Croatia Wedding Photographer - Damir Plavotić
1500+ (EUR)

Damir Plavotic

Wedding Photojournalist

With music, art and almost everything else in my life, some things speak to me, while others don’t. I learned how to avoid overthinking the reasons behind my decisions, and instead, just follow my instincts. Sometimes in life, you have to brainstorm things, make a list of pros and cons and go with the option that has more pros than cons. And it still doesn’t guarantee a good choice. Instinct, on the other hand, has never let me down.

When I’m working as a destination wedding photographer, I rely on the same instincts. Out of an infinite number of scenes and frames that can be photographed during a wedding, I shoot only the ones that I feel with my gut. I capture only the scenes that speak to me. And the results always confirm this rule of mine. The photos are always true, authentic. Sure, I could come up with an elaborate explanation for every photo I have ever taken – the technical details of the shot, and the contextual reasoning behind it – the uniqueness of the particular couple, or the specifics of the wedding venue, the details in the photo. But that kind of reasonable explanation can only be done in hindsight. There is no time to go through that entire process when the moment comes when I need to capture a scene that is gone in a blink of an eye. Something happens then, an instinctive mechanism turns on and I just follow my gut feeling and do it.

For every professional wedding photographer, it is important to know how to recognize those essential moments. My experience in street style and documentary photography has taught me how to recognize those moments and how to photograph people without them noticing. That way I manage to make a portrait of who they are, not take a snapshot of what they look like. And there is another thing that helps me shoot a couple getting married. I know what marriage is about. It is not because I am psychic. It is because I am married.

4 Awards for Documentary Wedding Photography

1 Diamond Awards for Engagement Portraits