Wedding Photos of Dog

The following “Dog” images were created by documentary wedding photographers from the WPJA, who regularly submit their best candid moments, artistic portraits, details, and scene setters for review by our WPJA competition judges.


Some of the “Dog” marriage photography samples below may have come from the getting ready events, the actual wedding ceremony, the reception after-party, an engagement session with the couple, or possibly be artistic portraits or detail shots.

FINE ART WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Our Artistic Guild award winners take a more creative approach to wedding day Portraits and use their innovative skills to capture the Details of each couple’s special day. The Artistic Guild’s Scene Setters are some of the most notable and breathtaking from within the artistic WPJA contest categories. Playing with light and shadow, special effects, and post-production editing, these images embrace the artistic component of wedding photography.

PRE-WEDDING ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY: The story of every couple starts long before the wedding day, and the engagement marks one of the most important milestones in their story. Engaged couples often want to celebrate the occasion and announce their upcoming wedding with a photoshoot. Pre-wedding portraits of an engaged couple can be just as moving and compelling as the images taken on the wedding day. Engagement portraits can win a Diamond Award, an exclusive WPJA award whose winner is selected from the best engagement photography in the world.

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A groom in Steamboat Springs, Colorado carries the flower girl to the wedding ceremony across a grassy meadow with a dog leading the way
Love and Adventure: A Whimsical Wedding Journey in Steamboat Springs
A winter engagement portrait captured in Summit County, Colorado, showcasing a couple deeply in love as they play in the snow with their adorable dog, captured by an artistic Colorado wedding photographer.
Snowy Love in Summit County: A Winter Engagement Portrait of a Couple and their Adorable Dog, Captured by a Talented Colorado Wedding Photographer
A bride and her mother enjoy a serene moment at Tourterelle Inn in New Haven, Vermont, while a furry companion watches from behind
A Captivating Capture: Matrimonial Bliss Unveiled at Tourterelle Inn, Vermont - A Bride, Her Mother, and their Furry Guardian Caught in a Timeless Moment
In this photo taken at a private residence in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, a bride is caught off guard as her dog enthusiastically jumps on her, playfully smearing mud on her wedding dress during their walk down the aisle
Unforgettable Matrimonial Moment: A Breathtaking Wedding Photo Captures Blissful Bride's Surprising Encounter with Muddy Paw-dicament!
A rustic wedding moment captured at Under Canvas Acadia in Maine where the groom lovingly carries the bride through a cascade of petals, with their loyal dog trotting alongside them
Unforgettable Rustic Wedding: With Petals, Passion, and Loyal Companionship!
A couple sits on a scenic hilltop overlooking Peña del Águila in Mancha Real, Jaén, Spain, accompanied by their beloved dog during their engagement photo shoot
Love in the Mountains: Capturing Forever on Peña del Águila
A sneaky dog attempts to steal a sandwich while everyone gets ready at the Hinton St Mary Estate wedding in Dorset, UK
Unleashed Mischief: Sneaky Dog's Sandwich Heist at Hinton St Mary Estate Wedding in Dorset!
In Rians, Var, France, an engagement portrait was taken of a couple happily playing in a lavender field with their beloved dog
Engagement Portrait in Rians, Var, France: Happy Couple Plays in Lavender Field with Beloved Dog
A creative wedding portrait captured at Abbaye des Prémontrées in Pont à Mousson, France, featuring a couple and their dog, with the bride adding movement to her dress as she turns, the groom jumping in place, and their dog patiently sitting in the middle
Pont à Mousson, France: Creative Wedding Portrait with Couple, Dog, and Dynamic Movements at Abbaye des Prémontrées
At Warehouse XI in Somerville, Massachusetts, the groom and his dog peered inside through the tall glass panes, observing the joy of a young boy within the venue
The groom and his dog viewed the boy's joy at Warehouse XI in Somerville, MA
The couple posing for their save-the-date engagement announcement portrait were unexpectedly joined by a dog in Fuzhou's Sanfang Qixiang district
Fuzhou's Sanfang Qixiang: Engagement Announcement with Unexpected Dog Joining the Couple
The bride, groom, family, and a random dog walked on the beach sand at dusk to the reception, illuminated by strings of lights, in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca
In Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, the bride, groom, family, and a random dog walked to the reception at dusk, lit by strings of lights
The engaged couple and their dog savour the special time together at Donner Lake in Truckee, California for a lifestyle pre-wedding portrait
At Donner Lake in Truckee, California, the engaged couple and their dog stood on the boat dock for a portrait session
An engaged couple and their dog are featured in a pre-wedding portrait taken in Beaujolais, Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes, France with the focus on the doggy in the foreground and the couple kissing out of focus in the background
In Beaujolais, France, an engaged couple and their dog are featured in a lifestyle portrait in the sunshine
The couple had a lifestyle engagement portrait taken in Bourne Woods, Farnham UK, with their dog included, resulting in a fantastic reflection shot as the dog sat down and looked at the camera
Bourne Woods, Farnham UK: Couple + dog had lifestyle engagement portrait, resulting in beautiful reflection shot with the water
The photo was taken during engagement session, this couple wanted to include their little dog in the shoot at James Gardens, Toronto
The happy couple, accompanied by their beloved pup, smile together in a black and white image before their wedding day
At the outdoor Kansas City Missouri Wedding ceremony, the bride walking down aisle
The bride is walking towards her family and friends, followed by a dog, at the outdoor wedding ceremony
At a Pyrénées-Atlantiques reception Venue, the dog is waiting for a piece of wedding cake
The bride and groom pointed down at the dog, which was eagerly awaiting a piece of wedding cake at the reception venue
A Buckinghamshire couple walking with a dog in the park during lifestyle portrait session in the UK
A couple walking with a dog in a park during a pre wedding lifestyle portrait
The bride and groom shared a funny moment as they sat under the trees, while the low camera angle captured the sleeping dog that had joined in on the ceremony
The bride and groom shared a funny moment as they were seated under the trees during their outdoor ceremony, with a sleeping dog nearby
At The Fairlie, the bride and groom's expressions of joy were palpable as they joyfully greeted their dog on their wedding day
The bride and groom's jubilant welcome of their beloved pet marked their special day
The engagement picture taken at Baker Beach in San Francisco, CA, with a cautious dog running along the shoreline, captures the joy and connection of the couple amidst the beauty and energy of the natural world
The joyous couple beamed as they joyfully ran along the shoreline with their dog, the beach's sand beneath their feet, captured in their engagement picture
In their engagement portrait taken in Slovenia, the couple lovingly walked hand-in-hand while their doggy joyfully ran ahead
In this engagement portrait, the couple lovingly walks hand-in-hand while their dog joyfully runs ahead
Engagement portrait in Williamsburg captures romantic street dip kiss in sunlight with a little dog
This engagement portrait captures the couple's sweet street kiss in the sunlight, complete with a little dog adding a romantic touch to the scene
A Twin Lakes portrait for a CO couple in warm golden hour light with dog next to a rustic barn
couple in warm golden hour light with dog next to a rustic barn
An Alexandria, VA young couple with their dog on a stone walkway framed by two red brick walls
An Alexandria, VA young couple with their dog on a stone walkway framed by two red brick walls
A Slovenia sunset silhouette with the couple and a dog
A Slovenia sunset silhouette with the couple and a dog
Socerb Castle, Slovenia Portrait Session | Doggy and couple silhouette picture at sunset
Socerb Castle, Slovenia Portrait Session | Doggy and couple silhouette picture at sunset
The bride and groom captured in a action filled wedding picture in Oaxaca City, Mexico, with a bright Wedding Calenda and a white paper mache dog overhead
The bride and groom play joyfully beneath a white paper mache dog hoisted above the crowd at their Wedding Calenda
As the Montana elopement photographer captures the sweet moment, a wriggling and scratching dog basks in the joy of their owner's outdoor ceremony in DeBorgia, MT, surrounded by a field of waving grass
In an elopement photo that captures the pure joy of the moment, a wriggling and scratching dog basks in the sun during an outdoor ceremony, in a field of tall grass