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Annabelle Agnew

Annabelle Agnew, QC Wedding Photography


A few essential things about me: I have a BFA in Photography circa 2005… when the world still operated in film. I once co-owned a sewing atelier in the Monkland Village of Montreal called Emeline & Annabelle and I spent a good ten years in the digital marketing & project management space before I returned back to photography professionally two years ago.

My husband Dave and I met when I was bartending in an Irish pub in downtown Montreal. Six months into our relationship we found out we were having a baby and well… the rest is history in a non-traditional kind of way. The benefit of being with an Irishman is spending summers on the Irish coast and pretending to imitate him with a British accent. I also understand what’s the craic.

We had our wedding weekend in 2014 up in Mont Tremblant and had our wedding photographs taken by Joel & Justyna. As I get older and more life happens, I stand by celebration and celebrating those you love. Life is swift, unpredictable and needs to be celebrated.

I’m influenced by all things visually compelling. I love painters like Eduard Vuillard, David Hockney, Andrew Wyeth and my mother Barbara Cuerden. Wes Anderson’s movie Grand Budapest Hotel is a visual feast. A recent new favorite photographer is Erik Madigan Heck. I love deep bright colors that are not afraid to commit, I like to find light in the shadows and connect with details that surround us on a daily basis. I might have watched Thor Ragnarok more than four times.

One of the only things I miss about the marketing space was the company lunch table — jokes, puns, life anecdotes are conversations that release the endorphins and make me feel like people are just the best place to be. Fortunately, with wedding and portrait photography I get to relive the lunch table in a different way.

There is always so much more but that’s a sum of some of my parts.

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xo Annabelle

1 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

2 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits