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Ufuk Sarisen

Documentary Wedding Photography | Istanbul & Izmir, Turkey


Photographer Captures Characters and Stories with Style

When we ask ourselves “What is the most important moment in my life”, the answer of “my wedding day” is generally early in the list. The trust of a couple in me to photo these moments always excites me. You create the images to stay with you for the next 50-100 years and maybe the images that will pass to your grandchildren. This responsibility brings along the obligation to work hard at wedding day and after and provide wonderful photos to couple. We don’t have the luxury to miss even one single moment. Every month of the day is very precious whether it is important or not. Therefore I always try to shoot memorable portraits for you as well as trying to compose the story of the day. Hello! I am a wedding photographer who lives in Istanbul and Izmir but free to go everywhere in the world for photo shooting. This flexibility to travel stems from also being a travel and documentary photographer I think. I have worked in photography committee of travel, geography and culture magazine Atlas which is published in Turkey and Europe for a long time and I have photographed and written my themes. I was also the photography editor of Skylife magazine for a period of time. I have made editorial shootings for numerous magazines and newspapers. I think these fields that I came to grips with in past enabled me to look at wedding photography from different angles. I try to convey the reflex of story-telling and other disciplines to wedding photography.

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Antalya Wedding photo from the indoor ceremony at Barut Hotel

Married: 4 years ago


You were a god sent to our wedding. You and your team were nothing but amazing and that’s how everyone in my family and my husband’s feel like. You are so friendly, so precise and professional that we worried about nothing. More than anything else you were so reliable the whole time that gave us the assurance we needed. You made everything really feel better and less stressful and you delivered beautiful shots at the end. Working with you is so easy. Thank you so much!

Istanbul Turkey Wedding image of bride getting ready at bosphorus palace

Married: 4 years ago


Your work goes beyond just photo-taking. You capture the essence of the moment, those singular expressions we didn’t even know existed. Now those moments have been captured, and are so beautifully ours forever to remember. Thank you Ufuk for making it happen. We would not hesitate for a moment to work with you again on another special day for our family and friends!

Fethiye Turkey Wedding Photography of the bride and groom at Help Beach

Married: 4 years ago


Ufuk, you got me all teary. A million thank you for the birthday wishes and a million other thank you for these beautiful pictures. This is by far the best birthday gift I have received. We downloaded the file so that we would not lose it but will look at them when I am back from the honeymoon hopefully in a couple of days. However I went through some and THEY WILL MORE THAN AMAZING.

Kyrenia Cyprus Wedding photo from the end of the ceremony

Married: 4 years ago


You managed to capture all the memorable moments from best angles possible. The quality of the photos make out special day even more special since what remains is our photos and memories. Not only you were everywhere that night, you gave very useful tips about the most important things to do to make our wedding day go as smoothly as possible. Really nice working with you Ufuk, thank you for everything!

Photography from the Wedding Day at Kaya Hotel, Uchisar, Turkey

Married: 4 years ago

Merve + Alper

Ufuk you are simply AMAZING! You are really more than a photographer. From the beginning through to the end you were always very friendly and positive. You knew what you were doing and offered endless support, advice and guidance. On the wedding day itself we felt in safe hands and it was like having a friend there with you ! There experience and professionalism shines through, allowing you to relax and have the best day of your lives ! As we already expected , we received wonderful photos and couldn’t be more happier with the results. You are seriously talented and genuinely loves what you do ! Thank you so much!

bodrum turkey wedding photography of the bride under the lights at macakizi

Married: 4 years ago


I’m looking through the photos now and they are AMAZING, thank you! Our friends were talking how great of a photographer you guys were that night! Thank you for a great experience Ufuk, keep rocking it!

Lebanon Wedding Photography in Beirut | Black and white image of the Bride in the car with a bridesmaid

Married: 4 years ago

Marie Joe+Abdallah

Ufuk! Abdallah and I want to thank you again and again for all the wonderful pictures!! We are thrilled!! The family is also sooo happy with the pictures! We are lucky to have found you!!

Istanbul Turkey Wedding Pictures from the Ceremony - Ulus 29

Married: 5 years ago


Hello Ufuk, how is the holiday going? We had the chance to go throught the photos! Really great work! we loved them!

