Lifestyle Portrait of Documentary Wedding Photographer Emily Fonseca, of Framed by Emily
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Marina B.
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Emily Fonseca

Framed by Emily | Amsterdam Wedding & Family Images

Wedding and Family Photographer Capturing Genuine Connections

Emily is an experienced wedding photographer with a strong passion for capturing moments. She has been immersed in the world of family and wedding photography for over 5 years in The Netherlands.

From a young age, Emily found creative outlets in various artistic pursuits. She dedicated 12 years of her life to dancing and further honed her skills through 6 years of acting classes. Additionally, she even acquired the ability to play the drums. Despite this artistic inclination, Emily pursued a degree in pharmacy but soon realized that a traditional "9-5 career" was not the path for her.

Driven by her desire for a more fulfilling and dynamic lifestyle, Emily discovered her true calling as a photographer. Combining her artistic background with her love for capturing moments, she has found immense joy and satisfaction in her work. Emily's unique blend of creativity, technical expertise, and ability to connect with her clients allows her to produce stunning wedding photographs that truly reflect the love and happiness of each couple.