France Wedding Photographer Florent Fauqueux
1850+ (EUR)

Florent Fauqueux

France Wedding Photographer

Why am I a photographer? Because I don't know how to sing :)

In fact, it's the shortest way I've found to touch people's hearts ...

Since the birth of my son in 2010, the portrait fascinates me, the beauty of a face, the harmony of a silhouette ...
I marvel at the daily diversity of our bodies and our faces.

A few years later, with the arrival of my daughter, this quest for aesthetics has evolved. I understood that an image was nothing without an intention, a laugh, a feeling ...
This is how the family has become my greatest source of inspiration.

I feel today a deep joy to give you my vision of the small daily happiness, as great moments of life!

In short, I found what really matters.

8 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

2 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits

1 Awards from the Artistic Guild of Wedding Photojournalists