Crete Wedding photo from the ceremony at Apxontiko Kthma Exclusive Events

Married: 5 years ago


Dear Ufuk, you offered us more than a documentation of our wedding. You gave as something that will pass to our descendants and always remind us of what happened that beautiful day. As a family we are really happy to get to know to you, and as a photographer myself really amazed of your passion for art. Always grateful to you. What you do and present goes beyond expectations!

Istanbul Turkey Wedding Photo from the Suma Beach Venue | Bride and groom at the reception.

Married: 5 years ago


Ufuk you are a genius! GENIUS!!! Thank you for what You made us see just now! Nothing but love to you big brother, thats all i can tell you! - Saad Oh my god! You are one big genius!!! Im crying from joy. You made my day! A true artist! Thats what I call you! Rock star! If i can do it all over again i would still chose you a 100 times! To take our precious moments... -Sarah

Fethiye Turkey Wedding Photography from an outdoor, sunset wedding at Help Beach

Married: 5 years ago


Ufuk, We are incredibly happy with the images, they are definitely helping us relive our wedding day! Thanks you so much Ufuk!

izmir turkey wedding photo of the bride with dad at Fun Beach Club

Married: 5 years ago


Thank you for your positive energy. You were everywhere at the day. Everybody loved and respected you. You catched every emotional moment at our wedding what we can’t see at that time. You are not just a photographer You are a good soul with a big heart. We are grateful to had you with us while our wedding day. Thanks a lot. Wish you and your family the best and a healthy long life. We keep in touch. We are looking forward to meet you again as soon as possible. 

locarno switzerland wedding photography at villa orsalino of the bride and groom laughing

Married: 5 years ago

Jasmin + Claudio

Now we found time to watch all the pictures and we LOOOVE THEM!.You definitely have this very special professional eye for extraordinary pictures. Thank you again.

Lausane Switzerland Wedding photo of a ceremony hug for the bride and groom.

Married: 5 years ago


They look amazing! You did such a good job! We are so happy you joined us for this experience. 

milan italy wedding photography - Villa Valenca bride and groom

Married: 5 years ago

Silvia + Gokhan

We absolutely loved it. We are so excited to get the pictures. You captured every single moment and each time we watch the pictures, we live the emotions again and again with the same excitement of the wedding day. Thank you!

Bandırma Turkey Wedding Photographer - Bride in the Wind with Musicians

Married: 5 years ago


The photos are beautiful!! We are crying! Also I just want to say thank you all photos and for your presence on the day. We LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Now that we have a little distance from the wedding, we feel like it all went perfectly and the photographs captured it so well! We feel really thankful. And also because a lot of people from Canada couldn't come, they are a perfect way to share a very happy day with them :)

Kyrenia Cyprus Wedding Photography from the Korineum Hotel - Bride and bridesmaids drinking

Married: 5 years ago


Ufuk, there are honestly no words to describe how good you are..The moments you captured at our wedding brought the day back to life. Each and every one is completely stunning. Its not just us, everyone whose, seen the images, have been blown away with the quality and creativity of the photos. Our suggestion to couples looking for a photographer; no need to look further and search on internet – work with Ufuk and enjoy the very special day!

Kyrenia Cyprus Wedding Photo of the Groom Tossed in the Air - Acapulco Hotel Wedding Venue

Married: 5 years ago


Simply we could not be more pleased with our wedding photos. From early morning till next day early morning you captured our best moments with passion. I still have goosebumps every time I look at our photos even after many months. Each of them represent an intense emotion. You totally achieved to reflect our character and energy into photos. No need for many words Ufuk you really are a very good photographer and we are so glad to have you together with us in our special day. Thank you for documenting our emotions as memories… Lots of Love ..

santorini wedding photo - a rocky hill on the island - santorini - greece wedding photographer

Married: 6 years ago

Sam + Stephan

So it will probably take me a little longer to find my words, but for now I would like you to know that we are in AWE of your talent and ability to capture us so completely!!!! These two videos and the pictures will be my most treasured possessions. We will never be able to repay you for creating such wonderful memories for us. Both with the photos and the amazing spirit you brought with you! We cannot stop talking about how much more special you made the day for us and now we get to re-live it!!! I am working on compiling the pictures that Kels took for us and will send them to you so you can see behind the scenes :) We are so grateful that you are a part of our lives and we are so impressed with your passion and character!!! THANK YOU!!!! Probably a little off, but hopefully it makes sense! Kalbimizin derinliklerinden teşekkür ederiz Love, Sam & Stephen

