Wedding Photos of Getting ready

The following “Getting ready” images were created by documentary wedding photographers from the WPJA, who regularly submit their best candid moments, artistic portraits, details, and scene setters for review by our WPJA competition judges.


Some of the “Getting ready” marriage photography samples below may have come from the getting ready events, the actual wedding ceremony, the reception after-party, an engagement session with the couple, or possibly be artistic portraits or detail shots.

FINE ART WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY: Our Artistic Guild award winners take a more creative approach to wedding day Portraits and use their innovative skills to capture the Details of each couple’s special day. The Artistic Guild’s Scene Setters are some of the most notable and breathtaking from within the artistic WPJA contest categories. Playing with light and shadow, special effects, and post-production editing, these images embrace the artistic component of wedding photography.

PRE-WEDDING ENGAGEMENT PHOTOGRAPHY: The story of every couple starts long before the wedding day, and the engagement marks one of the most important milestones in their story. Engaged couples often want to celebrate the occasion and announce their upcoming wedding with a photoshoot. Pre-wedding portraits of an engaged couple can be just as moving and compelling as the images taken on the wedding day. Engagement portraits can win a Diamond Award, an exclusive WPJA award whose winner is selected from the best engagement photography in the world.

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A beautiful bride smiles as she gets ready in front of a wall-hung mirror at Waterfall Lodge in Ben Lomond, California.
Radiant Bride Prepares in Front of Mirror at Waterfall Lodge, Ben Lomond
A black and white image captures a bride in Entre-deux-Guiers, Isère, getting ready for the city hall ceremony with a cigarette in her mouth and a Coke bottle in hand.
A serene bride in bridal prep at Hotel ICON, Hong Kong, bathed in soft natural window light, radiating a sense of calm before the wedding ceremony.
At Chateau des Monthairons in Meuse, the bride is seen getting ready as her bridesmaids assist her in final preparations for the wedding day.
Chateau Chic: Bride and Bridesmaids Prepare for Wedding Day at Chateau des Monthairons
A joyful bride holding a champagne glass on the right, surrounded by guests laughing as a baby is passed from a woman to an older man, while another child covers their ears.
Giggles Galore: Bride, Babes, and Bubbly - A Wedding Celebration
At the couple's home, a heartwarming moment captured as the groom's son helps his father tie his bow tie before the civil ceremony in Chateauroux.
Father-Son Bond: Groom's Son Plays Stylist as Father Gets Ready for Ceremony in Chateauroux
A bride sits serenely in her home in Lugano, Switzerland, as her makeup is carefully applied by a woman, their silhouettes creating a beautiful scene.
Silhouetted Beauty: Lugano Bride Embraces Makeup in Serene Wedding Prep Scene
Bride at Casa Playitas in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica, sharing an emotional first look with the important women in her life before the wedding ceremony.
Moments of Love: A Bride's First Look at Casa Playitas, Costa Rica
A beautiful moment captured as the bride dresses up in her home in Rhône, raising her arm to slip into her wedding dress.
Rhône Reflections: The Bride's Elegance Unveiled
Capturing the scene with exquisite detail, the photographer beautifully frames the bride as she applies her vibrant red lipstick, enhancing the stunning red hues of the luxurious British Pullman train.
Luxurious British Pullman Train: Capturing Exquisite Detail of Vibrant Bride
Bali, Indonesia: Getting ready at the hotel, the groom brings laughter to the bride with a wig during makeup application
Bali Bliss: Groom's Wig Brings Smiles in the Hotel Suite
Getting ready in Saint Georges de Coulomier, Isère, a bride and a young flower girl in a white dress
Whimsical Beginnings: A Bride and her Flower Girl Embrace the Magic in Saint Georges de Coulomier
A wedding photo taken in Zuid Holland, Netherlands, showcasing the groom as he gets ready and slips on his shoes. The black and white detail shot creates a vintage atmosphere.
Vintage BW Vibes: Groom Puts on His Shoes in Zuid Holland, Netherlands
WPJA Honor Award-winning image captures the joyful getting ready moments of a bride at a hotel in Utrecht, Netherlands. Surrounded by cheerful women, she sits in a tall barstool chair
Utrecht Unveiled: Bride Prepares for Her Big Day Surrounded by Vibrant Companions
A bride at a wedding in Brive, France getting ready for her special day. In this candid moment captured by the photographer, the bride can be seen with assistants helping her put on her shoes while holding a crying child on her lap.
Bridal Bliss in Brive: A Heartfelt Moment as the Bride Balances Love and Care on Her Special Day
A little girl and bridesmaids stand inside the Immaculata Catholic Church at the University of San Diego, getting ready for the church ceremony
Prepping for the Perfect Union: Little girl and bridesmaids radiate joy inside Immaculata Catholic Church at USD
A photograph taken by a wedding photographer in Lille, Nord, showcasing the bride and her makeup artist during the getting ready process.
A photograph taken by a wedding photographer in Lille, Nord, showcasing the bride and her makeup artist during the getting ready process.