer Ben Kelmer

I was born and raised in Tel Aviv and from my earliest years, I can recall a strong fascination and growing passion for colour and the seemingly endless happenings unfolding in the city before me. Photography is second nature to me. My aim is one and one...

Starting Price:
2000 (USD)
Germany and Rheinland-Pfalz is where Lars May photographs most of his weddings.

I started photography mainly in 2013. My father gave me his old camera as a present for graduating high school. I really developed a passion about it. After one year I started to secondshoot weddings for many really good photographers to learn. I still...

Starting Price:
2190 (EUR)