Married: 6 years ago

Ecem + Ali

Ufuk, You are an amazing photographer! Your positive energy, attitude and level of professional is unseen!! We knew our precious moments were safe with you from the start. The wedding day is only one day but you made us relive all the emotions again with our photographers. We both actually cried and laughed looking when we first saw them. Thank you so much! You will forever be in our fairytale story! Wishing you the best and see you soon! Ecem & Ali London / England

Married: 6 years ago

Ideh and Kasra

Hi Ufuk! Just saw the photos, Awesome, Love them. Thank you very much. Looking forward to see you. Thanks! - Kasra

Married: 6 years ago

Lucy and Lewis

Oh my goodness Ufuk! We have received our photos, they are out of this world! The albums are so stunning! They are amazing! WOW!!!! I can't stop looking at them! You r so talented. Truly stunning!!! Have a lovely weekend - Lucy

como lake wedding photography of the bride and groom up in chairs above the guests at the Villa Pliniana

Married: 6 years ago


You are the one of the best decisions we made with regards to our wedding. Your photographs were wonderful and really captured the feel of the entire weekend. You were absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Thank you Ufuk. We love your work! 

Married: 6 years ago

Meltem and Evrim

Hi Ufuk, Evrim and I would like to thank you for being a part of our wedding. What a fantastic day it was! There are so many natural shots. You really captured the magic of the day and night without missing a beat, and without us even knowing it. The photos arrived in USBs which were packaged beautifully. It was so nice to go through all of them. They brought back many emotions. Thanks so much once again. We’ll cherish the photos forever! - Meltem

Married: 6 years ago

Dimitra and Dimitris

Hi Ufuk! Man you are amazing! Granma is so happy! We are moved! You keep making our wedding so special! Thank you! Take care!

Married: 7 years ago

Sarah and Jason

Dear Ufuk! We finally have been through all the photos as we went on holiday right after you sent them and there is a lot to go through!! We are so happy with them, thanks again for all your hard work.

Married: 7 years ago

Shahrzad and Borhan

Hi Ufuk, Hope you are well and enjoying August! I just wanted to thank you again for everything on our wedding day. I know some things did not go as planned and I am very grateful for your flexibility and keeping up with positivity the whole day. You did such an amazing job I don't know how to thank you enough!

izmir turkey wedding photo from the reception party at Luciene Arkas

Married: 7 years ago


We got married almost like two years ago, and l just had a chance to look at all of our photos. How talented you are Ufuk! I always looking to the photos with a big smile on my face. Thanks for the amazing photos again! You didn’t miss even a second, l felt like I was in our wedding again. THANK YOU. 

Kyrenia Cyprus Wedding Photography - Bride and groom during the ceremony at Acapulco Hotel wedding venue

Married: 7 years ago


We were looking for the one photographer that could make our memories deathless, but in the most natural way. We wanted a photographer that could capture: 1) natural moments in an artistic way, but without editing the photographs too much 2) fantastic smiles and laughs 3) funny dance moves 4) the joy in our, and our friends and families eyes 5) the touchy feelings in our body language 6) us posing without making us uncomfortable in the situation 7) our story and culture, that is pretty mixed Ufuk, you did ALL of this and BEYOND what we would imagine! You are a warm, humble and trustworthy human being, and a fantastic photographer! We are unbelievably thankful! Thank you for coming to Cyprus! We will NEVER forget it! We see a friend in you now, and we want you to know that you are welcome to Norway any time!


Married: 8 years ago

Amanda and Dean

Just watched it, is so so beautiful.. We love it so much and you and your team have captured so many emotions. Love the bit with me dressing Alby and then Dean's hand on my back and then Alby watching confetti, and the bit with me standing outside with my 2 bridemaids . Thank you so much. You have captured us beautifully.. We will be forever grateful for your fantastic work.

Married: 9 years ago

Veronica and Ercan

Ufuk! We could not be happier with our wedding pictures – you did such an amazing job capturing our wedding (and the rest of the day)! The photos were full of so many sweet moments. It’s been really wonderful to be able to re-live that day. You and your team were so much fun to have at the wedding – thanks so much for everything!! - Veronica