Jonathan Sylvoz, wedding photographer for Savoie, France
2000+ (EUR)

Jonathan Sylvoz

FR Wedding Photographer

Wedding documentary photographer, Storyteller.

I have always lived in the heart of Savoie, in the Alps between lake and mountain.

I love living here, but the trip is for me an artistic outlet, as soon as I can, alone or with my family, I wander in various adventures around the planet nearby or very far from home.

I already had several lives of a photographer:
in the specialized press, companies, events, dynamic local advertising.

All these experiences gained and success allows me today to be responsive and creative with a global vision of the scenes taking shape in front of me.

Photography allows me to have this freedom, to work where I ask, without constraint.

33 years old, a small family that was built around me in my photographic adventures started in 2003 while the film was still a standard and the digital a novelty.

Passionate about photography since I was young, the first camera I held was my father's.

Being a photographer is, for me, obvious every day, for more than 10 years as a professional.

8 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography