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My start in photography begins with my own tale of sorts, a rat-tail actually, and my mother's Olympus Rangefinder 35mm camera at the age of 8 in the 1980's. Growing up with a fine art painter and a lighting designer, it only made sense for me to marry the two influences. It wasn't a clearly lit path at first, but the idea of photography and art being ever-present in whatever I chose seemed to be a common theme. I found myself in my first darkroom in my early 20s and soon developed a submission portfolio to get into the competitive Photography program at Concordia University in Montreal.

However, life threw me a few curve balls and I spent a decade in marketing, managing creative teams, working with large brands at Proctor & Gamble; mid-size local companies; and even for a brick-and-mortar sewing shop that I co-founded and ran for three years. I finally made the official decision to return directly to photography after sitting in photo studios and boardrooms managing creative teams and clients, I wanted to be actively the creator. My own personal wedding photographers were a good part of that inspiration to go back and so... here I am. Overjoyed with my decision, I haven't looked back.

What I love about wedding photography is that it tells a story, it combines the requirement of understanding light technically but also artistically, and it leaves my clients with memories they can enjoy today and share for future generations. My grandmother's wedding album as a post-WWII bride in Britain holds value to me in ways I can not begin to articulate here -- but you never know who's hands your history will land in and I take that seriously in my job as a wedding photographer.

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1 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits