Coralie Castillo Wedding Photographer serving Auvergne-Rhone-Alpes
Photo by: 
Julien Guedj
2000+ (EUR)

Coralie Castillo

France Wedding Reports

Photographer in Lyon for more than 10 years with, to my credit, nearly 200 wedding reports, from the most traditional to the most whimsical, from the most intimate to the most grandiose, I realize for you with enthusiasm the best shots of this great day.

I attach great importance to the transmission of memories and family heritage. This beautiful day you are preparing is a major piece of the puzzle of your life. My mission is to transcribe this special day the best I can, for you to remember with happiness and share with pride. Let me show you little details you have not seen during d-day and that will make the difference.

5 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography