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Francesco Survara
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Francesca Vitulano - Documentary wedding photographer based in Umbria. Hi, I'm Francesca and I'm the female soul of "Framelines" studio. I’ve been photographing weddings professionally since 2012 all over Italy and abroad. With a Bachelor Degree and a Master in Fine Arts, I became interested in photojournalism while studying Set Design. Started with a strong passion, photography became year by year my full-time job. My professional dream was to work in an international and dynamic environment and "Framelines" offered me the chance to work with couples coming from all over the world, to be creative and have the chance to experiment. I really didn't think twice. I have quickly learned the rules of wedding photography and thanks to my sensitive soul I've discovered that my war-horse is to enter completely in intimate with the subject I'm shooting and this allows me to be constantly present documenting the wedding with an unobtrusive vision in order to enhance the raw emotions and the un-posed spontaneous moments. I now photograph between 30-40 weddings a year and I’m lucky enough to be involved in very different ceremonies (Catholic, Civil, Symbolic, Jewish, Indian, Arabic, Orthodox) that give me the chance to enter strictly in contact with different cultures from all over the world. Beside the Italian territory, I also flew over Italy border for capturing destination weddings abroad: In my "photographer passport" you can see few traditional three-days weddings in Morocco, two international marriages in the Netherlands and a Scotland wedding. The best feedback I received is when one of my clients tell me that through my images you can really touch the positive vibes of the wedding day, you can really see people enjoy. That's true because wedding photography is something I authentically love and enjoy doing. Professional Association: - I'm an active member of the Wedding Photojournalist Association (WPJA), one of the most prestigious photography associations for international weddings.

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Villa Fontana wedding picture in black and white of the bride and groom in a doorway in Perugia

Married: 4 years ago

Samira and Meisam

Let us just say first...THANK YOU! We sat down at 22.00 last night to go through the photos and - because we were enjoying looking in so much detail at each one - we went so slowly through them and only got through the photos up until when the speeches began! So we decided to put the computer away and go to sleep and save the remaining ones for this evening. :) It's exciting to get to spread out our photo review over a few days! We absolutely LOVE the photos. You are truly artists, in the highest and purest sense of the word. Your ability to identify the most stunning backdrops (which we had never even noticed, like the tree-flanked driveway and the vines); your eye for and command of color, composition, and light; your unexpected portraits; your playfulness in your shots (we see so, so many already that make us smile with their creativity...the rings on the angel wings, the group of male guests on the stairs with the painting of a male sculpture); and - most importantly to us - your ability to capture this beautiful, fleeting thing called life in such an honest way (me being so naturally excited, my mom brushing my dad's hair, me realizing guests were invading our photo shoot,..and so, so many more) ...all of this is beyond words! Your hard work, technical expertise, keen eye and creativity shows through, and we thank you. Based on your portfolio of work, we had a good idea of your approach and style...which is why we chose to work with you. That said, the work you produced out of our wedding completely surpassed all of our expectations. You gave us such a gift: the gift of remembering our day - which flew by so quickly (and...given everything on our minds from a planning perspective...and all of the guests to interact with from all over the world...somewhat in a daze at times!) - in the most beautiful way imaginable. You allowed us to see our wedding - for the first time - as outside observers and in the most beautiful way it could be portrayed (one example!). Thank you - for a lifetime of memories! Photography is unique in this way - no physical memento and no video captures things similarly. We are so happy we chose you to capture our day! Again, we still need to go through the remaining photos and enjoy absorbing all of them but I can imagine your situation and eagerly wanting to hear back from your we wanted to write you immediately to give you this feedback. :) We will write again after we have gone through them all...and then our next step is for us to think about how to share all of this wonderful work on social media with our family and friends (with credits to you!), who are excited to see the photos! Big Hug, Samira & Meisam

Married: 5 years ago

Chris and Tina

We are absolutely delighted with the pictures, we cannot thank you enough :) One problem though, how am I supposed to pick out a few favourites when there are too many favourites! We loved so many of them that I couldn't pick any shots in particular, but some of the action shots are brilliant, particularly whilst we are dancing. It bought back so many great memories from the day and you have captured the atmosphere perfectly. Going through the pictures it was like we were there again. Everyone loved them and commented how much it bought back the day. I honestly cannot praise you enough for the pictures, we were so happy :D

Married: 5 years ago

Rae and Francesco

Dear Francesca, I asked Simona to thank you from both Francesco and I...but I really want to say it myself too. From my heart, thank you so very much! You are so talented and we absolutely LOVE our wedding photos. You captured our happy day so perfectly. Francesco thinks I am silly because I have been looking at the photographs for hours every day :) During our wedding, several people also commented on your lovely personality and gentle manner too. This made me very proud. Thank you for being professional, for being lovely and for taking incredible photographs. Sei meraviglioso!

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Francesca Vitulano chronicles small weddings and elopements from beginning to end. In this sense, it is no different from any other wedding day. The emphasis is on documenting key moments, capturing spontaneous displays of emotion, and telling the real story behind the elopement day. Below are wedding elopement story awards for Francesca Vitulano.